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The Best eLearning Websites to Bookmark


Whether you need to learn new eLearning skills, or want to give existing course content a boost, these resources will cover everything you need. Delivered in a more relaxed, informal tone, Pugh’s advice is succinct and practical. His vlog provides lots of information via video about starting eLearning projects, creating content and working with eLearning platforms. Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community. Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes E-books.

The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide (2020 Update)


From creating learning and development strategies to mastering authoring tools and tackling low engagement rates , there’s a lot of information to wrap your head around. . Company Blogs. Elucidat is a great authoring tool with an equally awesome blog.

The Ultimate eLearning Resources Guide


It’s a long list – almost 50 resources – but these websites will teach you practically everything you’d like to learn. Hosted by Connie Malamed, an eLearning information, and visual designer, this podcast is all about ‘helping you design smarter learning experiences’. Covering topics such as implementations of authoring tools to blended learning, the guests are top notch too. Recommended: Online Learning, AR & VR, and 3 Emerging Trends.