Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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How long was it between Adobe Captivate 5 and 6? Case in point: version 7 of the Captivate software was released today. Top features to be found in Adobe Captivate 7: Drag-and-drop Components Make eLearning fun with drag-and-drop games, quizzes, and lessons that can run on desktops and mobile devices (such as the iPad). Import GIFT format questions quickly and conveniently into Adobe Captivate projects to create assessment modules. by Kevin Siegel.

Can Captivate 9 Save Adobe?


Specifically, they released their learning management system and Adobe Captivate 9. Perhaps the more exciting news though is the release of Adobe Captivate 9. I have a confession to make: I have a love/hate relationship with Adobe Captivate. Our relationship goes back a long way too as I can recall the days of using Captivate when it was owned by Macromedia. Adobe took over Captivate around version 3 or 4 (I cannot recall which one exactly).

Adobe 142

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eLearning: Adobe Captivate and Microsoft PowerPoint

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Over the next two weeks, I'm going to show you how to use your PowerPoint content in Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline. Adobe Captivate and PowerPoint. You can import PowerPoint slides into an existing Captivate project or create a new project that uses the PowerPoint slides. During the import process, Captivate includes the ability to create a link between a Captivate project and PowerPoint presentation.

The Only Place for Captivate 8 Templates and Learning

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(Salt Lake City, UT June 11, 2014) eLearning Brothers, Lodestone and Artisan E-Learning announce a combined offering of Captivate 8 templates , instructor led training , and the only Captivate 8 book available. This is the only source on the planet for mobile responsive Captivate 8 templates, Captivate 8 training, and the first Captivate 8 book. The Captivate 8 Templates. The Captivate 8 Training. The Book — E-Learning Uncovered: Adobe Captivate 8.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

different version of your courses for the myriad. content from include: • YouTube • Vimeo • Google Maps • Captivate Want to present words and images that flow. version for different audiences. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019: Three Cheers for Improved Assets in Version 11.5

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Adobe recently released a significant, and free, update to Captivate 2019, its flagship eLearning development tool. The updated version of the software is 11.5   If you're a veteran Captivate developer, you'll see that the interface remains mostly unchanged.   In Captivate 2019 (11.5), clicking  Assets  still opens the Assets dialog box, but wow-oh-wow will you find some wonderful new stuff here.   Looking for Captivate training? 

Adobe Captivate: Attack of the Clones

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by Kevin Siegel      I've met a few Captivate developers who say they have a love-hate relationship with Captivate's default Object Styles. Anyone who has developed eLearning using Adobe Captivate 4 or earlier versions of the software knows how ineffective those pesky  Apply to All  buttons were.   I've found that Captivate's Object Styles are a marvel of flexibility. Looking to learn Captivate quickly?

Adobe Captivate: Removing Popups from Video Demos

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by Kevin Siegel      I'm continuing to enjoy developing eLearning using the new Adobe Captivate 8. And the more I use this updated version, the more I find subtle improvements and new features.     Looking for instructor-led training on Adobe Captivate? Check out our live, online, instructor-led  Captivate classes.

Opening Captivate Files from Previous Versions of Captivate in 2017

Adobe Captivate

Hi all, I was wondering if you can open Captivate files from older versions of Captivate. I’m moving into consulting and currently have the latest version, 2017, and was just wondering what limitations there are with this. Also, is it still possible to buy the older versions like 8 and 9? Discussion Captivate version

Older version of Captivate project one publish

Adobe Captivate

I opened a captivate project 9 project in Captivate 2019 and when I published it as HTLM5 it will not play at all. The post Older version of Captivate project one publish appeared first on eLearning. HTML5/SWF Preview/Publish Question Adobe Captivate 2019 html5/swf preview/publish questionAny suggestions?

Autoplay gone in latest Captivate version

Adobe Captivate

In the latest version of captivate when you publish it makes the user click a button to play the file even if you have selected Autoplay. The post Autoplay gone in latest Captivate version appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Discussion Project Upgrade 2017 discussion project upgradeAdobe strikes again. They are blaming it on modern browsers. I want my html5 products to autoplay.

Captivate 8 Vs 10 (2017 version)

Adobe Captivate

Hello,I need to use Captivate for an upcoming project. I have used Captivate 8 before, but now I have the option to install Captivate 10. Should I go for the 10 version because its latest? Blog CaptivateOr can I use 8 because I have already worked on it and quite familiar with the functionalities?

5 Key features of the new Adobe Captivate 2019

Adobe Captivate

The most sought-after authoring software, Adobe Captivate makes a great impression with its astonishing feature in its new release, Adobe Captivate 2019. The most trending feature in the eLearning industry currently, virtual reality, is possible in Captivate 2019!! In addition to virtual reality, Adobe Captivate 2019 has released new and enhanced features to develop eLearning courses effortlessly. Let’s have quick look on a few new features of Adobe Captivate 2019.

Adobe Captivate 2017 from version to

Adobe Captivate

Hello, Our corporation is having problem updating the version for everyone from. The post Adobe Captivate 2017 from version to appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Project Upgrade Question 2017 project upgrade question10.0.1.283 to When we click on update. It says no update available. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Adobe Captivate 2019 released – A Quick Review on All New Features

Adobe Captivate

A booming sought software, Adobe Captivate makes a hard impression with its astonishing features in its new release, Adobe Captivate 2019. In addition to virtual reality, Adobe Captivate 2019 released a set of new and enhanced features to develop eLearning courses effortlessly and thrives the learner’s retention. Let’s have a quick look on New Features of Adobe Captivate 2019. You can use the media that comes along with the Adobe Captivate or choose your own.

Responsive eLearning with Captivate 8 – Our Experience

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Version 8 of Captivate (CP8) has a whole new set of features like gesture-enabled mobile learning, geo-location support, MinMax object sizing, and many more. eLearning Create Responsive eLearning with Adobe Captivate 8 Responsive eLearning with Captivate 8From a developer’s perspective, the user-friendly interface and multi-device authoring canvas certainly makes it easy to create a responsive course.

Hot Fix for Adobe Captivate Game Templates

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It has been a few months since the release of Adobe Captivate 2017 and most people, by now, have had a chance to play with it and start looking at how the thousands of free assets provided by eLearning Brothers work with the new release – specifically Captivate Game Templates. Unfortunately, we found some issues with some of our game templates that caused them to not work as well as they did in previous versions. Let’s look at the non-responsive version, first.

A Book to Elevate Adobe Captivate 8

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Pull up your sleeves everyone, it’s time to Elevate Your Captivate 8 knowledge with Diane Elkins’ new book, E-Learning Uncovered: Adobe Captivate 8. . We’ve teamed up with Artisan E-learning to offer the new E-Learning Uncovered: Adobe Captivate 8 book along with an eLearning Template Library subscription for just $499 and receive the Book FREE, a $29.99 Don’t waste any more time, and start learning Adobe Captivate 8.

While Importing PPTx to captivate 2019 version – background image is getting rescaled and shinking towards left

Adobe Captivate

The post While Importing PPTx to captivate 2019 version – background image is getting rescaled and shinking towards left appeared first on eLearning. Adobe Captivate Q&As Question alignment problem q&as questionHi All, I need your help, I have created entire project in ppt with good animation and background images. While converting or importing slides into elearning module the background image is getting resizied.

PPT 40

Introducing the New Adobe Captivate 2017

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Adobe just released the newest version of its popular eLearning authoring tool, Captivate. To access the Typekit web page from within Captivate you just click on the icon in the Character properties panel. The most significant change from Captivate 9 to Captivate 2017 comes in the way that responsive design is handled. Instead, they can just convert them to a Captivate 2017 responsive course and push it out to mobile device users.

Created a video to document SLOW RESPONSIVENESS of Captivate 2019 for Mac Version …. LINK TO VIDEO INCLUDED

Adobe Captivate

Hi folks, I have created a video just to display the really NOTED EXTREME SLOWNESS being experienced with Captivate 2019 for Mac, Version This is not the world’s most exciting video, but I have created this just to hopefully SHOW rather than just TELL what is going on with Captivate for Mac Version I start by just showing a demo of me using Photoshop on this same Mac, and then showing Captivate on the same computer.

Adobe Captivate 9 Review

Adobe Captivate

Captivate 9 was released just in time for my latest project – a series of courses that require a combination of scenarios and software simulations. I’ve been using Captivate for more years than I am willing to admit (RoboDemo anyone?); every new version […]. Adobe Captivate Draft Rapid Authoring Rapid eLearning Whats new adobe captivate 9 adobe captivate draft Captivate 9 Captivate Review Device Demo Multi-state objects rapid elearning Responsive eLearning

Adobe Captivate 8: Custom Workspaces

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by Kevin Siegel      From a new user perspective, one of the major complaints about Adobe Captivate has always been its cluttered user interface. There are so many panels and toolbars in Captivate (and most are open and visible when the program starts), some people feel that the program is more difficult to learn than other tools like Articulate Storyline and TechSmith Camtasia Studio.  In the image below, you can see Captivate's Workspace menu.

Adobe Captivate: Submit All

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by Kevin Siegel        When a learner takes a quiz created with Adobe Captivate, failure by the learner to click the  Submit  button on each and every question is a recurring problem. Fortunately, there is a Quiz setting available in Captivate that will help. In a future version of Captivate, I'd love to see more information about which questions haven't been answered by the learner (in the first Submit All dialog box).

Adobe Captivate 9: Altered States

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by Kevin Siegel      In the past, if you wanted to present multiple versions of an object to learners as they interacted with the lesson, you needed to add multiple objects to the slide, hide them, and then use advanced actions to make visible objects hide and hidden objects appear.       At the left of the Captivate window, the Filmstrip is replaced with the Object State panel. Looking for training or help with Adobe Captivate?

Adobe Captivate: Breakpoints and Viewports

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by Lori Smith, Captivate Developer,  COTP. Have you ever been frustrated when your beautifully designed layout in a Captivate responsive project looks nothing like what you created when viewing the content a mobile device (such as a tablet)?   A Breakpoint is the layout area in a Captivate responsive project that essentially defines the size of a learner's mobile device. In Captivate initially has three Breakpoints and you can add two more.).

Adobe Captivate 7 Templates

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Adobe has just released it’s latest version of Captivate. Seems as if they just barely launched Captivate 6 and now 7 is out. We are pleased to inform you that our Captivate Templates are now compatible with Adobe Captivate 7. We’ve made a few updates so be sure to download the latest version of the templates from the template library. Adobe Captivate Player Skin Widgets. Adobe Captivate Layout Themes.

When I add a MP4 video (Captivate 2019 updated) I can view it in preview but not in published version.

Adobe Captivate

When I add a MP4 video (Captivate 2019 updated) I can view it in preview but not in published version. The post When I add a MP4 video (Captivate 2019 updated) I can view it in preview but not in published version. appeared first on eLearning. Media Question Video media question video video demo not working

Adobe Captivate: Introducing 2017

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Adobe recently announced a upgrade to Adobe Captivate, its popular eLearning development tool.   According to Adobe's Allen Partridge, Captivate version 2017 , includes several new features including something called Fluid Boxes. The Captivate team has taken this even farther by enabling some elements to maintain static relationships within any box, and other elements to dynamically stretch, scale, and rearrange within any given box."

Is Adobe Captivate Forward Compatible?

Adobe Captivate

Is it possible to Save As the file to Captivate 2017 version from the Captivate 2019 version. We have developed a file in Captivate 2019 version and now we want it to be open in Captivate 2017 version. Is it possible to open the same or is there any work around to Save As the file to earlier versions. The post Is Adobe Captivate Forward Compatible?

Adobe Captivate 2019 Tutorials

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Adobe Captivate 2019 Tutorials – Training Videos As the Adobe has released its new version Captivate 2019 with so many exciting features for future ready elearning course development. Adobe has listed its Captivate 2019 (version 11) features and Pricing details on official website.

Relearning Captivate

Adobe Captivate

My company recently purchased licenses for Captivate and I have used it for years; however, it has been a while and this new version is loaded with great features and I wanted to ask which course, blog, event, or even video I should look for to reacquaint myself with Captivate? The post Relearning Captivate appeared first on eLearning. Question Training Tutorials captivate elearning question training

Free Captivate 8 Update Now Available

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Adobe has announced a free update to its popular Adobe Captivate 8 software. To get the update, choose  Help > Updates  from within the Captivate program. Once the update is installed, your new Captivate version will be Adobe Captivate Adobe''s Technical Communication Suite Captivate e-learning eLearning mLearning TCS5 TechComm Technical Communications training UA User Assistance User Experience UX

Retain Scalable HTML on Desktop version when creating responsive project

Adobe Captivate

Some information that could be helpful, happy to provide additional if needed: Using Captivate 2017 (but willing to upgrade to 2019 if it solves for this issue). The post Retain Scalable HTML on Desktop version when creating responsive project appeared first on eLearning. Fluid Box Question Responsive adobe captivate responsive fluid box question


Adobe Captivate: Where Did The Old Trials and Assets Go?

Adobe Captivate

As a publisher of such step-by-step workbooks such as “Adobe Captivate: The Essentials” and more , I know first-hand how frustrating it can be when assets mentioned in my books are moved or removed by the software vendors. Take Adobe’s eLearning assets used by Adobe Captivate. With every new release of Adobe Captivate, Adobe posts new (fresh) assets to support the latest and greatest release of Captivate. Rejoice users of the older Captivate versions!

Adobe Captivate 2019 release

Adobe Captivate

When Fluid Boxes were launched in Captivate 2017 Release, I was pleased with this approach to responsive design. I’m pleased to report that with Captivate 2019 you can select the Fluid Boxes to resize them to a precise number of pixels or percentage by selecting the Fluid Box and navigating over to your Position panel. I think my favourite improvement to fluid boxes in Captivate 2019 is the ability to align Static Fluid Boxes. Fluid Boxes – Adobe is Listening!

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2019 (11.5): Branching View Broken?

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Adobe recently updated Captivate 2019 from version 11 to 11.5. I have noticed one bug so far in Captivate 2019 (11.5): It appears that the Branching View is broken (you can access the Branching View via Window > Branching View). In Captivate 11, the image below represents what the Branching View looks like if you have jumps or branches built into your lesson. Here's the same file opened in Captivate 11.5.

Adobe Captivate: Force Re-Publish

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by Kevin Siegel    One of the wonderful hidden advantages of using Captivate 5 and 5.5 over older versions of the program is the overall speed of the publishing process. In legacy versions of Captivate, it could easily take 3-5 minutes to publish a moderately-sized project as a SWF. With Captivate 5 (and 5.5), I've seen my publishing wait time lower by as much as 95%. Looking to learn Captivate quickly?

Adobe Captivate 7.01: Twice the Locking Power

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Adobe recently announced a patch for Adobe Captivate 7. Prior to the patch for Captivate 7, clicking the white dot simply locked the object and the white dot changed into a lock icon (shown in the image below). After installing the Captivate 7.01 After an initial click on the white dot, the lock icon is noticeably different from what was seen in older versions of Captivate. Looking for training on Adobe Captivate? by Kevin Siegel.

What’s New with Adobe Captivate 8

eLearning Brothers

Most of you may be wondering what are some of the new features to Adobe Captivate 8. Captivate 8 has made significant upgrades, improvements, and created brand new features never before used in any eLearning authoring tool. Let’s get down to brass tacks and see what’s new with Adobe Captivate 8: Responsive Project Design. Captivate 8 takes the idea of responsive design to new heights. Probably one of the greatest things about Captivate 8 is it is mobile supported.