Google Calendar in Lectora

Integrated Learnings

I've found the Google Calendar to be easy to use and easy to access at home, at work, and on the go. When I was recently asked to teach a class on how to use Google Calendar I started thinking about how to integrate it with Lectora. Grab Code Snippet from Google Calendar.

Geenio Update: Calendar of Assignments, Course Collections and more


It’s been not so long since we’ve released scheduled course assignments back in April , and now we’re introducing the next step to simplify the learning management with the set of new features: the calendar of assignments, collections of courses, new course catalog design and user action log.

Tips for Preserving Your eLearning Programs

Blue Sky eLearn

To preserve the online education programs and processes I worked so hard to put in place! So, for the sake of your educational programs and all your hard work, start building your binder*! A general timeline or calendar of your program year.

Get Microsoft LMS integration to improve and enhance your eLearning experience


With this integration, you can have access to your Outlook calendar, chat, document library and mailbox along with all the multiple features that come with Paradiso LMS. Integration streamlines following Microsoft applications with Paradiso LMS: Outlook Calendar.

Mark your calendars: ScreencastCamp 2014

TechSmith Camtasia

The program is not set beforehand. The post Mark your calendars: ScreencastCamp 2014 appeared first on TechSmith Blogs. Every summer, from age 8 through 17, my parents would send me off to 2 weeks of summer camp in northern Michigan.

Implementation of Effective Blended Learning Program for Employee Onboarding


Induction programs are an integral part of the training calendar of any organization. However, it is a challenge to develop an effective induction program that covers distant geographies and conflicting learners’ schedules, and at the same time retaining the learners’ attention.

What’s New in Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate

Email MS Outlook format calendar invites. Outlook Calendar Invitations. Now your calendar will automatically update thanks to Microsoft Outlook style calendar invitations that push directly to learner’s calendars.

Engage your users and increase retention with Instructor Led Training programs in your LMS


Whether for one-on-one lessons, presentations or webinars, use the Virtual Classroom Platform in the Instructor Led Training program you implement inside your company to connect with other students and instructors that would be otherwise inaccessible.

7-Steps to Creating a Coaching and Mentoring Program Seven: Make It Permanent

Your Training Edge

As we close our discussion on creating a coaching or mentoring program, you must take the time to make the program permanent. You’ve measured the success of the program in both human capital and otherwise. Second, take the time to design the program based on those goals.

5 tips for a successful enterprise management training program


If you have already delivered a successful Talent Development or training program for your lower level employees and want to create something similar for your managers, this post is for you. doing phone support, programming, doing accounting, working on the assembly line, etc.),

4 Major Challenges when Implementing an International ELearning Program


Over the years I have been fortunate to implement a variety of elearning programs for both large and small organizations. As you can imagine, lining up our calendars was difficult.

Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs


Election Day – Using Social Media Campaign Methods to Enhance Learning Programs. Instead of ensuring the success of a country, our focus is strictly on programs and the utilization of proven techniques.

Deliver your training programs from any device with Paradiso LMS App


Calendar. The post Deliver your training programs from any device with Paradiso LMS App appeared first on Paradiso eLearning Blog. The magnificent union between technology and eLearning allows that through an LMS App your users have the virtual learning material on their hands.

Repurposing Content for Your Training Programs


Repurposing content is an important way to deploy new content for your in-person or online training programs without having to start completely from scratch. Building a training or content calendar can help to clarify this process, as you identify key elements you will need.

Developing a Training Program: Have You Considered Going Digital?

CommLab India

Training today is not just about planning an annual training calendar – identify the dates, trainers and location and roll out to suitable employees. It means you should know what training programs will be conducted in classrooms (for whom and by whom) and which ones will go digital.

Connect with us in February 2015 – Where will TechSmith be?

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eLearning 2015 will attract 450 to 500 administrators of distance learning programs from community colleges and universities from around the world. This full day program will offer multiple sessions on ways districts can maximize student achievement and overall efficiency and effectiveness with technology solutions. News & Events TechSmith Events calendar conference Conferences Events February news and events schedule Tradeshows

Classes Available this Summer!

AXIOM Learning Solutions

These are 90 minute workouts for any of the MS Office programs and the calendars are available through the end of summer. AXIOM Updates News access beach calendar classes excel MS Office OneNote outlook powerpoint private sharepoint Summer word

Education for the Educator!

AXIOM Learning Solutions

AXIOM offers 90 minute workouts for any of the MS Office programs, including a new “Windows 10 Essentials” class. The calendars are available through the end of summer and into September. Happy Summer!

5 Key Ways to Improve Your Franchise Training


From talking to our customers and researching what the best do, we’ve identified 5 elements that successful companies incorporate to improve their franchise training programs. So, prepare a calendar establishing the frequency with which you want to distribute franchise training programs.

Forget Me Not So Much

CLO Magazine

This examination found that employees lack important retention tools, are not trained frequently and desire more in-depth retention programs than the current corporate environment provides. Retention Programs Work.

Infusing Innovation Into Training And Awareness Opportunities

eLearning Industry

However, getting time on the corporate calendar has grown more difficult as many programs are competing for seat time. Learn best practices to improve your training programs, which goes beyond standard computer or in-class training methodologies. Training is essential in most corporations. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Corporate Learning Best Practices Corporate Training Employee Training Online Training Strategy

Effective Training on Compliance and Patient Safety Using Robust Healthcare Learning Management Systems


The platform also supports automatic tracking of employees’ progress during the training program. Dashboards allow trainers to view individual progress, attendance, training calendar, and other details.

Working with an Instructional Designer: How to Prepare for Success

WBT Systems

Is the new course based on an existing program or is the content being developed from scratch? Pay attention to calendars and potential schedule conflicts. Blog consultants course development instructional designer program development project managementDeveloping a new online course with the help of an instructional designer is an exciting prospect for an association.

Effective Employee Training in 6 Key Steps [Infographic]

Here are 6 essential steps for any effective training program. Whether you begin in a classroom or not, if you focus staff development on actions that support business metrics and follow-up to ensure actions become habits, you end up with a program that moves your business forward.

Top Posts of 2018

Mike Taylor

Learning Conferences Calendar: L&D-related events in a searchable, easy-to-use place. 21 Questions to ask before Designing Any Training Program. Learning Conferences Calendar: [link].

How to Cope with the Most Common eLearning Challenges

Your Training Edge

You want to complete the program on time. These are the right tools to use: Google Calendar. Checker Plus for Google Calendar. It simply makes the calendar more powerful. It’s easy to learn through online platforms, right?

Springtime in New York? Join us for Kineo Konnect on April 9th!

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We''ll be tackling the subject of compliance, discussing the good, the bad and the ugly, and how to develop programs that create lasting change. Mark your calendars and reserve your spot, you won''t want to miss this! Kineo Networking & Insights Breakfast April 9 th It will be spring one of these days, I promise! And what sounds better than an early Spring morning with your L&D colleagues for deep discussion and shared delight in the melting of the snow?

Challenges to Overcome in Mobile Corporate Training

Designing Digitally

Mobile calendars organize life. Many organizations are turning to mobile devices as a delivery system for training and education programs Mobile devices are now an integral part of daily life far beyond just dialing a number.

Connecting the dots: What Corporate Training Can Learn from Formal Education


Organizing the Calendar. I tend to write my processes out on a piece of paper or occasionally log important or reoccurring tasks in a Google Calendar entry. Organization skills are key to developing the ideal training and development program.

2019 E-Learning Events Held in the USA


Such industry-specific events should be a part of the calendar for anyone engaged in e-learning as they give a chance to boost your knowledge, get to know the latest trends and tendencies in the sector, and grow your professional network. . The new year is not only here but in full swing.

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Fun with LEGOs at TechSmith

TechSmith Camtasia

Original calendar set. Tower built out of calendar set pieces. Each Christmas we create a new and creative calendar to send out for the holidays. A few of the guys on our Camtasia Relay team took it upon themselves to collect just a few calendars and reach for the sky.

5 Simple and Effective eLearning Interactions

Bottom-Line Performance

It’s simple and effective to ask people this, and no fancy graphics or programming skill is required to use this interaction. “Day in the Life” Calendars. Screenshot of “Day in the Life” calendars).

Education and Marketing – Why the Two Must Team for Success in eLearning

Association eLearning

This is generally a good thing and ensures expertise in a particular area, whether it is marketing your association’s conferences and membership or designing certification programs and managing your association’s learning management system (LMS).

Market 220

(video) tool of the month: 1 second video apps for blended learning

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

You can record a video every day via a calendar, or choose a video from your smartphone. This also reminds me of the introduction of the guests in the Dutch television program the quiz: the guests bring one photo of each day of the week. This blogpost can be read in Dutch on Ennuonline.

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Big Brained: Smart Ways to Look at eLearning Development

eLearning Brothers

And the typical goal for creating a message or training program and sharing it with an internal audience is to influence their behavior in some way. Check out our events calendar to see what else we have planned for you. Stuck in an eLearning development rut?

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Basic tools for e-learning students


In this installment we’ll have a look at the software and basic tools for e-learning students which are gonna need while attending your e-learning program. A calendaring app.

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Webinar: Newbie No More: Getting Started With Storyline

eLearning Brothers

As the final page of the calendar appears, our thoughts turn to new life. And don’t hesitate to avail yourselves of the eLearning Brothers One-on-One mentoring program for individualized assistance for your course development.