Lectora to Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Engaging E-learning

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In my previous blog, we have seen how to convert your PowerPoint presentations into e-learning courses using Adobe Captivate. In this post, we will see how to convert PowerPoint presentations using another widely used rapid authoring tool – Lectora Inspire.

Lectora Inspire – How to Use Translation Tool For Localization?

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Lectora Inspire is one of the powerful eLearning authoring tool by using we can create eLearning courses for multiple devices as it provides HTML5 output that runs on all devices. Lectora has made it easy to convert all your old and existing courses into responsive, instead of copy and paste all the content over again.…

An Expert’s View on Lectora Inspire 16

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Do you wish to convert your classroom training materials inundated with text to engaging e-learning courses? Well, the rapid authoring tool Lectora Inspire will address your needs. So why choose Lectora Inspire? E-learning translations are made simple with Lectora Inspire.

Leverage Enhanced Lectora 17 Features for Rapid eLearning Development

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As learning and training head toward mobile devices, Lectora Inspire has set her direction and transformed fast as a rapid authoring software that can create mobile-friendly courses. You get the latest versions of Camtasia and Snagit with Lectora 17. Why to use Lectora Online ?

5 Exciting Features of Lectora 17 to Enrich E-learning

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Lectora, by Trivantis, is the go-to solution for e-learning developers whenever they need to develop courses rapidly. This tool makes the conversion of legacy courses easy and the good news is Trivantis released the latest version of Lectora, Lectora 17 in December 2016.

How to Add Closed Captions to Video and Audio in Lectora


Lectora® and Lectora® Online make it easier to comply with Section 508 requirements as well as conform to Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 This blog will show you step by step how to create and add closed captions to Lectora and Lectora Online titles.

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Old Wine In New Bottle – Make Legacy Courses Responsive Using Lectora17

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With our experience of converting more than 1000s of courses using Lectora Inspire 17, we recommend this tool for this job. Lectora 17 is the newest and feature-loaded tool, which is cozy and intuitive for developers to develop responsive courses. Learning Technology Lectora 17

eLearning: Adding Silence to Audio Waveforms

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In those instances, it's a better idea to convert the gaffes into silence.       In TechSmith Camtasia Studio, choose  Tools > Audio , select a segment of the waveform on the Timeline, and then from the  Volume  group, click  Silence. 

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15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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One of the best tools, if you are already using Articulate, to convert your existing (Articulate based) courses to run on iPads, other tablets and mobile devices. Camtasia Studio 8. Camtasia Studio 8 is what you are looking for! Swiffy converts SWF files to HTML5.

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3 Powerful Rapid Authoring Tools Released in 2016

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Lectora Inspire 17. Lectora Inspire 17 comes with best-in-class HTML5 publishing capabilities and facilitates the effective delivery of multilingual online training. Convert text-heavy classroom content, such as compliance training materials, into engaging online courses.

3 Rapid E-learning Development Tools

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Lectora Inspire. Lectora Inspire. Lectora Inspire was one of the first tools to support the development of HTML content, compatible with most mobile devices. Animations: When it comes to custom animations, Lectora tops the chart by a long way. ‘It

The Top 12 eLearning Authoring Tools (2019 Update)


iSpring’s big draw is that it takes PowerPoint content and converts it to eLearning courses. Camtasia. First and foremost a video capture tool, Camtasia content can be exported as SCORM packages. Lectora Online. Great eLearning starts with getting the basics right.

Ten tips to build interactivity


Articulate – The Storyline product is proving popular but is still closely allied to converting PowerPoint into Flash. Camtasia – The Camtasia suite is a series of screen capture products, and Camtasia Relay could be of interest for lecture/presentation capture and then integration into, say, Lectora. Lectora will publish both Flash and HTML5 for Apps and rendering through iPads and smartphones. 2004, AICC, Tin Can (Lectora 11 onwards) and XML.

Top 10 Authoring Tools for Developing Simulation Based E-learning – Part 1

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STT Trainer is a powerful and useful software that provides effective training on software applications by converting recorded screens into simulations. Camtasia Studio. The rich recordings that can be created using Camtasia Studio will take your courses to the next level.

Video-Based eLearning Authoring Tools

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They would like to convert this to self-paced eLearning. Currently, they use Camtasia and have it email results at the end of quizzes. May outsource some of the production work, but the tool must be an off-the-shelf, known authoring tool - no proprietary tools (see eLearning Course Development for rationale on that) Their only experience is with Camtasia.

eLearning 101: How to Make an eLearning Course (Updated!)


While these two tools are the most common in the marketplace, there are many other excellent elearning authoring tools include Lectora , Claro , and Litmos. In addition, OpenSesame has developed a SCORM video player that converts any video files to SCORM-trackable elearning courses.

Authoring Tool Trends for 2017

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Lectora Online . It was and still is a PowerPoint converter with feature sets. Products like Captive, Claro, Lectora and Storyline enabled the ID folks to create robust courses. Yes, most vendors already have it, but is it as strong as say Camtasia? .

New E-Learning Rankings: Authoring Tools

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10: TechSmith Camtasia Studio – I’ve debated numerous times if a product that is more of a screen recorder with added feature sets deserves to be in an authoring tool set. Lectora on the list? Everyone loves lists. Lists for the best books written in 1899 (right?),

85+ Top Tools & Resources for Course Creators


Lectora Inspire. Lectora is the powerhouse in the authoring tools coming with libraries of assets, templates and flexible. Lectora Inspire is the choice of experienced trainers and academic course creators that look for the best-in-class authoring tool. Camtasia. Camtasia makes recording and making training videos and tutorials simple. Steve Jobs once said, ‘Technology is nothing.

LMS, LCMS, Content Authoring: Exploring eLearning Tools

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Some of the most popular are Adobe Captivate , Articulate Storyline , and Trivantis Lectora.

Top 11 to 20 Authoring Tools for 2013

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20 Lectora Inspire. Camtasia 8, Snag-it 1, ReviewLink (a fantastic product – but only for 10 courses? where Lectora is based). Can convert Flash to HTML5.

Rapid eLearning Tools

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Most of these fit into the PowerPoint + Audio and most convert to Flash for delivery. Rapid eLearning Tools Satisfaction from the eLearningGuild Research reported Feb 2007 - Course Authoring and Rapid eLearning Tool Satisfaction See also Software Simulation Tools. Page update Mar 2008. When the above graphic was taken, it shows the overall satisfaction reported by eLearningGuild members about various tools. I was reminded of the various Brandon Hall shoot-outs.

State of the E-Learning Industry 2017

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Basics include the convert PPT into a course (yuck). You get items such as a course verification tool (ensuring that all coding is correct and your course does not have any errors), create videos tool (example: Camtasia) and the list goes on. Lectora Online. It’s that time of the year. A time to reflect back to see where e-learning as a whole is at, and where it is heading for the coming year. That said, reflection is for some other blog author to write about.

E-Learning Takeaways

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Techsmith – Camtasia 8. iSpring Pro but it only converts PPT to HTML5. Lectora Inspire. 12-21-2012. For some people ominous times are ahead of us. For the rest of us, it isn’t, unless you see the latest takeaways as examples of what is to come or more importantly what hasn’t – which is really a could be doomsday to many vendors – unless they wake up! Authoring Tools. In my newest directory, I have 138 vendors. Of those: 45 are SaaS based.

Rapid Content Authoring Tools: Market, Mayhem and Reality

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Is it PowerPoint converted to Flash? Microsoft Word converted to Flash? Screen recorder or desktop recorder converted into Flash or.AVI or.WMV or MP4 format or other formats, with audio/video editing and recording (not all mind you offer audio/video editing). PowerPoint or Word converted to Flash, instant, virtually no add-ons, i.e. additional learning objects. Lectora. Camtasia.

eLearning Costs : eLearning Technology

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The course will be developed using a Lectora-style system that produces what is essentially an HTML/javascript page turner. What Training Costs Part I: Converting Content from ILT to WBT How long does it take to create learning? Bryan says that while it takes 34 hours of work to create one hour of instructor-led training, it takes an additional 33 hours simply to convert the PowerPoint slides from this same training into e-learning.

Cost 115

Confused of Brighton

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With the script now 1/3 complete and with a session agreed at the eLearning Guild's DevLearn 2007 in San Jose in November, my mind is turning to how I can convert this script into a half-decent piece of e-learning to show all those folks who come along to take a look. Two situations recently have got me thinking about e-learning authoring tools.