The Making Of A Successful Alliance: Channel Partners In E-learning


This opens up the opportunity for companies to work with partners who have expertise and differentiated skills. The trend of working with partners has been gaining momentum in all technology-providers including cloud adaptation, mobility as well as analytics. Blog Channel partners

How To Use An LMS To Train Your Channel Partners


If you need to deliver training to your channel partners or reseller partners, you’ll have specific requirements that an LMS can help achieve. Giving Channel Partners access to an intuitive training platform helps them to access your training content with minimum fuss.

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Why Skillsoft Channel Partners Should Attend Perspectives


2017 Perspectives: channel partners get fresh ideas, insight, and tools they can use to sell Skillsoft solutions to their customers. Skillsoft events

Why Skillsoft Channel Partners Should Attend Perspectives


For a young company focused on growth following the “burst of the bubble” it was a very impressive event: our customers and partners loved it. By Paula Thoren I attended my first Perspectives in 2003.

Independent Software Vendors and E-learning Companies: An Alliance That Spells Success


For starters, working with partners increases their scope in terms of market penetration. It also gives them the innovation edge, where they can learn from their partners and their products to provide their clients with higher satisfaction. Blog Channel partners

7 Critical Best Practices for Growing a Healthier Partner Channel


Grow your business with these 7 best practices for maximizing channel performance. If you’re like most high-growth companies, you’re probably struggling to develop the full potential of your channel partner network. Best Practices for Partner Channel Success.

7 Ways to Maximize your Sales Channel Performance with a Powerful LMS


How you can leverage your LMS to manage your channel partners and see business results sooner. You need to be able to protect your brand by delivering engaging and relevant training materials to channel partners.

Power partner channel performance with a healthy training plan


How engaging partner training coupled with automation can power your partner channels. Partner channels offer a tremendous opportunity to increase an organization’s reach. Nearly 80% of companies utilize partner channels to generate income.

Partner Problems – 5 Common Challenges Channel Networks Face


Five common complications faced by channel partner network managers, and how to avoid them. Partner channels provide a cost-effective way to globalize your business by pairing with aligned organizations to sell products and services. Engaging channel partners.

A Partner’s Perspective on Perspectives


As a Channel Partner, what did Perspectives 2017 mean for me? Skillsoft events

Online Learning: Keeping Your Sales Team and Channel 100% in the Know!

Thought Industries

Are your sales teams, distributors, retailers and channel partners maximizing their full revenue potential? When the obvious benefit and value proposition of commonly recognized goods and products is clear, your organization tends to focus more on positioning and branding.

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LMS Data Security – Challenges and Solutions [Infographic]

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The Benefits of Opening Your LMS to Your Extended Enterprise

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Training your channel partners, resellers, and customers grows knowledge, thus reducing the cost of support. This, in many cases, reduces risk in regards to regulatory compliance and is especially important when supporting and growing a global network of partners.

How a CRM+LMS Integration = Excellence in Extended Enterprise


With a CRM+LMS integration, you have the ability to train your employees and channel partners to meet your customers’ needs by using Salesforce. Extended enterprise organizations often have a difficult time training channel partners and resellers.

Best of the Best – Extended Enterprise or multi-tenant LMSs

eLearning 24-7

Just because a system lists itself as an extended enterprise does not mean it comes with multiple domains (which with some vendors includes customized) nor with multiple portals or my preferable term – “multi-tenant” You may see an “extended enterprise” which not only refers to the company’s employees, but also their customers and channel partners. Whereas you have a parent (main company) and then its channel partners, etc.

Earn Recognition for Your Learning & Talent Achievements


This year, we’re pleased to introduce a new award recognizing channel partners.

Using Open Badges to Recognize and Verify Learning

dVinci Interactive

At IBM, David Leaser promotes innovative way to recognize skills and achievements within the IBM community of professionals, employees, channel partners and customers. David Leaser, Senior Program Manager, Innovation and Growth Initiatives, IBM.

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6 Useful Tips to Implement Blended Learning through an LMS

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Why a Customizable LMS is the Way to Go


The tenants could be other departments, channel partners or customers, and most of the time would not be aware that their tenant was part of a larger system of the customizable lms. Imagine if you wanted to order a kitchen, but they only had one size?

Webinar: Link Your LMS to Your CRM to Unleash the True Potential of Both


Extended Enterprise Training – Provide not just CRM training but sales and marketing training to your channel partners. Amplify the Selling Power of your CRM with LMS Based Training.

The Case for Self-Paced Learning in the Workplace


In the article How Self-Paced Learning Can Enhance The Learning Experience of Employees, Customers, and Channel Partners , Anand Timothy pointed out an interesting fact about self-paced learning: it ensures a quicker adoption of products.

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Multi Tenant LMS – When you need an ‘Extended Enterprise’ e-learning Platform!


A multi tenant LMS works at all levels – be it across global enterprises, B2B, B2C, amongst channel partners, departments, divisions, clients, customers, employees and many more. Heard the term ‘extended enterprise’ in context to a multi tenant LMS? Probably, you have!

5 Best Practices of Using an LMS for Training Delivery

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Engage Your Learner With Stories

The Learning Dispatch

You need to train sales and channel partners to show your customers why they need to use your equipment. 65% of deaths in confined spaces occur due to air quality problems.

Online Learning Programs That Ought to be Translated

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Distributors and other channel partners too need to have good knowledge of the product features to explain its advantages to customers. The Internet is increasingly becoming multilingual. A study by Miniwatts Marketing Group revealed English-speakers constitute only 26.3%

Authoring Tools and Lectora Online Q&A


A: The biggest benefit that cloud software brings to users is flexibility, especially as more and more organizations look to create training content for channel partners and customers all over the world.

Channel Learning and Business Success: Can Your LMS Connect the Dots?

Talented Learning

Replay the full channel learning webinar with Brett Strauss now. Recently, I was lucky to capture one of these sessions in a joint educational webinar and interview with channel learning expert Brett Strauss, Founder and President of Media Defined , the maker of NetExam LMS.

Innovation In Induction Training: A Case Study


It has a national presence across more than 500 cities in India and about 200,000 channel partners. Induction programs are an integral part of the corporate world.

Moodle vs Totara – which is the right choice for you?


For those unaware of this multi tenancy means that, with one single LMS license, an administrator can set up a number of ‘tenants’ which can reflect different departments, partners, vendors or customers, each with their own branding and unique access.

MOOCs In Workplace Learning – Part 1: Some Points To Consider


Train channel partners and customers – MOOCs – you can love them or hate them but you can definitely not ignore them. Despite countless stats on MOOC dropout rates, MOOCs are appearing everywhere. And IMHO, we will continue to see this phenomenon rise.

Increase your Sales and Efficiency with an LMS and CRM Integration


Accelerate knowledge sharing across the entire organization and the partner network. By integrating your LMS and CRM, you eliminate the need for your partners, customers and employees to wait for new or updated training material to be rolled out.

Extended Enterprise Systems – Halloween Edition

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Truth be told, nowadays there are a lot of LMSs out there that are pitching themselves as an “extended enterprise” Perhaps they sell in the retail space or channel partners, but when you really drill down, what you see isn’t truly what you want to get. There are LMSs out there, that pitch the EE, but the way they spin it, their EE is nothing more then the organizational hierarchy changed, so that the department is now region is now a channel partner.

Extended Enterprise Learning Takes Center Stage

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This includes sales channel partners, retailers, distributors, franchisees, contractors and — most importantly in 2017 — customers. Customers and partners tend to forge more loyal and profitable relationships with brands that invest in their product knowledge and skill.