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Welcome Camtasia Relay 1.2!

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We've been busy at TechSmith working on Camtasia Relay! And, I'm happy to report that we have a new release of Camtasia Relay available. And, if you are an existing Camtasia Relay customer, the new version is a free update! Not familiar with Camtasia Relay? Support for Snow Leopard and Windows 7 operating systems * The addition of publishing using WebDAV opens access to more media servers such as Microsoft Sharepoint. Tags: Camtasia Relay News 192 182

New Release: Camtasia Relay 4.3 Adds Visual Graphs for Administrators

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The Camtasia Relay team spends most of its development time adding and improving capabilities for people creating videos. That’s why we are pleased with the very positive feedback we’ve gotten from customers about how easy Camtasia Relay is to use, as well as the many great suggestions for future improvements and enhancements that we have received. Because of that, much of the development effort for our current release, Camtasia Relay 4.3,


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Something new under the hood

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Camtasia for Mac users may have noticed something different in your screencast projects after installing our free Lion-ready update a couple of weeks ago. The version history for Camtasia for Mac 1.2.2 And with today's release of Camtasia Relay 3.1 , users of our enterprise product on both Mac and Windows get this new, under-the-hood technology too! Second, by saving you time and hard drive space when working with project files. and once with Camtasia for Mac 1.2.2,

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How to Get Mobile Video Files Off Your Device – TechSmith Tips

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In this blog post I am going to talk through how to get mobile video files off of your device. Can’t see the embedded video? So let’s say you shot some video on your mobile device and now you want to bring it onto your desktop computer for editing, saving or whatever. Once connected, you can click and drag your video files right into any folder you desire. Hi everyone and welcome to another round of TechSmith Tips.

TechSmith Fuse – Anywhere and Everywhere

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You’ve got a Camtasia Relay server, and you’re just dying to use it but don’t know what to use it for? TechSmith Fuse can be found on your Camtasia Relay website, installs on your iPhone or Android, and works with your Camtasia Relay server. As you can see below, I’ve entered my Camtasia Relay server address, my username and my password. I find this setting gives me good results and a decent file size.

Screencast of the Week - Red Gate, Coding by the Sea

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I'm always amazed at the screencasts I see Camtasia users create. This video is just a little different. By escaping their daily grind, they were able to create a product, SQL Search , for use searching SQL Server databases. Many product videos focus strictly on product features, specs and technical details. Anthony makes great use of many of Camtasia Studio's features like multiple audio tracks, PIP, screen recording, zoom & pans, transitions, captions etc.