Two Global Brand Digital Retail Transformation Case Studies: Lessons & Challenges


A case study of a global sportswear brand’s digital transformation odyssey, including details on why generic digital solutions simply wouldn’t work for their business model. We’ll explain why that is in a moment, in the first case study.

Excellence in Customer Training: A Roche Case Study

Bottom-Line Performance

In markets where the products being sold are highly complex, customer training is essential to help make the sale and retain customers. Organizations have business metrics they need to hit, and it is hard to get there without effective training. Sadly, our industry focuses on “corporate learning” that helps the sales rep or the support technician, but neglects the needs of the customer. Is your training a cost center or a competitive advantage?


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Social Learning pays off! A Success Story

Origin Learning

Most store computers were dedicated to sales and related management reporting with associates having neither a company computer or a tablet, nor a phone. Learning by force is passé. How do organizations engage with young, trendy, and tech-savvy people when it comes to learning and development? In a world where the social platform is increasingly the way to connect, learn, grow and scale, businesses are being made to alter their thinking.

2-Real-world elearning challenge: Improve call center customer satisfaction


Increase wine sales during dinner service by 20% in 2019, compared to 2018. This goal is SMART because it is: Specific: The goal targets wine sales during dinner service. Measurable: 20% over 2018 sales is a measurable amount. Relevant: Wine sales are low compared to other menu items. The client used their extensive call data to come up with the missing metrics, resulting in the final version: Revised SMART Business Goal.

Proven Ways An LRS Can Help You Meet Performance Goals And Objectives

Dan Keckan

The collaboration between Villeroy & Boch and Learning Pool (originally HT2) on the digital development of the manufacturer’s Sales Academy is an inspiring case study in many ways.

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Meet the CLO Advisory Board: David Vance

CLO Magazine

CLO: What sort of organizational metrics, analytics and data are especially important for L&D teams to be paying attention to right now? And once you have a plan agreed upon, then you’ll execute it with discipline, just like your colleagues in sales or manufacturing.

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A learner and a teacher at heart

CLO Magazine

Jen is a person of vision and she has a very clear, crisp communication style,” said John Luck, vice president for PerkinElmer America’s sales and service division, who served as the executive sponsor of a sales coaching program Sullivan and her team rolled out.

How Important Is Data In Learning?


In our metric-obsessed culture today, data drives decisions, influences strategies, and commands what we see on social media. We could only guess which story could have helped with sales based on the number of fan mails we received. The growing fixation on metrics in learning means many things. Second, by measuring people’s performance on just a few metrics, we could end up incentivizing learning for the wrong reasons.

Role of L&D in Creating Effective Sales Enablement Strategies


In the age of rapidly changing customer behavior and preferences, businesses are constantly searching for new ways to help sales teams garner leads and acquire customers. Sales enablement technologies” is the current buzzword, signifying the urgency for sales effectiveness. . So much so that between 2012 and 2017, the percentage of companies that have implemented a sales enablement initiative has grown from 19% to 59%. . Why Do Sales Enablement Technologies Fail?

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Selling Courses Online – $0 to $13,000 / Month

Academy of Mine

The client has provided their metrics for us, but they wish to remain anonymous. The course in the case above was sub-divided into 6 different “lessons” with anywhere from 1- 8 lectures in each lesson. In the case we’re talking about here, each video the founders planned on creating would cost around $500 – $2000 each for a 10 minute tutorial. The the case above it costs the founders roughly $500 – $2000 / 10 minute video.

Sales eLearning – 21 Great Resources

Tony Karrer

I was asked about approaches for eLearning for Sales People. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with this and actually one of my very first projects was creating a pretty incredible eLearning solutions for Lexus sales people. Of course, it’s such a big topic that I decided to cheat and quickly point the person to eLearning Learning and particular to eLearning Sales , eLearning Sales Metrics , Sales eLearning Case Studies , and Sales Performance Support.

Training Mojo: 10 Steps to Create Your Training Dojo

Your Training Edge

Provide case studies on organizations that have effectively implemented training programs that positively impacted the bottom line. Don’t get into metrics just yet – here, determine the training department’s mission and values and align them with the company. Nine: Establish metrics. Align your metrics with the company’s metrics, but be sure to include evaluations of programs and instructors.

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4 Steps to Sales Content Creation and Management from a Solutions Marketer


Today’s buyers expect personalized sales experiences. Companies that recognize this take a solutions-oriented approach to sales content creation. The 4 Steps to Personalized Sales Content Creation. Step 2: Get a dedicated sales content management solution.

Tailoring Sales Training The Right Way


Sales training isn’t an out-of-the-box commodity. Many sales leaders and learning organizations want a customized sales training experience from their third-party providers, whether it be traditional live or some form of virtual. It’s important for sales training buyer to understand any and all customization requirements and objectives; and, it is incumbent upon that person to have an effective strategy for customization.

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Podcast 19: Customer Education 101 – With Dave Derington of Azuqua

Talented Learning

In my case, I was an educator. We also offer a portfolio of common use cases. One of my favorite use cases is from Aramark. After using Azuqua to connect multiple apps, including Dropbox , Salesforce and Smartsheet , they sped up their sales process and are saving 40 hours a week of manual processing. I do a product demo with a use case and it’s free, so you can learn a lot about the product that way. Metrics.

The Best Enterprise LMS 2.0 for Training and Knowledge Retention


Unfortunately, the metrics around retaining information from these long-form learning solutions aren’t good. In that case, you might want to go through a formal privacy training program during onboarding. Case Study: How Eaton Empower Their Teams with Microlearning.

Developing Core Competencies of Your Extended Workforce


Most of our case studies related to training extended workforce and their success, show that they have got two things right: Identifying the difference between their KRAs and their KPIs Enabling and empowering their extended workforce to achieve KPIs. Operation Staff – Their need is to understand the why and how of their KPI metrics around productivity and efficiency.

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Dealership Employees Need Training on KPIs to Achieve Overall Business Goals


Most of our case studies related to automobile dealerships and their success, show that they have got two things right: Identifying the difference between their KRAs and their KPIs Enabling and empowering their dealership employees to achieve KPIs. Sales Team – While the rules of selling are the same from 35000 feet, selling automobile units have nuances very specific to the industry.

The Business Case for Human Resources


Yet, many new HR initiatives are unfortunately often misunderstood, or misclassified as less vital to success, but there is a strong business case for investing in this area. While it may be tempting to dismiss these potential effects as minimal or immaterial, several studies have illustrated the significant dollar impact HR can have with clear statistics. Another lens to examine metrics through is by considering industry benchmarks and the activities of other peer organizations.

Driving The Pace Of Digital Transformation For Lucrative Business


I have gone through certain case studies and found out that the focus has shifted from the basic to evolved technologies in the workplace. Strategists aim to enhance traffic (52%), improve sales (50%), optimize conversion (46%) and the organization’s share of voice (46%). Here are some interesting case studies of successful digital transformation that have reaped business benefits : ◈ Amazon Business.

There is Big Money to be made with “Just in Time” Training


And while business-to-consumer course sales are exciting, the amount of money out there to be made in business-to-business sales is staggering. In the case of video they will span somewhere between two and five minutes and center around one key takeaway. JIT training can span many different industries, but does best in industries where employees have to think on their feet or are “out in the field” – such as technicians or sales reps.

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Top 25 Training Topics for Small Business Employees

Everyone in your company, from sales to sanitation should know about and practice good customer care. Appropriate dress can improve safety, efficiency, sales, and customer satisfaction. To train employees on your offerings, focus on stories, especially case studies. You need a metric to track. Growing Sale Skills. Good sales questions. Ask them to report whether they did the ritual each time so you can track their progress in sales results.

Building a Learning and Performance Support Ecosystem (Steve Foreman) #elguild

Learning Visions

It''s not a case of "we''ve delivered the course and we''re done." What are your business metrics? Establish metrics that are focused on those business metrics. Focus on productivity and not learning, then you''ll be impacting business metrics -- what sponsors care about. Case studies Examples may not include all six components. So they measured revenue and the size of the sale. All case studies driven by business problems.

ROI and L&D: What Trainers Need to Know About Operational Results

Bottom-Line Performance

There is a chasm of foundational business understanding between L&D practitioners and the business leaders who run core organizational functions such as Sales and Marketing, Operations, and Finance. Distinguish between revenue and sales and consider whether a solution is impacting one, both, or neither of these financial metrics. ” If a solution is not affecting increasing revenue, cash flow, or sales, what value is it contributing?

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How to Measure the Business Impact of Your Workforce Training Programs

EI Design

Focus on L&D Metrics is Not Enough. Essentially, you need to couple the L&D Metrics with the Business Metrics. Set 1: Sales Executives, Sales Managers, and Head of Sales – Maps to acquiring three levels of tool proficiency.

LMS Technology Trends: Why Focus Is The Next Big Thing

Talented Learning

Many vendors get bent out of shape about losing sales opportunities on features and then dedicate too many resources on R&D. Later, I moved into high-end LMS sales for 13 years — specializing in solutions for corporate extended enterprise and associations. As a recovering sales guy, I strive to learn each vendor’s mission, differentiators and unique value proposition, as well as the functional capabilities of their LMS. Significant increase in sales effectiveness.

How Caterpillar Built a Measurable Career Development Process [Part 1]


In this case study blog series, guest contributor Alfonso Riley, learning technology consultant, will explore how he and his team at Caterpillar, Inc. And that’s where Caterpillar found themselves during an organizational study in 2017.

Can you attribute business results directly to training?


Sales can do it. You can’t tell if a course from six months ago improved sales results this quarter because everyone got a 100% on the test. Training must expand the definition of “learning data” to include an array of metrics that measure the full spectrum of performance changes over time. These metrics include: Consumption: what training resources employees are using. This includes Operations, Safety, Sales and Business Intelligence.

Is Wearable Tech a 2014 eLearning Trend to Watch?

Bottom-Line Performance

A growing body of research supports using serious games for learning , and there are finally enough solid case studies and examples available to show organizations who have not yet used games how they can start. They’re sending learning out in smaller chunks and, in some cases, setting up intranets and internal social networks to connect learners to these resources. In the business world, wearable tech has started to peek into retail sales environments.

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The Business Impact Award

CLO Magazine

Potential results may include measures of employee retention, sales, revenue growth, customer satisfaction or cost reduction, among others. The learners who completed the workshop had the opportunity to submit a case study revealing the effectiveness of the skills and values taught.

A Conversation with John Deligiannis of mLevel

Kapp Notes

In both cases, I see them as positive developments and trends we are definitely helping drive through our work here at mLevel. Our customers have found quite a bit of success using mLevel to train their sales force, both on product knowledge as well as sales process. We have a specific case study on our website with US Foods , where employees who performed well on the mLevel mission had a direct correlation to increased sales.

MacGyver of Modern Learning: 8 Ingenious Ways to Re-purpose Online Training Content

TechSmith Camtasia

For example, the first five minutes of the webinar becomes an online training tutorial to help your sales team build their negotiation skills. They might appear in branching scenarios or charts intended for sales staff to identify consumers’ needs. For instance, a persona serves as the basis for a real-world example that enhances COI compliance knowledge or an engaging story that highlights the importance of interpersonal skills on the sales floor.

How to Create Learning Program Competency Models [Part 3]


In the third part of this case study blog series , Alfonso Riley, learning technology consultant at Caterpillar Inc., technicians, sales professionals and leaders). leadership, sales, and service competencies).

Creating a Measurement Model

The Learning Circuits

To do that, we must meet two key preconditions: 1) Increase the recurring revenue generated from long-term sales agreements; 2) The sales team must develop strong communication, sales and negotiation skills to negotiate and close sales agreements. 2) There is sufficient demand in the marketplace to enable us to increase sales. If, for example, Acme’s Donuts just aren’t very good, training sales people more effectively may not do any good at all.

Change Management Process and Structure for Learning Transformation


In the fifth part of our case study blog series , Alfonso Riley, learning technology consultant at Caterpillar Inc., Leadership, Sales, and Service employee groups). However, the programs for Leadership, Sales, and Services were at different maturity levels.

How to Close the Enterprise When You’re Just a Startup (Summit Replay)

Sales Hacker

This video training was originally presented at the 2019 Sales Hacker Success Summit. How to overcome limited sales support. How to overcome limited sales support (06:15). ? Fear of missing out, expose their FOMO, and talk to them about case studies.

5 Tips for Improving SaaS Customer Retention Rates


According to the results an oft-cited study by Rosetta Consulting, engaged customers purchase 90% more frequently , spend 60% more per transaction, and deliver 23% more revenue and profitability over their lifetime. According to Brevet Group, continuous training can give as much as 50% higher net sales per employee. Other training metrics that you should consider include answering the following questions: How often does a well-trained customer renew a subscription?