Uberizing Organizational Learning – Thinking Beyond Courses

ID Reflections

We have to think agile, instant, accessible, contextual, micro-sized, real time… We need to uberize organizational learning. Uberization ” has taken off as the new term that according to me has come to stand for – disruption, innovation, lean operating model, harnessing of the affordances of the sharing economy, and a hyper-connected world driven by imagination and creativity where everything is a mobile-click away – including learning. Learning is no exception.

Learning Resolutions: Promises Can't Take a Punch


To support this effort, I am doing a better job of calendaring my commitments. I''ve enlisted the Sunrise calendar app with its integration with other tools such as other calendars, social media, and Evernote, I can be more aware and make balanced decisions regarding my time and energy. Professionally I aim to better integrate my interests in social learning and the tools used into the needs of my organization, it''s why I''m here. Learning Resolutions

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