How to upgrade your Captivate Subscription

Adobe Captivate

If you have an active subscription for Adobe Captivate, you are eligible to upgrade to the recently released 2017 release of Adobe Captivate as part of your subscription. To upgrade your subscription, follow the steps below: Uninstall the existing version of Captivate that you have on your computer. Now choose the version of Captivate you wish to uninstall and click Uninstall. On successful installation, launch Adobe Captivate 2017.

Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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In the good old days, software companies released major upgrades to their products every 2-3 years. Like it or not, the upgrade cycles have gotten shorter and shorter. How long was it between Adobe Captivate 5 and 6? Adobe has promised a more aggressive upgrade cycle for its programs that will make even the recent upgrade cycles look almost snail-like. Case in point: version 7 of the Captivate software was released today. by Kevin Siegel.


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Adobe Captivate Subscription upgrade

Adobe Captivate

As you all are aware that the Captivate subscription users are automatically upgraded to the latest version as soon as the newer version comes in the market. The next question which comes to the mind is being a user how can I install or upgrade to the latest version? Happy Captivating. The post Adobe Captivate Subscription upgrade appeared first on eLearning. Blog Captivate captivate subscription Download subscription

Autoplay gone in latest Captivate version

Adobe Captivate

In the latest version of captivate when you publish it makes the user click a button to play the file even if you have selected Autoplay. The post Autoplay gone in latest Captivate version appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Discussion Project Upgrade 2017 discussion project upgradeAdobe strikes again. They are blaming it on modern browsers. I want my html5 products to autoplay.

Adobe Captivate 2017 from version to

Adobe Captivate

Hello, Our corporation is having problem updating the version for everyone from. The post Adobe Captivate 2017 from version to appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Project Upgrade Question 2017 project upgrade question10.0.1.283 to When we click on update. It says no update available. Any help would be great! Thanks!

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019: Three Cheers for Improved Assets in Version 11.5

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Adobe recently released a significant, and free, update to Captivate 2019, its flagship eLearning development tool. The updated version of the software is 11.5   If you're a veteran Captivate developer, you'll see that the interface remains mostly unchanged.   In Captivate 2019 (11.5), clicking  Assets  still opens the Assets dialog box, but wow-oh-wow will you find some wonderful new stuff here.   Looking for Captivate training? 

Maverick (10.9) upgrade warning !

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 7 or earlier version customers are not recommended to upgrade to new version of Mac OS as Captivate doesn’t launch. Please hold on your upgrade until we release a patch for CP 7 in next couple of weeks. This warning could have come in sooner apologies for the same. Customers running earlier […]. How do I. Technical Support Whats new

Adobe Captivate 5: The Mother of All Upgrades!

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by Kevin Siegel I've been using, writing about and teaching Captivate since, well. before the program was known as Captivate. I've seen all of the upgrades. I've been underwhelmed (Captivate 1 to 2 didn't do much for me) and amazed (Captivate 3 to 4 was a major step forward for the program). With the upgrade from Captivate 4 to 5, I'm awestruck. Adobe didn't just upgrade the program, they tore it down and rebuilt it.

Project created in Captivate 2017 and upgraded to 2019 publish html5 file when placed in LMS now I have to scroll.

Adobe Captivate

I created a project in Captivate 2017 and I have since upgraded to 2019 version. The post Project created in Captivate 2017 and upgraded to 2019 publish html5 file when placed in LMS now I have to scroll. Adobe Captivate Project Upgrade Question Adobe Captivate 2019 project upgrade question

5 Key features of the new Adobe Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

The most sought-after authoring software, Adobe Captivate makes a great impression with its astonishing feature in its new release, Adobe Captivate 2019. The most trending feature in the eLearning industry currently, virtual reality, is possible in Captivate 2019!! In addition to virtual reality, Adobe Captivate 2019 has released new and enhanced features to develop eLearning courses effortlessly. Let’s have quick look on a few new features of Adobe Captivate 2019.

Articulate 360 Review: Why Your Business Should Strongly Consider Upgrading

Bottom-Line Performance

Articulate provides the best tools for rapid authoring in the industry, and upgrading to the 360 subscription model ensures your team will always have the latest and greatest authoring tools at their fingertips. In the Storyline 360 authoring tool, you can’t hide/show content, branch, or change interactions based on screen size like you can in Lectora or Captivate. Lectora and Captivate can both be cumbersome and a little difficult for most new developers to learn.

Adobe Captivate 2019 released – A Quick Review on All New Features

Adobe Captivate

A booming sought software, Adobe Captivate makes a hard impression with its astonishing features in its new release, Adobe Captivate 2019. In addition to virtual reality, Adobe Captivate 2019 released a set of new and enhanced features to develop eLearning courses effortlessly and thrives the learner’s retention. Let’s have a quick look on New Features of Adobe Captivate 2019. You can use the media that comes along with the Adobe Captivate or choose your own.

Unable to update Captivate

Adobe Captivate

I am attempting to update Captivate and I am receiving the following error message. “Adobe Captivate 2017 Update 1. My version is something like 10.0.3 This version definitely seems like an upgrade and according to the notes will resolve an error that I am experiencing. The post Unable to update Captivate appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Project Upgrade Question Adobe Captivate Update project upgrade question

Publishing nightmare in Captivate

Adobe Captivate

I have to upgrade over 210 projects to Captivate CC 2017 and publish them in HTML5 from Captivate 7. So far, they are not publishing in the new version with everything removed as per the HTML5 Tracker. The post Publishing nightmare in Captivate appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Project Upgrade Question 2017 captivate publish project upgrade question

Captivate 2019 Crash on Publish

Adobe Captivate

Updating Captivate 8 courses to the new 2019 version. After repairing some unusual font and sizing issues, the resulting course will only process up to 45% before receiving “Fatal Error, please restart Captivate” Windows 10, 64Gb, SSD’s, nVidia 8Gb, maxed out Dell Precision workstation. The post Captivate 2019 Crash on Publish appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Project Upgrade Question project upgrade publish_error question

Adobe Captivate Updated to Version 5.5: Should You Upgrade? by Joe Ganci

Learning Solutions Magazine

Adobe has upgraded Captivate to Version 5.5 Is it worth the cost to upgrade? by providing a new interface for faster development, a. number of new features, and several improvements. Joe takes you. through the important changes to help you decide. Development Techniques Tools

Adobe Captivate 2019 vs. SharePoint: The Issue is real.

Adobe Captivate

Recently there have been some discussions about the JSON files in Adobe Captivate 2019 and issues with SharePoint blocking them during the upload process. The issue Adobe Captivate 2019 users seem to be experiencing is uploading the JSON files included in the project’s HTML5 output to SharePoint. See Upload an Adobe Captivate published output on SharePoint for more information. See the example image below of Adobe Captivate HTML5 Output in the dr folder.

Adobe Captivate 8: Custom Workspaces

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by Kevin Siegel      From a new user perspective, one of the major complaints about Adobe Captivate has always been its cluttered user interface. There are so many panels and toolbars in Captivate (and most are open and visible when the program starts), some people feel that the program is more difficult to learn than other tools like Articulate Storyline and TechSmith Camtasia Studio.  In the image below, you can see Captivate's Workspace menu.

Trouble creating new project from Powerpoint with Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

I am starting to use the new 2019 Captivate and doing a project from powerpoint 2016. I am using the iMac with the latest version with 32 G ram and i7 processor. Powerpoint conversions I did with earlier version of Captivate was not a problem except to alter some items in the Imanifest text file for the LMS I use. The Powerpoint file was a PPTX and converted by Captivate to PPT.

PPT 40

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019 (11.5): Branching View Broken?

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Adobe recently updated Captivate 2019 from version 11 to 11.5. I have noticed one bug so far in Captivate 2019 (11.5): It appears that the Branching View is broken (you can access the Branching View via Window > Branching View). In Captivate 11, the image below represents what the Branching View looks like if you have jumps or branches built into your lesson. Here's the same file opened in Captivate 11.5.

Plantage de Captivate 2017/2019 lorsque j’importe un fichier PowerPoint

Adobe Captivate

Bonjour, Je dois transcrire un fichier PowerPoint pour le retravailler dans Captivate avant d’en réaliser un export en HTML5. Le fichier PowerPoint que je dois utiliser a été réalisé sous PowerPoint version 16.20 (sous environnement Mac OSX). La seule fonctionnalité qui m’est autorisée, c’est de quitter Captivate. The post Plantage de Captivate 2017/2019 lorsque j’importe un fichier PowerPoint appeared first on eLearning.

Adobe Captivate: Introducing 2017

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Adobe recently announced a upgrade to Adobe Captivate, its popular eLearning development tool.   According to Adobe's Allen Partridge, Captivate version 2017 , includes several new features including something called Fluid Boxes. The Captivate team has taken this even farther by enabling some elements to maintain static relationships within any box, and other elements to dynamically stretch, scale, and rearrange within any given box."

Captivate 2019 Issue – Converting 2017 course

Adobe Captivate

I recently updated to the Captivate 2019 version. I saved the changes I made to the course (which was originally created in Captivate 2017), which prompted me to “convert it” or update the course file to Captivate 2019. I had to re upload the old version of the course created in Captivate 2017 back to the LMS, so unfortunately we are stuck with the old version of the course.

Issue 40

Is Captivate 9 Still Relevant?

Adobe Captivate

I’m seeing several people on the Adobe eLearning Community and my own YouTube channel who are upset that they don’t qualify for the complimentary upgrade to Adobe Captivate 2017. Captivate 9 users qualify for the complimentary upgrade if they purchased Captivate 9 very recently. As an example, I purchased Captivate 7 very late in the Captivate 7 product life cycle. Blog Captivate complimentary license policy upgrade

Default Options in Adobe Captivate 9 That Need to be Upgraded

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Abode Captivate is one of the most preferred e-learning rapid authoring tools. Over the years, Adobe Captivate has released various versions adding a number of amazing features to the tool. In this blog post, I would like to discuss a few limitations I have come across in Adobe Captivate 9 so that the Adobe Captivate team can address them in the next release. But in Captivate 9, the Submit button appears by default onscreen.

Retain Scalable HTML on Desktop version when creating responsive project

Adobe Captivate

Some information that could be helpful, happy to provide additional if needed: Using Captivate 2017 (but willing to upgrade to 2019 if it solves for this issue). The post Retain Scalable HTML on Desktop version when creating responsive project appeared first on eLearning. Fluid Box Question Responsive adobe captivate responsive fluid box question


ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019 11.5: Alert Messages When Updating

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Adobe recently updated Captivate 2019 from 11.0 While much of the look and feel between versions 11 and 11.5 Legacy versions of Captivate upgrade to version 11.5 I say "nearly" because there are a few dialog boxes you'll come across during the upgrade process. Nevertheless, you should go from slide to slide and ensure all is well with your upgraded projects. to 11.5.

Adobe Captivate 7.01: Twice the Locking Power

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Adobe recently announced a patch for Adobe Captivate 7. However, if you've spent the few minutes that it takes to install the free upgrade, you might have missed some enhancements that are a pleasant surprise (and above and beyond what one might expect to find in a simple patch). Prior to the patch for Captivate 7, clicking the white dot simply locked the object and the white dot changed into a lock icon (shown in the image below). After installing the Captivate 7.01

What’s New with Adobe Captivate 8

eLearning Brothers

Most of you may be wondering what are some of the new features to Adobe Captivate 8. Captivate 8 has made significant upgrades, improvements, and created brand new features never before used in any eLearning authoring tool. Let’s get down to brass tacks and see what’s new with Adobe Captivate 8: Responsive Project Design. Captivate 8 takes the idea of responsive design to new heights. More Awesome Adobe Captivate 8 Upgrades.

Adobe Captivate: Knowledge Check Slides

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by Kevin Siegel      Last week Adobe announced a major update to Adobe Captivate: Adobe Captivate 9. While similar in appearance to Adobe Captivate 8, version 9 offers several enhancements that I'll cover over the next few weeks. Captivate 9 will only work if you have Windows 64-bit. If you are using an older computer or OS,  you won't be able to use Captivate 9 at all. Adobe Captivate e-learning eLearning

Adobe Captivate 8: A Cleaner, Simpler User Interface

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by Kevin Siegel      Adobe last week announced Adobe Captivate 8, a significant upgrade to one of the top eLearning development tools in the world. Over the past few years I've repeatedly heard a couple of complaints about Captivate. There were so many panels, pods, and toolbars it didn't take too much effort for the Captivate workspace to get cluttered. Another major complaint was Captivate's lack of support for mobile users.

Adobe Captivate 8: More is More

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by Kevin Siegel      Last week I told you about the great enhancements you'll see in Adobe Captivate 8 when it comes to  image buttons.   The first thing you'll see when you start Captivate is the Welcome screen.       If you have already opened or created a project, you will find a Sample Projects/Tutorials icon via the top of the Captivate window (to the right of the Help menu). a nice upgrade from Paul (sorry Paul).

Adobe Captivate 7 - Now or Later?

Integrated Learnings

I use the Adobe Master Suite and Adobe Captivate for many of my projects. So when Adobe Captivate 7 was released, I was eager to unwrap the gift. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of the new features.just enough to answer the question: Do I upgrade now or later? The new release is the same Adobe Captivate you already know. If you are familiar with Captivate 5 and 6, it will be an easy transition to Captivate 7. do I upgrade now or later?

Spinning Wheel of Doom

Adobe Captivate

When I updated the module in the Captivate Prime this is the result. I am authoring in Captive 2017 (up-to-date on version). Adobe Captivate Discussion Project Upgrade "Elearning authoring tools" discussion project upgradeI am having an issue where when I try to open an updated module I only see the wheel of doom. I created a new demo and training project. On iOS (Mac). Happens in various browsers. Video of the issue here: [link].

Mac 46

Using Raptivity with Captivate

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

Several Captivate users build Raptivity interactions for use in their elearning and presentation materials. Adobe, the maker of Captivate, has been releasing upgrades and new versions of Captivate over the past several quarters. Naturally, their users want to stay on top of the best ways to use Raptivity within Captivate. A recent blog post on the Raptivity blog addresses the integration of Raptivity with Captivate quite comprehensively for Captivate 5.5,

Adobe Captivate 8: Image Buttons to Write Home About

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by Kevin Siegel      Over the past few weeks I've been writing about the hot new features you'll find in Adobe Captivate 8 such as the  new, easier to use, interface  and  responsive projects. Those two features are arguably the top changes you'll see if you're upgrading from Captivate 5, 5.5, 6, or 7 to Captivate 8. You've always been able to insert image buttons in Captivate.

Captivate 8: Working with Text-to-Speech and Voices

eLearning Brothers

An earlier post on this blog offers Adobe Captivate Example Courses for download. Toward the end of that post is a quick mention and “how to” on Captivate’s text-to-speech functionality. Recently a question came up in one of the help forums: “How do I install the Captivate 8 TTS voices?” First, the easiest way to access Captivate’s text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities is via the Audio > Speech Management option.

Publishing Adobe Captivate Projects: SWF, HTML5, or Both?

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by Kevin Siegel      If you attend our  Adobe Captivate Beginner class , you will learn how to publish projects as SWF (for desktop users) and HTML5 (for mobile users).      Publishing in Captivate takes your source content and outputs it into a format that can be consumed (viewed) by the learner.   As an alternative to SWFs, Captivate allows developers to publish content as HTML5. SWF and HTML5 versions. Adobe Captivat

SWF 131

Captivate 2019 – Breakpoint mode text responsiveness

Adobe Captivate

We are testing converting our projects from Captivate 8 & 2017 to Captivate 2019. have no problem with our other versions, however in Captivate 2019. I also tested creating a brand new project with Captivate 2019 and got the same results. Does the text responsiveness no longer work in Captivate 2019 Break point mode? Converting Older versions to CP2019. We currently use Break point mode for all our modules, this is our preferred method.

Adobe Captivate 9 crashes on launch

Adobe Captivate

If you are using Adobe Captivate 9 or 9.0.421, and witnessing frequent crashes on starting the product or even while working with a feature, follow the steps in this kb document. Depending on the issue, the following are the fixes involved: Upgrade Captivate version 9. Run Captivate as administrator. Blog adobe captivate 9 Captivate 9 captivate crash captivate crash on launch