Webinar: Camtasia Essentials – Adding Closed Captions to Video

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He talked about one of the most useful Camtasia essentials that was made available in later versions of Camtasia Studio 8 and continues to be useful in Camtasia 9/3: closed captions. We were pleased to have Jason Valade from TechSmith with us for a webinar last week.

New Release: Camtasia for Mac 2.5

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Camtasia for Mac 2.5 And if you’ve already upgraded to Camtasia for Mac 2, this is a free upgrade for you. Just check for updates within your copy of Camtasia for Mac. Open Camtasia for Mac > Click Camtasia 2 > Check for Updates. Camtasia for Mac 2.5.

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Introducing.the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive!

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We're excited to introduce a fun new project we're working on this month--the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive! Our first use of Camtasia for Mac was by developers, recording mobile application features as they appeared in development emulators.

Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Week 3

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It's the third week of the Camtasia Small Business Test Drive ! This week each business gave us their persepctive on how things were going with Camtasia today versus during the first week. Camtasia isn't as helpful for internal design collaboration as I had expected.

7-day Camtasia Mac App Store Giveaway!

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To celebrate the continued success of Camtasia in the Mac App Store we're giving away one Mac App Store code each day (at a random time) for seven days: May 21-27. We'll post the codes to the Camtasia Facebook wall , so be sure to Like us so it shows up in your news feed!

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Camtasia Small Business Test Drive: Loudpixel, Week 4

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In the final week of the Camtasia test drive, Loudpixel Co-Founder Allie Siarto reflected back on their month of screencasting. Using Camtasia for screencasting really got us thinking about how we can improve our processes and communications.

The new Camtasia Studio 8, the Flipped Classroom and Mobile Learning [Review]

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This is precisely where I see TechSmith bringing a lot to the table, especially with the new release of Camtasia Studio 8. I have been a Camtasia fan for a long time, as well as a SnagIt and Jing fan and I’m also very impressed with the work TechSmith is doing on Mobile.

FastTrack for iPad - Learn Camtasia Studio 7 on the Go

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Have an iPad and Camtasia Studio? TechSmith just released an app called FastTrack that lets you take the complete series of Camtasia Studio 7 tutorials anywhere your iPad can go. Should we add community or social features?

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Can Learnist Hold the Key to Enterprise Social Learning?

Dashe & Thomson

Now, I realize there have been a plethora of social learning tools introduced in the last couple years that tout themselves as the application that will revolutionize peer to peer information exchange. social learning augmented reality Grockit learning portal Learnist LMS

Create a Holiday Greeting Card Video with Camtasia Studio 8.4 – Part 1

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You might share them via text or social media, however, have you ever considered using Camtasia Studio to create holiday video cards to make your images come alive with music and your voice? In this tutorial, you will create a winter holiday greeting card video using Camtasia Studio.

Andrew Townsend Responds to #AskMeMonday Discussing Video Framing

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If you’re curious, I used the United Camtasia Template for these) This is fine, but there is still the Rule of Thirds principle to consider. For more video ideas, check out the video blog or send me your questions on social media. Watching videos can bring out emotions in us.

Introducing the TechSmith Social Media Team

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You might be a subscriber to our blogs , interact with us on Twitter , and/or check out our Facebook pages every once in a while… but you’re still wondering, who are the people behind all this social media magic, and what’s in it for me? I am the Social Media Intern here at TechSmith.

Video Marketing on Social Media: 5 Ways To Maximize Your Efficiency

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However between Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes and all the other growing social networking platforms, this can be a daunting task. Using Camtasia and the notes from the Facebook Live, you can search for those areas that would work great as standalone videos.

The Secret to Social Media Video: Captions! Here’s how (and why) to add them

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Social media streams are crowded, fast-moving, and crazy competitive. As social networks throttle back organic reach, being noticed is getting harder everyday. Social media video has stopping power. Captions are the Key to Social Media Video. Social media engagement.

11 Ways to Bend Space and Time with TechSmith at SXSW That Will Blow Your Mind (and Your Flux Capacitor!)

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Daniel Foster – Social Media Strategist; Betsy Weber – Chief Evangelist; Sarah Compagnoni – Product Marketing Manager build the Lego Death Star display. your viewers with the many features of Camtasia. Teleport anywhere in the universe with Camtasia greenscreen!

Helping Students Find Identity Through Student Created Video

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They record video and snap pictures, and they swap them with friends by text message and social media. We started designing our video using Camtasia Studio. We used some of the stock music in Camtasia as background so we didn’t infringe on any artists’ copyright.

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Camtasia - Screencast - Best of eLearning Learning

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Facilitating Informal Learning With Your Social Learning System Friday, September 04, 2009. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Social Media Revolution - eLearning Technology , August 17, 2009. Presentation: Social Networking - Dont Waste Your Time , August 20, 2009. Shaping Social Business Ecosystems as Learnscapes - Skilful Minds , August 18, 2009. The following are the top items based on social signals.

Snagit vs Camtasia: Which Screen Recording Software is Right for You?

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Which one is right for you – Snagit vs Camtasia – depends a lot on if you want to create images or videos. Camtasia , on the other hand, doesn’t let you take screenshots, but has a powerful screen recorder and built-in video editor. Camtasia really only does video.

Camtasia - LMS - LCMS - Best of eLearning Learning August 2009

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Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning <!–( Increasing Virtual Learning And Webinar Effectiveness With Your Social Learning System <!–( The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. You can lead them to social media, but can you make them drink? Social Media Revolution - eLearning Technology , August 17, 2009. Social Software Adoption - eLearning Technology , August 10, 2009. Camtasia (23).


Social Media Video: Why You Should Use It, Plus 3 Tips for Success

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One of the most popular ways to use video, however, is on social media — especially Facebook. But what does it take to be successful with social media videos? Facebook is the king of all social media platforms. The Social Media Video Experimental Campaign.

Tune in LIVE to 48 in 24: Tips, interviews, behind the scenes

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We’ll talk with two “Tweeteorologists” about how they use visual and social tools for weather forecasting. Topic: Using visuals well on social channels. Topic: Supporting accounting ebooks with Camtasia video. Topic: History and design of Snagit and Camtasia.

Adapting to Technology in the 21st Century

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We worked hard to create bundles through our learning management system and created videos using Camtasia software to add to our content for the students to use. This article was written by guest author Jordyn Watson for our quarterly education newsletter, the Learning Lounge.

Something new under the hood

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Camtasia for Mac users may have noticed something different in your screencast projects after installing our free Lion-ready update a couple of weeks ago. The version history for Camtasia for Mac 1.2.2 He captured it once with Camtasia for Mac 1.2 Photo credit: Speedin'.

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The Ultimate Guide to Easily Make Instructional Videos

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How to Make Tutorial Videos | Camtasia | TechSmith. I use Camtasia, which comes with a built-in, easy-to-use voice recording feature. Then, open the Camtasia recorder and record your screen just as you practiced. Editing In-Depth | Camtasia | TechSmith.

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5 Tips for Making a High Quality Video for Your Website

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David Bakke runs a small business and writes about money management, technology, and social media on the blog, Money Crashers Personal Finance. Tips & How To''s Camtasia for Mac Camtasia Studio Tips and Tricks Video

Loudpixel: Working in a Virtual Business Environment

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In the beginning of the year, TechSmith conducted a Small Business Test Drive, inviting four businesses to test Camtasia in their business setting for four weeks. Loudpixel , a social media research company, is one of the companies that participated in the initial trial run.

Screencasting in the Classroom with TechSmith and Edmodo

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Guest post by 7th grade Social Studies teacher Tom Hopper. Tom Hopper has been teaching 7 th grade Social Studies in Okemos, Michigan for 13 years. He’s a big fan of Edmodo, the social learning platform that he found last year. My tool of choice is Camtasia Studio.

5 Reasons Your Company Needs to be Using Video

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Learn how to record a PowerPoint presentation with this Camtasia tutorial. Video doesn’t have to stay behind company walls, and social platforms are a great place to attract new customers. Tips & How To's camtasia Snagit Video

1st update on 10 Tools Challenge 2013

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It has been good to see the varied interest in the 10 Tools Challenge both on my blog and Twitter as well as on other social channels – so here are a few updates. 26- Jing 28- Camtasia 42- Snagit 64- Screenr. Public social networks. social networks.

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Performance - Collaboration - Social Network Analysis - eLearning Hot List

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eLearning Learning Hot List June 1, 2009 to June 12, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. World Part 2 - Social Enterprise Blog , June 6, 2009 Should you Care about Google Wave? yes, they went there - WISE Pedagogy , June 1, 2009 Time Spent - The Learning Circuits Blog , June 1, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals.

Google Wave – Social Learning – Business – eLearning Hot List

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eLearning Learning Hot List June 12, 2009 to June 19, 2009 Top Posts The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Business Casual , June 14, 2009 Brain rule #12 - Clive on Learning , June 12, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals.

Screencasting: From Script to Screen

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With the aim to reimagine and rebrand old tip videos, social media intern Kelly Turner decided to take advantage of this opportunity and create new content too. Be sure to check out our library of free tutorials and guides for Camtasia.

The Green Screen Effect – TechSmith Tips

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For this example, we are using Camtasia to pull off the green screen effect. Chime in on any of our social channels and we’ll gladly add popular requests to the topics list. TechSmith Tips is a weekly series that will focus on tips in screencasting, video editing, and more.

Screencast of the Week - Fighting Hunger, Editing By Candlelight and WFP

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She teaches Nonprofits to effectively use technology and social media. She also happens to be a Camtasia Studio user. :-). Beth caught my eye the other day when she posted this on Twitter : . What a cool use of Camtasia Studio! When Beth Kanter talks, I listen!

Make your Screencasts Pop in 3D!

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Here is how: First create your screencast in Camtasia like you normally would do. Use Camtasia Recoder to capture the video playing inside the PowerPoint slide and you'll get a nice 3D effect! Camtasia Studio Tips and Tricks 26 218Today you're in for a big treat!

Top 100 Tools For Learning 2010 – C4LPT Survey

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Delicious – social bookmarking tool. Facebook – social networking site. Some observations: The top 10 is like a who’s who of social and informal learning tools. The complete list has a very strong bias towards social tools.

Survey 267

Twitter - Social Media - Informal - Weekly Best of eLearning Learning

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The following are the top posts from featured sources based on social signals. Social Learning Primer - Daretoshare , August 2, 2009. The following are the top items from other sources based on social signals. Hi, I’m a Mac, and I have Camtasia… , August 7, 2009. Social Media (22). How I use social media: Nancy White , August 5, 2009. Excuse the language, but “what the f is social media”? Social Learning Primer , August 2, 2009.