Why Training Needs Video

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The shift has arrived, and video is King! You may or may not be shocked by this but not enough of us are creating video to help the people in our organizations. However, we hesitate to produce video. It seems for a lot of people video is a skill that is unreachable.

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The Return Of Video To eLearning

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Josh Bersin cites YouTube Videos as one of the best learning tools available in his session at the HR Technology Conference last week. I agree and see a bigger role for videos in the learning mix. Ten or fifteen years ago, video was used by most organizations for training.

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4 Tips for Improved Video in eLearning

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The online video revolution that has occurred in the past decade influences many aspects of our lives, and that includes eLearning. Video has a growing presence in eLearning courses, and that’s for good reason. Just show them video of the red hot molten rock in action.

7 Technical Tips for Creating Video Lectures

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Create engaging educational videos with no hassle or specific training? Check out 7 tips for creating video lectures on how to put together text, visuals and audio for the ultimate video lecturing experience. Creating video lectures these days is a piece of cake.

Freebie Friday: 3 Stock Video Templates

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When it comes to video eLearning, it is a cardinal sin to not take advantage of the medium. That’s not to say you treat it like a cheap 3D movie and throw objects toward the camera just because you can.

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How to Trim Videos

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That means the need to cut to the chase with our video is more important than ever. Movies used to have long opening credits but have shifted to openings to movies that start right into the action. The lesson for us is we need to trim the fat and get to the purpose of the video.

Audio Best Practices

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Nothing turns off viewers faster than a video with bad audio. If you are recording with mobile devices or lower end cameras, they will most likely have very poor built-in mics that are designed to pick up a wide pattern of sound. Can’t see the embedded video?

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How to Zoom In On Video

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The process usually requires high priced cameras and recording equipment. Not to mention advanced expertise with film and video. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a Hollywood movie director with a zillion dollar budget and a once in a generation artistic eye.

Using video as an alternative to create learning content


One of the quickest and most effective ways to deliver online training is with video. In this article we'll look at ways to use video to deliver meaningful digital learning content. However I’m becoming more and more intrigued by the effectiveness of video.

Curated Insights: Using Video to Drive Learning


“I just think that we’re going to be in a world a few years from now where the vast majority of the content that people consume online will be video.“ consume more than 10 hours of media every day when you take into account television, movies, and the rest of the internet. Thanks to the spiffy cameras in our pockets and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube, video is now a primary medium for everyday communication. Video is not just about recorded content.

Video is the New Text.Hmmm!

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For years I've been telling clients they ought to use more video in their learning programs, especially their elearning offerings. My arguments have been as follows: People react to well-crafted videos and audio with increased attention. The storytelling often inherent in video is powerfully seductive. Video is now fairly cheap; you don't necessarily need high production values, expensive equipment, or professional help. Video is the New Text.

The simplest, yet hardest, challenge with video and animation

Pure Learning

At Pure Learning, we create a lot of animations and videos. Explainer videos to describe concepts and processes. Instructional videos showing people how to do things. This means that we have to write, film and animate videos for a lot of different clients and audiences.

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TechSmith Tips – Microphones, Recording Audio & How to Sync Audio with Video

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I am Mike, a video producer for TechSmith and in this episode I am going to give some advice on types of microphones, audio recorders and methods to easily sync your audio with video. Can’t see the embedded video? Have you ever seen those clap boards on movie sets?

3 Ways to Create Videos for your Courses


Videos are perhaps the most sought after multimedia format in the eLearning world. Without videos, we feel we are missing real action! Again, the best video recording and editing equipment does not guarantee quality videos. Videos are excellent teaching tools.

1-2-3… Stages to Develop First Class E-learning Videos

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Forrester researcher, Dr. James McQuivery estimates that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 According to Forbes , 59% of senior executives will rather watch a video than read text, if both are available on the same topic, on the same page. Leverage the power of videos.

12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

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When creating an online course, you often need to capture a live video, audio, or screen recording. We’ve narrowed it down to 12 great eLearning audio and video tools to help you get started easily. iMovie allows you to turn your home video into your favorite film with just a few clicks. Fine-tune every cut and transition, edit color and audio, and fix shaky video. Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite.

Cultural hegemony and disruption

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YouTube and other video sharing sites have gained a significant purchase in the broadcasting world, and are in the process of displacing some of the previously prominent media channels. The Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci is best known for his theory of cultural hegemony.

Video Training – why it’s here to stay

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I’ve been a movie and video nut for most of my life. Three high school friends and I produced a slew of super-8 movies that played to typically strong reviews (those I choose to remember anyway) in my high school. To put things in a more global context, video is big.

Five Mistakes Trainers Make When Shooting Video With Smart Phones

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The professionals who stand to benefit most from these technology advancements are the ones who have little or no budget but want to increase the amount of video that they use in their training programs. The quality of video that can be produced with today’s smart phones is so good that full length movies have been shot using android devices and iPhones. Their computing capability is so powerful that a high quality learning video can be edited in a matter of minutes.

Four Ways to Use Video in e-Learning


There are plenty of ways to make your e-learning more engaging , and video is one way to do that. Don’t be scared, adding video to your e-learning does not have to be a big production. Movie Clips. Trainers have been using movie clips in classroom training for years.

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Video Can Make or Break Your E-Learning Course


Lights, camera, action! Everybody likes watching good movies and videos in general. Video is an excellent addition and important element of an e-learning course. Adding a video to a module, however, should not be an end in itself. How to Produce a Good Video.

Adobe Character Animator and eLearning

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Using your camera and microphone, you can control the animation. Think of it like the home video boom of the 1980’s. Then, with the boom of relatively cheap camcorders that followed, any kid with a camera could make a movie in his backyard with a couple of friends.

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What the Release for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Means for Mobile Learning

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Powerful cameras (a 12 megapixel camera on the rear and a 7 megapixel camera on the front). Creation of high quality learning videos is now simple . Videos can be rendered very well on mobile devices and are used extensively by creators of mobile content.

The Basics of Angles Used in Film and TV


You can improve your eLearning courses (or videos) a lot by incorporating some of the techniques they use. Today, I want to look at the camera angles that video directors use. Camera angles are a critical element of visual storytelling.

How to Make a Video Presentation in PowerPoint in 5 Easy Steps

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That is why a video presentation is a perfect way to spread your ideas and to create an emotional connection with your audience. In this article you will find out how to make a business video presentation or an engaging video lecture right in PowerPoint. Add video narration.

Adobe Presenter Video Express: Creating Software Demos

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

If you've tried Adobe Presenter with Video Express , you are probably aware that you can create a video of yourself as you present your PowerPoint slides, and then display either yourself, your slides, or both in the published project. However, a well-kept secret is that Video Express actually enables you to take a simultaneous video of yourself and anything you have on your computer screen--it doesn't have to be PowerPoint slides. Want more on Video Express?

What can Hollywood teach you about making your Elearning AWESOME?

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Ever wondered why movies are so expensive? Ever sit through the credits at the end of a movie? We probably all have, now that every superhero movie puts a teaser at the end. Why do they need so many people doing so many “strange” jobs to make a movie?

Video Tricks, Tips, and Shortcuts for Beginners


With the popularity of sites like Youtube and Vimeo continually on the rise, it isn’t difficult to see why more and more elearning sellers are deciding to utilize some form of video in their courses. Merely searching the phrase “videos and elearning” yields articles upon articles of the pros and cons, content tips, and examples. Everyone has heard or voiced a complaint when there is too much handheld camera in a movie (*cough cough* Hunger Games *cough cough*).

Great Advice from Stanley Kubrick.

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And, while he's referring to camera and film video, I think his advice holds true for screencasters as well. I stumbled upon this quote from film director Stanley Kubrick the other day.

BBC ‘Making movies on a shoestring’

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The ability to communicate effectively with video in the mix is a highly desirable skill, one for which demand will only increase. Almost everyone carries a digital camera these days, Blog

Presentations in the cloud

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The system allows you to deliver the presentation in three formats: A video of the presentation alone. A video with media alongside (typically slides, but could also be Flash movies, Twitter feeds, web pages, etc.).

BBC ‘Making movies on a shoestring’

Spicy Learning

The ability to communicate effectively with video in the mix is a highly desirable skill, one for which demand will only increase. Almost everyone carries a digital camera these days, making the idea of creating video for e-Learning more accessible than ever. Devised and presented by the BBC, this workshop will show you how to create a great video. Filming a video with voice-over. Editing and uploading the video.

Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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Flash course development toolkit - provides the source code, features include ability to load your movies, creates a table of contents and provides complete navigation control. Embed video – inc. Tools these days come in three flavors.

Flip your class or training with video

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Friday''s session about use of video for learning things showed that a mother look for it in a cookbook and her son looked on the Internet for a movie. The clever use of video was central, to our session: h ow can you use video in learning and education ?

Reformat your training sessions to increase their impact


Converting the training session to a video. GoToTraining, WebEx, and Adobe Connect all record live sessions to video formats, such as mp4. You can do this by using tools like Camtasia or QuickTime (you may need to download a plugin to record both audio and video).

Draw and Talk Over Your Images to Communicate Clearer

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Narration is common in movies and storybooks, but it’s also proven to be a great tool in academics and business. Click video camera icon to start recording. Have you ever watched your local weather reporter draw a weather pattern on the screen?

Attention Span and Performance Improvement

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Movie makers have known about this need for stimulus change for years. As a result, film producers have used this natural rhythm to determine the length of camera shots. That's why today's movies are filmed in a way that shots of similar lengths recur in regular patterns. If you want to see this in action, the next time you watch a movie start counting "one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three." Every time the camera angle changes, observe the pattern.