Interview with Corinne Sowar: Effective Employee Onboarding


I had a great conversation with Corinne Sowar in the group “Instructional Design & E-Learning Professionals’ Group” on LinkedIn and asked Corinne for an interview to tell us more about what she does, the results and everything in between! You can find her on LinkedIn.

Summer News and Notes

AXIOM Learning Solutions

We are really proud of our colleague Jenn Kammerdiener for her popular talk “5 Keys to Effective Learning Strategy” Did you see our article, “ The Learning Smoothie “?? Check us out on LinkedIn and on the Job Opportunities section of our About page on our new website.

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6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


As we turn the calendar into 2018, training leaders are looking for the next big things in learning and development. Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) is quickly gaining traction as classroom training’s more cost-effective, less disruptive but equally effective cousin.

How to Boost eLearning Productivity with 10 EdTech Online Tools

eLearning Brothers

You may see Julie’s latest publications and contact her via LinkedIn. Are you ready to start getting maximum effects through your eLearning efforts? You can use the app with Google Calendar. Flashcards, review sheets, games, and quizzes are still very effective.

Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs


But people from all over the US have had this date circled on their calendar for years. This has been effectively utilized in the presidential campaigns in a public forum by instilling a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Whether you want to learn more about awesome eLearning authoring tools, communicate more effectively with your learners, or organize your time better, our list of useful eLearning tools is sure to help. Google Calendar. LinkedIn.

The Importance of a Learning Management Strategy

Origin Learning

Facebook 0 Twitter 1 Google+ 0 LinkedIn 0 Pinterest 1 Organizations spend a lot of time and resources in training and developing their employees. Visualize a scenario: You as the Chief Learning Officer, need to set the calendar programs for the coming year.

Learning Management Systems: Creating sustainable training support for Corporate Learners


But learning is not a one-time event in the calendar of a corporate learner – it is an ongoing and continuous process. Modern LMS thus are progressively built to provide not just training but sustained support to make sure that the training is most effective.

Blended Learning: The best of Video and ILT training

Your Training Edge

Having an access to the LMS, learners can have an easy access to high quality course materials, calendars and assignments at any time. It is a cost effective solution. Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn:

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Digitize Instructor-Led Training Sessions To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance

Adobe Captivate

Digitization of the instructor-led training delivery to maximize the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs. You would get several benefits that help you maximize the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

5 Tips for being a Productive and Motivated Learner

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However, the point for being productive is based on concentrating on the major objectives of your deliverables, so that you have the chance to be on track and stay dedicated to developing the most effective eLearning experience for yourself.

Integrating The Top 5 Social Media Platforms Into Your eLearning Course


Each and every day we log on to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social networks to catch up on the latest news and reach out to friends and family. The caveat, however, is that you must know how to use them effectively in order to receive all the benefits they provide.

The Top 7 Most Used Online Employee Training Tools


And creating great learning experiences requires an effective training toolkit for creating quality content, communicating with learners, planning and managing learning activities and presenting expert guidance on user-friendly platforms. Some training tools are fun, but not effective.

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Sound Advice Bad Leaders Don’t Listen To


Whether you are a leader with an extremely busy calendar or one who tends to keep your schedule more free and flexible, here are two ways to improve the quality of your relationships during the time you spend together: Share Your Competence. Don’t worry, join LearnLoft’s Ultimate Leadership Academy designed specifically to shorten the time it takes for you to be an effective leader. The day before I started my new job, my soon to be old boss called me into his office.

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Do You Know Where Your 2019 elearning Budget Should Go?

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They turn to eLearning for the immense scope of application, cost-effectiveness, and customization capabilities. Creating effective, efficient, contextual, and relevant employee onboarding programs must be a primary focus for HR departments.

How to Lead Your Team in the Right Direction


While this is true, you also have to take into account the effects of a goal that is too easily attained. With 2019 upon you, set a short-term goal for your team to achieve in the next calendar year that is difficult but attainable to achieve. Don’t worry join LearnLoft’s Ultimate Leadership Academy designed specifically to shorten the time it takes for you to be an effective leader. Front-Line Manager Samantha was frustrated.

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25 eLearning tools you need to have


Tool: Google Calendar. What it does: Google Calendar is our favorite eLearning tool for staying on top of team meetings and keeping up with customers and partners. Tool: LinkedIn. What it does: LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals.

Selling Learning Communities – Not Everyone Will or Wants a Group Hug

Tony Karrer

Instead, it focused on Jack’s no nonsense ability to make communities an effect part of learning. Jack Merklein from Xerox Global Services did a really great presentation at LearnTrends 2009 entitled - Common tools for Diverse Communities at Xerox Global Services.

May News and Notes

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Her talk, “ 5 Keys to Effective Learning Strategy ” will focus on ensuring your learning program feeds your bottom line (instead of draining it), equipping your learners to make learning their own, and bringing balance to the management of it all.

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Essential LMS Integrations You Need for Better eLearning


How the integration works: By placing LearnUpon in the Google app launcher , employees get effortless access to the LMS through their Google ecosystem in the same way they access their other Google apps, like Calendar and Drive. LinkedIn.

Digitize Instructor-Led Training Sessions To Increase Employee Engagement And Performance

EI Design

Digitization of the instructor-led training delivery to maximize the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs. You would get several benefits that help you maximize the effectiveness of instructor-led and virtual instructor-led training programs.

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Your Training Edge

Let’s discover some strategies for getting past the gatekeeper effectively, without creating a conflict. A final strategy is also a very effective one with permanent gatekeepers. That person has control over the executive’s calendar, office, files, etc. Learn more about Bryant at his LinkedIn Page: You’ve worked on your presentation, your communication skills, and your research in order to persuade a particular client.

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Uncovering the Full Advantages of Cloud-Based Learning Solutions


Cloud-based LMS’s can include the ability to integrate with online calendars and email to full conversations on social media sites and tools. Follow her on Twitter , LinkedIn or Google+.

The State of Mobile


A flip phone does web and email, and like some of the wearables have fixed capabilities such as games, tracking, calendars and contacts. Back then, the major sensors were a GPS, compass, and motion accelerometers in addition to cameras, microphones, calendar/clock, and connectivity.

eLearning Around The Web

The eLearning Coach

LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers. Tony Karrer thinks knowledge workers should be getting more out of LinkedIn. His robust list of resources link to articles and guides for using this service more effectively. Happy New Year to those using the Gregorian calendar.

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Should your corporate training strategy move to the MOOC?

Your Training Edge

Monitoring the effectiveness of the training plan. For one, your training calendar is simplified because instead of securing specific dates and venues for trainings, you simply create deadlines for your MOOCs. A MOOC allows organizations to enjoy the benefits of peer networking and social interactions with a far more cost effective execution. Monitoring effectiveness. Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn:

Should you use MOOCs over other forms of corporate trainings?

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Is your training calendar chock-a-block with instructors flying across cities in order to train the same topic to multiple offices? When MOOCs start gaining ground in the corporate sphere with a lot of content being generated, this could be a cost effective option for your company.

Peer Learning and MOOCs: Using Technology to Maximize Employee Learning

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The MOOC dashboard is like the course homepage—it contains course navigation buttons, the course calendar, and links to the course pages and activities. Badges can be used as a way to recognize and reward effective peer teachers.

Helping Consultants, Experts, and Coaches Smash Through Personal and Professional Plateaus with David Shriner-Cahn


An effective strategy Chris shares for taking down those roadblocks is to embrace that you don’t know everything and may not even be asking the right questions. To learn more about David Shriner-Cahn you can find him on LinkedIn , Facebook , and Twitter at @smashingplateau.

Learning at Large Ep3: Digital first learning strategies, at scale


And finally, why confidence is an important indicator of effectiveness. . Simon: I know you’ve got some really strong opinions about what effects digital learning can have on learning programs—more generally, in the learning ecosystem.

Top 100 Tools for Learning in 2014


This year, we’ve expanded on that list to include 100 new tools that have made us more effective, made a splash or made us think. Mynd - It''s time the calendar got a makeover. We are big fans of online tools here at OpenSesame.

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LMS Integration – What it Means and Why is It Important


Keep up with compliance more effectively. OKTA, Microsoft, Active Directory, OneLogin, Open API, Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live, G Suite. Calendar integration: the perfect feature for learners that need to keep an eye on upcoming training sessions and remaining completion modules.

Content Marketing 101

TechSmith Camtasia

MetaCDN’s speed test tool is super simple and effective, as it prompts users to enter their domain and see how fast their websites run. ” Create an editorial calendar. Of course, a new content strategy and editorial calendar requires a new production process to meet new goals.

NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

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Calendar. Ability to tie in Social APIs, regardless if it is Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Nextdoor (cool, but no one is doing it) and so forth. . course; video streaming, video analytical data, ability to upload video from mobile devices, ability to retain any filters, special effects, etc. The way I see it, if you can get an app in the iTunes store that does video editing including effects for $2.99, a vendor should be able to build something decent in their LMS.

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Monetization, Production, Growth, and Advertising for Course Creators, Coaches, and Consultants with Michael Greenberg


At Call For Content Michael works with coaches, consultants, and podcasters to help them take effective action for their businesses. There’s perception outwardly and you can effect that very easily. I know Facebook can do it, I know Linkedin can do it.