All You Need to Know About Measuring Your Customer Training ROI

Your Training Edge

Customer training is an important part of your business activities because you get an opportunity to teach the customer about your product. The training provides great benefit as it helps the customers fully comprehend your product and not only use it for once-off purposes.

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Training Video Production, Humanized


However, over the years I’ve observed how corporate training video production intimidates most people in the market for it. They have justifiable concerns about production costs, timelines, actors, branding, and quality. Training Video Production: Things to Know Up Front.

How to Drive Revenue from Your eCommerce Product Videos

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Today’s consumers seek a retail experience that offers the best of both the on- and offline shopping worlds—combining personalization with competitive prices, choice with detail, and product tangibility with convenience. What steps does their product research process usually entail?

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E-Learning Provocateur

The good news is you can record your own 360° videos using special cameras that are reasonably priced IMHO. All you need to record your own photo sphere is the Cardboard Camera app. I’m late to the party, but finally I’ve gotten my hands onto Google Cardboard.

5 Steps to Creating a Customer Story Video

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The best person to sell your product or service is not you. You best generator of new sales is likely an existing customer who has been wowed with a great customer experience and an outstanding product. . They want to hear or read good reviews from existing customers.

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The good news is you can record your own 360° videos using special cameras that are reasonably priced IMHO. All you need to record your own photo sphere is the Cardboard Camera app. I’m late to the party, but finally I’ve gotten my hands onto Google Cardboard.

Micro Learning and Mobile

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I’m going to require you to say to yourself, I want my learners (regardless if they are employees, customers or both) to really achieve comprehension, retention and synthesis. . 360 cameras. Providing customers with a “best practices” document?

Product Review: Plateau TMS (Talent Management System)

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Here is how it works – the basics that is: Reports run against the real-time transactional DB (each customer has their own DB instance). Custom courses (created by the end user) are uploaded, tested and on-going updates (especially with the 3rd party content). Kodak was the king kong of film and cameras. Then digital cameras showed up. Kodak embraced them to a point, but kept their initial camera products.

What's L&D's Role in Supporting the Brand Promise?


Another important promoted issue, particularly in the area of customer experience and success is ‘brand promise’. Here, it’s about an offer to the customer that’s enticing and delivered upon. Can we leverage this to the success of the customer and the organization?

Using Video in Training: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

The Learning Dispatch

Fortunately, high production values seems to have little impact on video watching or learning engagement. High production values might be worth the extra cost. It’s a lot easier to avoid recording audio hiss than it is to clean it up in post-production.

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Behind the scenes of how Immersive Learning takes shape


I work with production to plan shoots with on-set crews to ensure we’re maximizing our use of 360-degree video. Then, I work with post-production to make sure it all flows together in the end product. The basic challenge is typically in the production.

TechSmith User from the Beginning

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Tim has held many exciting positions throughout his career, and has used TechSmith products in many of them. We came across Tim on Twitter and were excited to learn more about him, his career and his use of our products. I’ve been a long time user of TechSmith products.

Checking In

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The first will be on Thursday on the subject of effective video for learning on a shoestring budget, and the second on Friday titled, “Lights, Camera … Wait, Who Has the Script?” The next day we delivered videos instead of scripts to our customer.

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Checking In

Tom Spiglanin

The first will be on Thursday on the subject of effective video for learning on a shoestring budget, and the second on Friday titled, “Lights, Camera … Wait, Who Has the Script?” The next day we delivered videos instead of scripts to our customer.

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Four Steps to Make Video Testimonials


Draft a list of questions that will reveal how your customers feel about your business. For example, let’s say your differentiator is providing a service that saves customers 10% per quarter compared to traditional methods used by your competitor. Related: What to Wear on Camera.

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

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All you need is a camera, script, actors, and some lights if you feel like really going all out. Bonus Tip: Get some friends who work in the movies because a film crew can tell you the best place to get the best solution and price on a product for anything you can possibly imagine.

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How to compress PowerPoint presentations and reduce picture file size


In most presentations you can take this down to the 2MP setting, or define custom dimensions, with the smallest side around 1000 pixels. TIF files are often produced by high quality cameras in professional photo shoots. PowerPoint design PowerPoint productivity

The 5 Fundamentals of Great Sales Training Videos


When creating a custom sales program , you should use video strategically to show and reinforce the behaviors you’re teaching. Custom Sales Training Video Content. Show that you’re investing in their success with custom content.

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How Do You Teach Innovation?

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To do that they need a workforce that has the skills to solve customer problems by creating new and more innovative products and services. Customer Comes First. Making that connection to customer need is the key to real innovation,” said Robertson.

Camtasia Defends the Universe (Kind of…Mostly This is About a Music Video)

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He was first introduced to Camtasia after a few clients asked him to create screencasts of their products. “I I could have just sung to the camera in a single take, but that would be really boring,” said Rich. “So

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Camtasia, Cammpus Help Companies Build Branded Universities

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Through Cammpus and Camtasia, any company can create their own branded university in minutes — without any IT — while giving them the tools they need to build their own curriculum for educating sales leads, new customers, employees or vendors.

Teaching the World through Open Learning

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I am using what I have and am still able to produce a great product.”. Michael uses his camera phone to capture ideas and topics throughout his day to later include in his class as proof that geography is everywhere.

AR & VR – The Next Big Trend In E-Learning


Companies from different industry verticals can integrate AR and VR into their employee onboarding programs to increase employee retention by catering to their customized learning needs. This technological innovation is helping the way people try and buy cosmetic products. ?

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Forge Episode 27 is now posted

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If you want to get real close, actually move the camera up real close. Your camera is your viewer, and where you put your camera is where you put your viewer, the more we understand that the more we can start thinking about making engaging visual content. Missed the Forge?

The Consumerization of the IoT

Enable Education

They are using IoT devices (sensors, watches, cameras, fridges, toothbrushes … etc.), What does a factory floor production line have to do with consumers using connected products like a FitBit or Ecobee Thermostat ?

Introducing the TechSmith Social Media Team

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I serve as a TechSmith champion to maintain, grow, and work with a variety of communities who are engaged with TechSmith products and services online. I would trade jobs with one of our Evangelists because I would love to travel more and interact/meet face to face with our customers.

Meet Vesone Dean , 2012 ScreenChamp Audience Choice Winner

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Since then, Vesone has been transitioning from Support Agent to video production. ’” To make the deadline and overcome some of the problems with an early production, Vesone ended up pulling an all-nighter to get the video completed.

How to Shoot a Video While Traveling and What Gear to Bring

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This could include a customer’s location, or at an event – ultimately someplace that you couldn’t recreate. A camera. There are downsides, like lower-quality cameras, poor audio capture, and they don’t always work well without enough light. No Camera Required’ Videos.

How to Stand Out in a Contest. Add a Screencast!

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I recently heard from a Camtasia Studio user, Vivek Joshi who is a Product Specialist at IDV Solutions which happens to be right down the road from TechSmith in lovely Lansing, Michigan! :-). Kelly Rush, our Video Production Specialist, got a quick video with Vivek to hear about his and how he's using Camtasia Studio. Hardware used to create this screencast: * Canon HF200 camera. * Got a great use of one of our products or some tips and tricks?

How Does Learning Management Systems Deliver Just-in-Time Learning For Corporate Training


Using a robust Learning Management System (LMS) for workplace training, this approach reduces the time invested on varied learning activities, leading to increased employee retention and workplace productivity. These codes can be scanned through mobile camera which selects the desired course.

Embracing Digital Knowledge Transformation and the Digital Learning Maturity Model

Time to Know

Think of a sales rep who didn’t know which products to sell or perhaps a customer representative who didn’t know the process of how to handle a damaged package. This blog post was written by Ori Bendet, Director of Product at TIME To KNOW*.

Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

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An average day covers a range of things like client communications, creative brainstorming, team collaboration, design and production. A typical client team would include an account manager, strategic lead, design lead, and production staff.

Four Emerging Technologies that L&D Leaders Need to Consider

Bottom-Line Performance

Audio cassettes were used in the 1980s to deliver product info, industry insights, etc. Sony and Panasonic are both introducing competitors to the GoPro camera that were impressive. Both manufacturers expect these cameras to be available in the first half of this year.

Meet David Frazier, State of Alabama technology trainer

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It's relatively easy to use but it still needs to have some familiarization training and most employees don't have the time or the knowledge to "play" with something to learn it--they need to be able to use it productively right away. How do you get from concept to finished product?

Even better in person: The DevLearn experience

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And while every company exhibiting hopes to draw interest to their products, Rustici Software differentiated ourselves by bringing our “ask us anything, really” philosophy to our booth. So feel free to reach out and ask a question about our products, eLearning standards or our company.

3 Coaching Tips to Help Reps Overcome Sales Objections


Just be poised and confident in front of the camera. Yet when it comes to preparing sales reps for customer objections, that’s exactly what many managers tacitly say: “I know we didn’t practice responses, so just be confident and get ready to think on your feet.

Ash Brokerage Boosts Sales with Agile Learning and Collaboration


As an insurance brokerage general agency (BGA) representing the products of 80-plus carriers, it also needed its reps to deliver more effective and consistent messaging —to be razor sharp when discussing the benefits and features of all those financial products.