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Creating Captivate Courses from Multiple Merged Microlearning Modules

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In this blog, we’re going to address how to take the small modules of microlearning you’ve created and combine them into one amazing over-arching course using the tools provided in Captivate. NOTE: For the sake of consistency and ease, I’m going to use Captivate 2017 as my platform, but the concepts I’ll be discussing have been around for many previous versions of Captivate and the methods haven’t changed much. E Pluribus Unum, the motto of the United States.

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Convert Captivate Quizzes to HTML5 Format

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In September, Adobe made the HTML5 Converter for Adobe Captivate available on Adobe Labs. According to Adobe, "With HTML5 Converter, you can easily convert Adobe Captivate generated SWF to HTML5 format and repurpose your countless hours of interactive trainings for mobile devices that do not support Flash content."


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How to Publish SCORM Content in Adobe Captivate


Adobe Captivate is one of the best authoring tools available to eLearning professionals. In this tutorial, we show you how to publish SCORM content in Adobe Captivate so you can import it to your LMS. Adobe Captivate makes publishing eLearning content as a SCORM file simple. This guide shows you how to choose the right settings for publishing SCORM content in Captivate so you can import it to your learning management system (LMS). LearnUpon uses SCORM version 1.2.

5 Advantages of using Adobe Captivate 9

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Adobe Captivate has been a top choice for creating dynamic and engaging e-learning for quite some time now. With every version, Adobe makes improvements and also has some neat additions to the tool which make it easier to develop e-learning courseware. And its latest version, Adobe Captivate 9, is no different. Wondering what Adobe Captivate 9 is all about? Like I mentioned earlier, Adobe Captivate is the ideal choice for creating software simulations.

Reflections on Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate

About two weeks ago Captivate 10, now labeled Captivate 2017 was released. When using the Submit All feature for a quiz, up till now it was not possible to localize this popup dialog box (style can be changed using the Object Style Manager): In Captivate 2017, the dialog box whidh appears when you click the option ‘Submit All Messages in Quiz, Preferences has all you need to localize everything. In previous versions this dialog box had only 3 items.

First Reflections on Version 11.5.0.

Adobe Captivate

Usually I will not talk about a new version immediately after its release. It has been possible to fill a shape with an image since version 6. One exception: embedded buttons on Quiz/Score slides cannot be shape buttons, so I use transparent buttons for those. In version 11.5 The other Preview methods are all still based on a temporary SWF output (except Play Slide, which is NOT a preview method). Intro.

Importance of Captivate’s Events?

Adobe Captivate

Less known are the actions that can be triggered when a Quiz is completed (Passed/Failed). However the events for the hotspots in a VR project or 360 image/video are more limited as are the overlay Quiz slides in a VR project. A trial version is available. InfoSemantics used to have a SWF widget (EventHandler), worked great, but with the EOL of Flash player for all browsers, not so useful anymore. The post Importance of Captivate’s Events? Intro.

How to Publish SCORM Content in Adobe Captivate


Adobe Captivate is one of the best authoring tools available to eLearning professionals. In this tutorial, we show you how to publish SCORM content in Adobe Captivate so you can import it to your LMS. Adobe Captivate makes publishing eLearning content as a SCORM file simple. We’ll publish content as SCORM version 1.2. This is the version that is compatible with LearnUpon LMS. For this adobe captivate tutorial we will focus on the reporting options.

Publishing a responsive project to Moodle (Html only)

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Right now im struggeling to 1) publish my project as a html-only version and get it to work on moodle (optimally with LMS SCORM 1.2). A second Issue im Having ist that suddenly, 2) my preview (full project) and published versions only show slides 1-10 and the rest of the slides (approx. I’m confused by the facts that the ZIP still contains the.swf and the.pdf versions as I thought it’s only possible to publish it in html. Hi everyone and a good day to you!


Adobe shows off Captivate 4 and the Adobe eLearning Suite

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At the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose, November 10th, Adobe showed several exciting new features from the next version of Captivate and from the up-coming eLearning Suite. Adobe Captivate ‘Next’ I have been beta testing Captivate 4 for several months, so I was pleased to be invited by Adobe to the Adobe Learning Summit in San Jose on Monday 10th November. AIR review tool Perhaps the most exciting new feature in Captivate 4 is the AIR Review feature.

HTML5 only issue: Playhead won’t move beyond Click Box Pause Point if Final Attempt reached prior to Pause Point

Adobe Captivate

We are using CP9, updated to most recent version, trying to publish software simulations in HTML5 output only. Click Boxes are not included in quiz reporting for most slides. Object arrangement can be seen below: Issue: This has always worked for us as we’ve traditionally published as SWF output. Interactions Question Standard Actions adobe captivate 9 elearning authoring HTML5 question standard actionsHoping someone can shed some light on this issue.

How will Flash’s demise affect your SCORM courses?


Flash is the most popular output type, so it’s likely that your courses are SWF Flash-based. SWF courses do not work on certain devices; Apple devices. If your organization is running old versions of browsers then you’ll need to update them. Storyline calls its project files coursetitle.story , while Captivate calls theirs: coursetitle.cptx. Don’t create any more course content that is Flash SWF based. Adobe Captivate.

Interactivity in Software Tutorials?

Adobe Captivate

Whenever a comparison of eLearning authoring tools is published, Captivate still is considered to be the best tool for creation of software tutorials. That has been indeed the primary goal when Captivate was released many years ago. I have been choosing it many years ago (with version 1) for that feature as well. There are many alternatives to Captivate’s Video Demo. I think about merging with 360 slides, real quiz slides, adding links to other assets etc.

Tough Choice: Breakpoints or Fluid Boxes?

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 2017 added a new workflow for developing responsive projects: Fluid Boxes. If you want to publish a project to be accessible from any device, you have to ignore the still available Captivate SWF output! For such a course development Captivate offers 3 workflows: Scalable Projects : you can publish a blank (normal) project to HTML5 with the option ‘Scalable HTML Content’ activated. It will be a huge help to the Adobe Captivate team. Intro.

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