Smart Habits

Clark Quinn

We can use the standard PIM software (e.g. memos, tasks, contacts, calendar) and any other built-in features, but for me the real opportunity is the distinction between smartphone and the app phone as David Pogue calls it. I admit that I’m not patient. While this has it’s faults, I use it to drive certain behaviors that are positive. For instance, I’m almost an obsessive optimizer in travel.

PIM 145

Going Mobile

Clark Quinn

As a Palm fan (simplicity, solidity, great story about it’s design), the Centro was appealing, having full PIM (notes & ToDos as well as contacts and calendar), cut/copy/paste, a real keyboard, lots of apps, etc, but the browser’s weak, and no GPS or wi-fi is kind of a bummer. And, yes, I know that the iPhone 3G does not have full syncing PIM yet, nor copy/paste. I found out that where I’m going this week didn’t have coverage by Sprint.

Mobile 100

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iLust? Changing the game

Clark Quinn

It’s got a moderate suite of PIM, including contacts, calendar, and notes (no ToDos, ahem), and a microphone. Yesterday, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple released their take on the tablet computer, the iPad. Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying it’s “the most important thing I’ve ever done.&# And that’s saying a lot.

Change 123

Usability and Learnability

Clark Quinn

He ended up with a core list of features that still defines Personal Information Management ( PIM ) today. Those were Contacts/Addresses, Calendar/DateBook, ToDos, & Memos/Notes. Palm has just announced the Palm Pr? as a new smartphone, and it’s got a fair bit of things right. Like the iPhone it’s got a touchscreen, but adds a keyboard. And GPS, WiFi, etc. However, that’s not what I’m on about, but instead key things, like usability.

PIM 100