Camtasia Templates in Action

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Thinking of how to use a Camtasia template with your project may take some time. This is a great example of mixing and matching to get the look and feel you want with your video. We would love to see what you are doing with your Camtasia templates !

Camtasia Essentials: Organizing Project Files

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However, bins are not available in Camtasia 9, so you have to come up with alternatives. In this blog, I’ll give you three ideas on how to organize your work so that you can keep your head on straight when using Camtasia 9.

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Webinar: Interactivity and Engagement using Hotspots in Camtasia

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Video is a super powerful tool, and TechSmith’s Camtasia has the abilities to make videos interactive by using hotspots. In this webinar, we went through the steps to create a hotspot, the options you have once the hotspot is created, and gave examples of some of their uses.

Camtasia Animation Features You Didn’t Know About

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Among the many new and exciting features in Camtasia 9, one of my favorites is the expansive pre-built animations that are ready for us to use. If you used Camtasia Studio 8, you’re already familiar with the thirty transitions that are built into Camtasia.

Many Uses for Cutout People in Camtasia Studio

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When using Camtasia Studio for your how-to video, you may not see an immediate need for a cutout people library—especially one that has thousands and thousands of images i n it like the one here at eLearning Brothers.

Part 1: Say What?! A Guide to Camtasia Sound

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If you spend any amount of time exploring what Camtasia has to offer you’ll stumble across the Audio Effects option in the left side menu ribbon. These four effects are available in both the Mac and PC versions of Camtasia. #1

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Building Online Instructor Presence with Camtasia

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Check out her Camtasia Tackk and resource website for online faculty , and you can also find her on Twitter: Follow @TracySchaelen. I have found using Camtasia to be a truly transformative experience—for me and for my students.

Webinar: 2 eLearning Features in Camtasia You Didn’t Know About

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Like a hidden oasis in a desert landscape, Camtasia Studio from TechSmith is a gem of a tool for the eLearning world. He also was kind enough to provide us with his source files (which you can download here ) and a link to the sample project (which you can find here on

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How to create SCORM courses with Camtasia


Camtasia is a really accessible screen capture tool that makes creating video content for eLearning courses easy. With Camtasia, you can record your screen to produce instructional videos, or edit footage of you speaking to your learners.

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Camtasia Small Business Drive: Netvantage, Week 4

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In the final week of the Camtasia test drive, Netvantage Co-Founder Adam Henige reflected back on their month of screencasting. Another week, more exciting opportunities made possible by Camtasia! Watch Netvantage's sample training on photography SEO: Watch on YouTube.

Using Camtasia for Flipped Classrooms

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Mr. Crowder is presenting on using Camtasia for Flipped Classrooms at the conference InnEdCo on June 17th. . But, the main difference being that editing with Camtasia, the animation and annotation is much improved. Some examples: Energy.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 2

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We're turning the corner to the second week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! For our purposes, the most interesting editing aspects of Camtasia are the callouts and the overlay abilities, to further highlight the things being discussed by our narrator.

Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

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We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive! Watch a sample screencast from CiesaDesign on how to use FTP: Unable to display content. Can you share with us some examples of what you do for your clients?

New Release: Camtasia for Mac 2.5

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Camtasia for Mac 2.5 And if you’ve already upgraded to Camtasia for Mac 2, this is a free upgrade for you. Just check for updates within your copy of Camtasia for Mac. Open Camtasia for Mac > Click Camtasia 2 > Check for Updates. Camtasia for Mac 2.5.

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From flat to phat: New Camtasia feature drops the needle on screencasts

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Welcome to the pre-release beta of the newest Camtasia feature, with some automatic goodness: Camtasia Rap-ify (For Windows and Mac). Ultimately, we hope that each video generated will be unique and a powerful example of using music and visuals to engage your audience.

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

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There’s been little innovation in video around interactivity and engagement as compared to what we may find in a Flash-based interaction for example. This is precisely where I see TechSmith bringing a lot to the table, especially with the new release of Camtasia Studio 8.

New version of Camtasia for Mac bends time and space

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Camtasia for Mac 2.1 delivers clip speed , the #1 feature request from Camtasia for Mac users-- as voted by our user community. Get Camtasia for Mac 2.1: Download a free trial | Upgrade free if you own Camtasia for Mac 2.0. Camtasia for Mac 475 198 157 261

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Transform your PowerPoint into a PowerCast using Camtasia!

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Michael wrote a fantastic book on communication and learning through screencasts called PowerCasts – Creating Dynamic PowerPoint Screencasts with Camtasia Studio. An example of the PMM Model – The Planets. The post Transform your PowerPoint into a PowerCast using Camtasia!

Create an Old Time Movie Effect with Camtasia Studio 8

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I’ll also show you how to use Camtasia Studio to build and produce your Old Time movie. Here is a sample old time movie made with Camtasia Studio: [link]. Once installed, they will be available in Camtasia Studio. produce the Old Time Movie in Camtasia Studio .

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Designing a PowerPoint Screencast Using Camtasia

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Screencasting is increasingly used to record PowerPoint presentations using preeminent software such as Camtasia Studio , which can enable an add-in to run the program from within PowerPoint. Camtasia built in quiz maker. Quiz feature in Camtasia 8. Quiz Feature in Camtasia 8.

Successful Online Learning: How One Professor Uses Camtasia for Her Online Classes

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Danielle has been a Camtasia user for years, using it in her in-person classes. Camtasia allows us to create robust, engaging content to share or stream.”. With Camtasia, Danielle was able to “better package” content for her students and create the online classroom she was looking for.

Animate Your Holiday Greeting Card Video with Camtasia Studio 8.4 – Part 3

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In this tutorial, I’ll discuss a simple way to further customize your greeting card video with photos using Camtasia’s Visual Properties animations. Open the holiday project file in Camtasia Studio. -

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The Importance of Script Writing in Video Presentations

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Camtasia Resources Camtasia Template Library eLearning Featured Instructional Design Resources Products/Services ResourcesIt’s not fair, really. Books are allowed to put on paper eloquent words that paint a picture that is sometimes breathtaking.

Reverse the Effect of an Animation in Camtasia

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Last week, a viewer of one of our Camtasia Studio product webinars was chatting us up and asked if it was possible to reverse the effect of a visual animation. Note: This works for Camtasia Studio 8.1 and also for Camtasia for Mac 2.4,

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Andrew Townsend Responds to #AskMeMonday Discussing Video Framing

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Also, one last thing before I dive into my examples of good and bad framing. Here: So now the examples. If you’re curious, I used the United Camtasia Template for these) This is fine, but there is still the Rule of Thirds principle to consider.

Last chance! Save $50 on your Camtasia Studio 8 upgrade

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If you’ve been intending to upgrade to Camtasia Studio 8…now’s the time. So if you like saving money, take advantage of the Camtasia Studio upgrade offer today. The most important reason is that Camtasia Studio 8 helps you make the kind of videos your viewers love to watch.

Create a Holiday Greeting Card Video with Camtasia Studio 8.4 – Part 1

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You might share them via text or social media, however, have you ever considered using Camtasia Studio to create holiday video cards to make your images come alive with music and your voice? In this tutorial, you will create a winter holiday greeting card video using Camtasia Studio.

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How to Use the Three Act Structure to Make Rockin’ eLearning Videos

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For the sake of universal understanding, I will use the 1977 Star Wars as an example. Interactive videos in Camtasia can help to make that possible. Also for this example, we are not going to make this an interactive video.

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Camtasia Training in Philadelphia

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Get hands-on Camtasia Studio training from TechSmith's top trainers! We're coming to Philadelphia to give you the one-on-one Camtasia Studio training experience. Beginner Camtasia Studio (PC) Training Session - 8:30 am to 12:00 pm.

Very Impressed with the work TechSmith (i.e. Camtasia) is doing on iPad

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As far as I can tell, only TechSmith , the makers of Camtasia , has a growing presence on the iPad App store with some pretty neat apps that have impressed me quite a bit. Think Camtasia or Captivate but right on the iPad. mLearning , Screencasting , iPad , mobile , Camtasia.

Win a Copy - Camtasia Studio 6 - The Definitive Guide

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And, when he's not busy making screencasts and training people all over the world about how to use Camtasia Studio, he works on his book - _Camtasia Studio 6: The Definitive Guide_. He just updated it for Camtasia Studio v6 and it is hot off the presses! It's perfect for Camtasia Studio newbies and veterans as well. Just leave a comment on this blog post by May 10, 2009 11:59 pm EST with either some feedback about Camtasia Studio (ex.

Recording PowerPoint Presentations like a Pro: Geetesh’s 13 Tips for Creating Great PowerPoint Slides

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Microsoft PowerPoint and TechSmith Camtasia have long been friends. This inability made screen recorders like Camtasia necessary if you wanted to capture your PowerPoint presentations as video. Why Use Camtasia with PowerPoint? Camtasia will autosize to fit your monitor.

TechSmith Camtasia Studio: Adding Closed Captions

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by Kevin Siegel        Closed captioning (CC) allows you to provide descriptive information in your published eLearning project that typically matches the voiceover audio contained in your Camtasia project. During this post I'm going to show you how you can add the captions manually (by typing or copying/pasting from an existing script), and how to have Camtasia transcribe the voiceover audio using the Speech-to-text feature.