#C2Xmas Day 7 – Chef2Chef Online Cooking Class

Jane Hart

CHEF2CHEF ONLINE COOKING CLASS. Simple text and graphics courses – but very effective. Day 7 of the Countdown to Xmas continues here . Written by professional chefs, each lesson features up-to-date culinary tips and advice, not to mention tasty recipes. Topics include basic cooking techniques, seafood, meat and vegetable preparation, wine, and more. To get started, choose a culinary topic. Each week-long series features 5 manageable daily lessons.

Coach class

Learning with e's

At the gym this morning I noticed several young people who have the potential to be great athletes - even world class - if they can get their techniques correct. One of the most important things that separates world class athletes from the rest is technique.

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Teaching Empathy In An Online Class

eLearning Industry

Learn why designers and educators should embed lessons in empathy in their courses, and how to teach empathy effectively online. This article presents empathy as a learnable skill that is the foundation of strong communication, collaboration, leadership, and relationship-building.

Frustratingly Effective Learning

Association eLearning

In short, effective learning usually isn’t “the quick and easy path.”. How to Tell Frustratingly Effective eLearning from Bad eLearning. At the end of the day, distinguishing frustratingly effective courses from downright bad ones is a useful skill.

What Managers Worry About Between Training Classes


How are employees improving their skills between training classes? The first article discussed the concerns employees have once class ends. However, managers don’t always have the skills or understanding to help employees transfer knowledge from training classes to work tasks.

What Employees Worry About Between Training Classes.


Employees need support and guidance after class to help apply new skills. hours of the year, they’re doing their jobs and presumably applying what they learned in class. For example, if new managers take a class on how to coach employees. So people still need help after class.

How Does Stickiness Translate into Effective, Impactful Learning?


class delivery learning experienceWhile the classic definition of sticky is “adhesive, viscous and gluey,” it means a lot more in today’s world—especially in the context of software products.

Featured Online Classes

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During this live, interactive two-day and instructor-led class, you will get an introduction to Adobe Captivate 5 and learn the core, essential skills that will help you create killer eLearning lessons. Recording voice-overs and adding sound effects. Adobe Captivate 5: Essential Skills.

Effective virtual facilitation

E-Learning Provocateur

As virtual classes rapidly become de rigueur , the need for an effective virtual facilitation framework accelerates. Inform your participants very early that the virtual class will be happening, when and where. This is where the “serious&# class begins.

Featured Online Classes

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Think of it as an intensive retreat that will give the jump-start you need to create clear, concise step-by-step documentation that effectively educates and motivates adult learners. Participants will use their word processor during class to write narratives and step-by-step documentation. At the completion of each lesson, all participants engage in lively discussion that further teaches and reinforces effective technical writing habits and techniques.

TEACHING LIVE, ONLINE CLASSES: What You Need to Know About ?Your Online Platform, Part 1

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    First, you need to know everything your students will need to know to get into your classroom and participate in your class.   If you'd like to learn how to effectively teach live, online classes, come join me online as I co-teach the Certified Online Training Professional course at www.iccotp.com. by Jennie Ruby, COTP.

Top 10 Effective Time Management Tactics

Your Training Edge

While going back to class as an adult has clear advantages like greater life experience and clearer goals, the process can be somewhat disorienting and can put considerable pressure on your family and friends. Therefore, effective time management is a must.

The Pros And Cons Of Small ILT Classes

eLearning Industry

One of the most celebrated characteristics of online Instructor-Led Training classes is that they can be offered to an infinite number of employees, all at the same time. But what if the negative effects of large physical class sizes apply to online ILT, too? Is less still more? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

ILT 79

Training: A Primer For Hosting Live, Online (Virtual) Classes

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Specifically, she was being told to move all of the company's traditional in-person training classes online. When there was a need for a training class (and there were usually multiple classes each month), employees were flown into the corporate offices in New York. Since my friend knew that I had been developing and teaching online classes for years, she asked for my guidance when it came to selecting the virtual training space for her company.

How Can Online Instructors Manage VILT Pre-Class Jitters?


Before giving a virtual instructor-led training ( VILT ) class, instructors should plan to attend several VILT courses (as students) taught by experienced virtual instructors. All new instructors should run practice classes. Consider class size and duration.

Third Summer 2011 “Learning in 3D Class”

Kapp Notes

Monday night in class we had the opportunity to check out VirtualU and see how it functioned. What types of subjects are most effectively taught in a virtual immersive environment? Here we are gathering to begin our journey to different worlds within VirtualU.

TechSmith Camtasia: Recording Effects

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However, using Camtasia's Effects Toolbar, you can add several attention-grabbing visuals while you are recording your video. After the  3-2-1  countdown, the  Effects  tools appear on the Recording toolbar.

How Many Videos Do You Need To Effectively Flip Your Class? An Interview with Ashlie Smith

TechSmith Camtasia

Since flipping her class a year-and-a-half ago, Smith has amassed over seventy videos in her repertoire! I wanted to be able to tell them upfront that ‘this is how the class is going to be structured, so you train yourself to work with the videos.’”

TEACHING LIVE, ONLINE CLASSES: What You Need to Know About ?Your Online Platform, Part 1

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

    First, you need to know everything your students will need to know to get into your classroom and participate in your class.   If you'd like to learn how to effectively teach live, online classes, come join me online as I co-teach the Certified Online Training Professional course at www.iccotp.com. by Jennie Ruby, COTP.

Flipping the class with Ed Ted

Moodle Journal

If like myself you make use of YouTube videos in your lectures and classes, then I feel certain that you will have come across the Ted Talks , so I was really very pleasantly surprised when the other day I discovered Ted Ed lessons worth sharing. Not so much about Moodle in this blog post, but of equal importance materials that you can use as part of your course.

Fourth Summer 2012 Learning in 3D Class

Kapp Notes

We had a wonderful learning experience in this week’s class. How effective for learning was building the model in 3D?

How to Create Effective Test Questions


If every student answers a question correctly, does that mean your question is too easy, or is it a perfect example of an effective test question? How to Create Effective Tests and Quizzes. Ask a beta tester in your target audience to take it before you administer it to your class.

Free eBook: VILT—Why Virtual Class Readiness Matters For Your L&D Team

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If you've encountered issues including consistency and cost-effectiveness in your courses, then this is the moment to move forward. Don't you think it's time to incorporate VILT into your corporate training strategy?

Class Meeting in 3D World of VirtualU

Kapp Notes

Last night the class ventured into VirtualU for a tour hosted by Jim and Steve Parker who have created a virtual platform build on Active Worlds. Gathering in the lobby before class starts.

A Guide to Effective IT Management and Training

Your Training Edge

Luckily there are plenty of tools and strategies you can employ to lead your team effectively. This is your guide to effective IT management and training. Sometimes it can be an unresolved conflict that management is struggling with, or the team isn’t cooperating effectively.

Guide 184

Fourth Summer 2011 Learning in 3D class

Kapp Notes

For this class, we were privileged to have Andrew Hughes, the president of Designing Digitally visit with us. So the questions for this blog posting are: Do you think this is an effective method of touring a campus for a college?

5 Reasons Why Self-Paced Training Is Highly Effective

Your Training Edge

Learning is a very personal thing and all people have their preferred methods, times of the day when they’re effective, and learning mediums. Here are 5 reasons to consider self-paced training: It’s efficient and effective. Self-paced learning has also proven to be more effective.

Online Microlearning vs In-Class Training

SET Safety

While it may be the latest industry trend many people wonder if it’s as effective as traditional in-class training sessions. Keep reading to see how microlearning compares to in-class training in a few key areas. Traditional in-class training sessions tend to be designed to deliver the most amount of information in the shortest time frame possible. In-class training follows a rigid structure.

3 Essential Elements for Evaluating Training Effectiveness

The Learning Dispatch

Here’s guidance on evaluating your workplace training and ensuring training effectiveness. And the way to determine whether your class, course, or program is effective is through evaluation. Evaluating training effectiveness is a complex topic.

Effects of social media on your education and career growth

Your Training Edge

When you really want to understand the impact of social media on education, you need to consider both positive and adverse effects. To understand the effects of social networking on students, you also need to consider the long-term effects of social media exposure.

Class Meeting in 3D World of Second Life

Kapp Notes

Learning in 3D Class sitting around conference room table. Any other "learning insights" from last night's class? The class accomplished its goal of pointing out some difficulties in virtual worlds.

20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips

eLearning Brothers

Simple – teach them some simple rules about creating effective presentations. Tip: Use animation effectively. The post 20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips appeared first on eLearning Brothers. Original Article published on Forbes.com.

Best Practices for Effective Soft Skills Training

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That’s why the most effective soft skills training typically doesn’t just fly off someone else’s shelf. By the time a class or workshop is available, the damage may already be done. The post Best Practices for Effective Soft Skills Training appeared first on eLearning Brothers.

Skills 167

Writing & Grammar: Affect vs. Effect

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

The affect versus effect confusion still reigns supreme as the most consistently asked question in my grammar classes. This time, I'll ignore the rarer definitions of these two words: effect as a verb and affect as the noun for emotional state. If you are working on text that has those more obscure usages, then you probably have no trouble with effect versus affect in their more common states. Effect is a noun. Affect/Effect Challenge. by Jennie Ruby.

Learning and Development: What Makes Videos Effective?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

  Let the Experiments Begin   Among the key learning of the research, there are lessons that everyone who is considering creating a video should consider, which when applied will help guide us to creating better and more effective visual content.