Emerging Technologies for Online Learning 2015 Presenter Profile – Dr. Ulanda Forbess

TechSmith Camtasia

Because one of my former students came back to me after graduation asking for help on how to build a company blog. I still teach how to write instructions, emails, proposals, and memos, but now, I also have students create a blog and a web page because more and more companies are asking this of their employees. Maybe Camtasia is the answer. For Educators camtasia Education educational technology emerging technologies online learning Snagit techsmith fuse

The Best eLearning Websites to Bookmark


Resource Type: eLearning Company Blog. Aurion Learning is a blog written by eLearning experts who use unusually creative techniques to help the company’s clients find a solution to L&D challenges. Camtasia by Techsmith. Camtasia’s blog has straightforward tips that really help. Resource Type: eLearning Professionals’ Blog. Cathy Moore’s blog aims to do just that. Resource Type: eLearning Industry Blog. LearnUpon Blog.


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The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide (2020 Update)


Company Blogs. The Degreed at Work blog is jam-packed with the latest insights, research, trends, and events. Elucidat is a great authoring tool with an equally awesome blog. LearnUpon Blog. We couldn’t make a list of blogs without including our own.

The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide


eLearning Professionals’ Blogs. Cathy Moore’s blog aims to do just that. From overviews of industry events to the future of eLearning, David Kelly’s blog has lots to delve into. This blog is aimed at helping organizations embrace and improve their eLearning and it does just that! The Rapid E-learning Blog. His blog focuses on people working in the eLearning industry and how you can become an eLearning pro. that pretty much sums up Tanmay Vora’s blog.