Get Microsoft LMS integration to improve and enhance your eLearning experience


With this integration, you can have access to your Outlook calendar, chat, document library and mailbox along with all the multiple features that come with Paradiso LMS. Having this integration implemented in your company will get at your disposal tools that will provide access to email and calendars, Microsoft office web apps, websites, instant messaging and video conferencing, along with the LMS features to increase your online training capacities.

Customer Training – Best Practices

eLearning 24-7

If your company, business, association and firm are one of the hundreds of thousands places out there that provide customer training, this post is for you. Not only that, but it will resolve and solve for that matter a lot of challenges, issues and even worries on the part of each and every one of them – i.e. your customer base. Some folks like to refer to customer training as customer education. The term back in the day was simply providing customer training.


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Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

Normally as the calendar shifts from March to April, we celebrate the arrival of warmer weather. This list is a “living” document. To help educational institutions, healthcare providers, municipalities and non-profit organizations embrace “the virtual workplace” LogMeIn is offering Emergency Remote Work Kits to new customers. Cloud-storage provider Box is offering a free 90-trial during the crisis to help you store and share documents online.

Mike Taylor’s 2019 Top 10 Learning Tools

Mike Taylor

Things I’ve created with PowerPoint include slides, videos, ebooks, custom graphics, print materials/workbooks, banners/signs, t-shirts, coffee mugs and more. You’ll find everything from social media graphics to presentation slides and even print documents. I’ve seen some amazing uses including my L&D Conference Calendar , performance support, resumes, websites and more. My 2019 Top 10 Learning Tools.

Docebo vs Canvas: Find out which tool is better?


A cloud-based eLearning platform that educational institutes, as well as businesses, can leverage to offer training programs to their customers, partners, and employees. The platform also analyzes information automatically and delegates it to the appropriate course calendar and grade category.

Cornerstone vs Canvas: Find out which tool is better?


Cornerstone is fully configurable to meet the specific needs of your organization’s talent strategy – allowing customers to match our solutions with specific business processes and workflows. In this comparison of Canvas vs Cornerstone LMS, let’s not forget about customization.

15 Must-Have Knowledge Sharing Tools

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

GOOGLE DRIVE Features: Access to the entire Google Suite which includes Google Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Sites, Calendar, Hangouts and Google+ for all of your collaborative and storage needs. DROPBOX Features: 2T of space, file recovery, invite-only links/permissions, comments/feedback on documents, special shared folders (great for storing training material or sensitive information for certain employees) Why You'll Love it: File-back up, two-way authentication and more.

Zoho 40

10 Computer based training tools

Ed App

Varied assessment tools are customizable within your custom built e-courses. With so much customization, there is a lot to like about this tool, but the hefty price tag notches it down to our #2 spot. These presentations can include videos, Word documents, SCORM, and AICC courses.

Tips For Running Your Business Smoothly

Your Training Edge

The technological advancements and new opportunities available in the business world due to globalization have resulted in higher profits, new customer bases and innovative business models. Breach of data security can leave your business operations paralyzed for a long time and you can lose customers. You can use an online calendar to schedule projects, appointments, and deadlines. You can use the documents that you use most within your reach through the use of technology.

Top Training Management System Features: Operations & Logistics Features Every Training Organization Needs

Training Orchestra

Your back-office system can help you automate communication with your team and learners by easily creating and sending administrative documents (attendance sheets, training agreements, etc.) You can store, track, annotate and retrieve all documents in this one system.

ILT 52

Free Sales Tools Reps Can’t Live Without


Deal closing: For signing documents. Segment (free version): Collect and clean customer data and send messages to prospects who are browsing in real time. Calendly (free version): Generate a custom link that allows anyone to book time on your calendar.

Sales 72

Moodle vs CourseMill: Find out which tool is better?


Speaking of cloud based LMS, CourseMill and is cloud based and have astounding list of features and offers free trial to customers and training partners. Being an open source LMS, Moodle also offers customization to fit your organization’s requirements.

Collaborative Learning in the Workplace


The only challenge we really face with these professionals are their calendars; we all want time with them, but it’s just plain impossible to come by. The right technology, however, makes leaders like Francessca easier to train with and capture knowledge from, without having 50 different people take places on her calendar. Documents, PDF’s, videos, etc. Related: How efficient Customer Training enables scalable, rapid growth for Appian.

Create the best eLearning experience using Paradiso Free LMS


It offers you multiples advantages in terms of time, customization, or accessibility, thanks to its diverse features and functionalities. Custom Branding. Share information: Documents in common that allows the users to share all the information that everyone knows about the subject. Calendar: Schedule all the activities and make them visible to all your students.

A guide on SaaS product knowledge training


Customer Success was given no training to understand how to support customers for the launch. Delivering contextually relevant product knowledge training to your team also reduces friction and churn with your customers. Customer Support and Success (CS).

7 Tips For Choosing An eLearning Portal

Academy of Mine

Like any other website, it stores and offers learning material, such as videos, podcasts, text documents, presentations, etc. From onboarding new employees to helping customers learn new concepts, it takes care of an end-to-end eLearning process in a corporate setup.

5 Must-Have Gifts for Trainers

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

The rapid graphic design program Canva allows experts, teams, and individual users to create professional graphics such as book covers, social media posts, documents, presentations, logos, and more instantly (and for free). No matter what calendar system they use. So, What’s on Your List? Still shopping for that last minute Christmas or birthday gift for an office pal? Not sure where to start?

Insights from Pre-Sales Pros on Working from Home


It can be done, but you have to be very diligent and you have to have the right tools to make sure you’re connecting with your customer.”. What I’ve seen is customers have more time to self-enable and sometimes that involves talking to specialists like me who can help.

Sales 72

Social Network Tools

Tony Karrer

I'm hoping you can help a reader with thoughts and likely help others of us … A medium size nonprofit and lobbying organization is working on a designing and creating a social / work network for experts, students, volunteers who are willing to help through campaigning, lobby, sharing knowledge, working on solutions (writing documents). Via the network people will be able to communicate with employees, organize activities, collaborate on documents, communicate with each other, etc.

How Sellers Can (and Should) Adapt to a Virtual World


Reps are not doing their research to find out if they’re connected to any other customers, digging into their DISC style or personality, looking for hints in their LinkedIn profile, or reading something that they wrote. This article appeared originally in Forbes.

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | February 21, 2020

Mike Taylor

It indexes all the documents and interactions happening in a company and shows you trending topics, people most affiliated as experts, and documents most relevant to a topic. The spacing effect is one of the oldest and best-documented phenomena in the history of learning and memory research. course] Learn how to Track Any HTML5 Content with Custom SCORM. L&D webinars and professional development events calendar by Kari Knisely ( @KariKnisely ).

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | September 4, 2020

Mike Taylor

Create Slides and a Detailed Leave-Behind Document in a Single PowerPoint File. Normally, you’d need to create and manage two separate files for this but Dave shows you how to use PowerPoint’s “Custom Show” feature to manage them within a single PowerPoint file.

Miro 52

10 Tools for Remote Work To Get People Collaborating


Team can easily send things like PDFs, photos and documents all by easily dragging and dropping these files. Plus, Slack can be customized by project and interface. Plus the interface can be easily customized and projects moved between different categories indicating where in the process the project stands. It allows users to create in three areas which include wikis, documents and tasks. Users can create tables, pages, lists, calendars and boards all within the app.

30 Awesome Remote Work Tools for Teams

The Training by Nelle Blog | Corporate Training and Consulting

Bitrix24 : The ultimate business companion with a focus on collaboration, documentation, workgroups, and projects. Keep your team and fellow workers informed with messages boards, document sharing, group chats and check-ins. Glip : Task management software with features that include screen/file sharing, team chat, calendars, and more. Dropbox : Organize and store all of your teams documents in one dedicated space. Great for customers and businesses of all sizes.

9 Ways Screen Capture Will Make Your Life Easier

TechSmith Camtasia

Send a personalized video to a customer to touch base about an existing account. Support your customers with clear instructions that explain how to complete a task. You can view full video, My Favorite Outlook Calendar Tips and Tricks , on YouTube. Explain a document to a client. It’s happened to all of us. You see something on your computer screen that you want to share with a coworker. Perhaps you copy the URL and paste it into an email.

Top 5 Training Material Development Software


This will help you stay ahead of the competition and better keep up with customer demand. Noted customers. Documentation. Noted customers. Calendars, messaging, and personal/shared content. Noted customers. With Raptivity companies can create courses through several templates that can be customized further. Noted customers. Noted customers.

Using LearnDash for Schools


Using this feature allows you to require students to upload documents before they are permitted to continue with the course. This quizzing feature allows you to display up to 15 different custom messages depending on how a student performs on a quiz. This is a useful feature if you want to point struggling students to additional resources, or even provide them with a calendar to schedule one-on-one help.

Quiz 153

Choosing between Moodle and a SaaS learning platform like aNewSpring


A lot of our customers ask us the question: ‘What is the difference between Moodle and aNewSpring?’ Many of our customers have worked with Moodle before they switched learning platforms and started using aNewSpring. But, from experience, our customers feel otherwise.

What are the top characteristics of the online teaching system?


You will need a simple and streamlined virtual classroom, class recordings, and a content library where you can store your eLearning course materials like documents, presentations, multimedia files, spreadsheets, and more and discussion forums to engage your learners. A simple text-based online framework that serves only to upload documents, presentations, and pdf files will fail the purpose of the engagement.

Teach 49

Tools to maximize your sales enablement strategy


At a base level, you’ll need a centralized location to store and distribute customer-facing content and training material. . With a content management system, users can create internal documentation and customer-facing content, with control over who can access, edit, and update resources. That data can be used to inform your content calendar and campaign cadences — making it easier to map content to customer journeys. Document automation.

XBlocks in Open edX: An Introduction


integrations with Google Drive and Calendar. Google Drive – Enables embedding of Google Documents or Google Calendar within a course. For a full list of up-to-date XBlocks currently available to customers on Appsembler’s Tahoe platform , check out our Knowledge Base. Trainers and educators at companies and higher education institutions are consistently on the lookout for ways to improve the way they build and create courses for their learners.

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Learning Systems RFP and Tier4 NexGen

eLearning 24-7

Event Management – Scheduling capability, includes calendars, waitlists, notifications – a must – you will want. BTW, you want the calendar feature. A video assessment is based on speech patters/words used when practicing a scenario, sales training techniques, customer service techniques to the coach/mentor/manager. Extended Enterprise (B2B/B2C) – If you are doing or want to do customer education, then this section is extremely important to you.

RFP 50

The 7 Best Kajabi Alternatives Reviewed for 2021


Not much customization options. LearnWorlds is also an easy-to-use and fully customizable, user-friendly solution to train employees or educate customers (or sell online courses to a broad audience). Here is what you can find in all plans: Custom domain. Custom CSS.

10 free HR software

Ed App

It includes an activity stream, group chat, calendar, workgroups, and other collaboration tools. The software really shines, though, when it comes to customer relationship management and lead management. Human Resources is a field that can benefit a lot from eLearning.

Tech Tuesday Toolbox | Issue #07

Mike Taylor

More than 309 different document, image, spreadsheet, ebook, archive, presentation, audio and video formats supported. Know when your documents are opened and engaged with. Use Nocode for your Blog, Product Documentation, Intranet, Research or your Website.

Issue 52

2 Proven Strategies for Duplicating Your High Sales Performers


For example, every good sales playbook should have customized diagnostic questions to determine whether or not a prospect is qualified to stay in the pipeline. But even with documentation of good questions, a sales manager might observe salespeople showing up and throwing up on calls. They incorporate good time-management skills, one of which is calendar-blocking their week. Today’s post is by Colleen Stanley, President of SalesLeadership , a sales development firm.

eFront 3.6.12 just released


This maintenance update includes important speed optimizations, full text-search for documents for our enterprise clients, a module to bootstrap modules production, a new sleek modern theme, dozens upon dozens of minor bug fixes, and several tweaks to make your favorite tool even more enjoyable! This functionality in essence turns eFront into a simple but efficient document management system. What better time for new toys if not Christmas!