IPhone- User Interface Guidelines- Part I

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To assist the development of applications, Apple has provided the user interface guidelines document which provides information about types of applications you can develop and user interface guidelines to make effective applications.

Employee guidelines for virtual worlds? Intel? Huh?

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Intel is working on a set of voluntary classes and guidelines to follow suit." If ANY company in the world was going to create useless guidelines this early in the life of a technology I should have known that it would be Intel.

Useful Paper: A step-by-step guide for making online classes accessible

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Guidelines are also provided for incorporating UDL into an online curriculum for teaching both general and diverse populations including students with disabilities. They only miss in not stating that all online courses must be accessible even if the instructor is unaware of any students in the class with a disability. A paper, Applying Universal Design for Learning in Online Courses: Pedagogical and Practical Considerations in the Journal of Educators-Online is a good resource.

Differentiation Through Flipped Out Collaboration

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Since we had both flipped our classes to some extent the previous year and had good experiences, we used that as a foundation for our class. From there we wrestled with how we should approach class time. Guest post by Zach Cresswell. It all started at a bakery.

5 Key Ways to Improve Your Online Franchise Training


Research suggests that between 15 and 30 minutes is the optimal time for franchising classes, whether it be face to face or e-learning. GoConqr GoConqr Blog Posts GoConqr for Business franchise training franchising classes online courses online franchise training training courses

8 Ways to Flip the Classroom for Your Online Course


The traditional classroom structure has teachers delivering lectures during class time, and learners working on problem sets at home. However, online classes offer instructors a way to reverse that scenario by delivering class lecture content over the Internet, and using class time to work more directly with learners. If there is a significant point of confusion, they have an opportunity to discuss it directly with their teachers in class.

Record a Room Orientation

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You can then make your room tour video available on your class website. Students can watch and rewatch as many times as needed, and it will help students catch up who add the class later in the term. Seating guidelines (regular class days, projects, tests). Technology guidelines (location, sign-in/sign-out). Safety guidelines (scissors, handrails, lights on/off). Beginning/end of class procedures (set up, locks, lights, clean up).

Training: The End of Anonymity

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An online class is not a webinar. In an online class, however, you can’t let this happen. In an online class, one of your best tools for student engagement is to eradicate anonymity through the use of name-calling. Even if the introductions eat up 20 minutes of a full-day class, the benefit is well worth the time.    Give specific guidelines on what the introduction should contain: “Now, I’d like to meet each of you. by Jennie Ruby, COTP.

The Fact and Fiction of Online Training

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Most online courses provide specific guidelines and time commitments for learners (e.g. These guidelines are meant to be followed and learners still need to “show up” to be successful. Fiction: “Learners won’t participate as much in an online class.”.

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Online Training: How Big is Too Big?

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by AJ George  In the early days of software training, many professional trainers that I've talked with said that the perfect onsite class size was eight to 10 students. If the class size was larger than 15 students, many training companies would split the class into manageable sizes, requiring multiple rooms and multiple lead instructors. If you recall, I mentioned that the perfect online class size was eight to 10 students.

Designing an Effective Online Course


From MOOCs to live online classes or flipped classrooms to hybrid courses, a number of options are available for online courses. On top of that, a leading report suggests that one out of every 4 students in US is enrolled in online classes today. Course guidelines.

The Need for Employees Refresher Training

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It is worth noting that refresher training is more convenient since most of these classes can be accessed online based on the convenience of every worker. The involved obligation can be minimized by implementing procedures and guidelines that often incorporate safety training.

What Happens in the Brain When You learn a Language?

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In the academy, unlike typical language schools, language classes last from morning till evening every single day, including weekends. As Medicine is a highly technical course, learning is as rigorous, if not more demanding, as the language classes in the Armed Forces Academy.

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How to Help Struggling Adult Learners


This is where private communication may be most helpful, as opposed to attempting to correct someone’s behavior in-class. If personal discretion isn’t an option, you may prefer to make a universal offer to your entire class: “I’ll be online after class for the next 2 hours.

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3 eLearning Mistakes You Should Never Make


Don’t use boring material : Pick engaging courses/classes. We all remember being bored in that one class in school, with the uninspiring teacher, mundane assignments, and lack of engaging material.

Improving Professional Learning: 12 Strategies to Enhance Performance

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He then provides a list of guidelines to help his reader apply the concept in their own field and concludes with a series of questions to aid in reflection. With this in mind, Knox once again provides a series of examples and guidelines drawn from his decades of activity in the field.

An eLearning Workflow

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    I start with the client's brand guidelines (or style guide), an important part of the design process. I work within the brand guidelines for colors, fonts, general look and feel, logo placement rules, etc.

The Fact and Fiction of Online Training

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Most online courses provide specific guidelines and time commitments for learners (e.g. These guidelines are meant to be followed and learners still need to “show up” to be successful. Fiction: “Learners won’t participate as much in an online class.”.

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Are You Taking Advantage of Learner-Generated Content?


However, you can encourage learners to take greater part in the discussions by including them in class assignments, and by participating in discussions yourself. For that, you’ll need the learners themselves to take a hand in starting class discussion. When you ask a learner to lead a forum discussion, it will be helpful to give them some guidelines about what you expect and how they can succeed.

Five Benefits of Lecture Capture

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By 2019, experts predict that at least 50% of all classes will be delivered online , as online learning has been steadily increasing for the past five years. Many lecture capture tools are ADA compliant and follow the guidelines of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Five Benefits of Lecture Capture

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By 2019, experts predict that at least 50% of all classes will be delivered online , as online learning has been steadily increasing for the past five years. Many lecture capture tools are ADA compliant and follow the guidelines of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

How does an LMS save your time so that you can train better?

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LMS typically have course guidelines or frameworks in place so that the trainers may create their courses in a particular format. By choosing to give live instructor-led classes or sharing self-paced courses, for their training they can set-up a class at a mutually convenient time.

How to Create Effective Test Questions


Notice that these guidelines have nothing to do with the structure of the question itself. Ask a beta tester in your target audience to take it before you administer it to your class.

Social media: 4 opportunities for secondary education

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Opportunity to learn in communities with other teachers - nationally and internationally Innovation in the way classes are conducted Adding 'mediaknowledge' (mediawijsheid) to the curriculum Opportunity for reputation management online - make your students ambassadors! A few feared that using social media in class makes teachers vulnerable. Lastly there seemed to be a need for some guidelines for teachers how to deal with social media (do you friend teachers, do you share?

5 Tips for Using Video in Online Training Courses


In fact, it’s been used so poorly for so long that if you’ve spent more than a few minutes reading about instructional design, you know that 50-minute recorded lectures are a terrible and ineffective way to teach an online class. There’s no one perfect length for all videos, but there are some general guidelines you can follow based on the content you’re producing: 1–3 minutes for social media. How to use video content effectively in your online course.

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7 Strategies for Building Community in Online Courses

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Social Forum - actively encourage learners to introduce themselves and to perform a simple ice-breaker activity in the 1st week of class. Provide some guidelines on effective virtual team-work.

Creating a Robust Social Community within Your LMS


Do you want to regiment your course groups by class? We already talked about course groups, but another way to divide these is by specific class. You could create different forums for each class, so that learners can discuss content with peers, but not with those who have already completed the course. On the other hand, because they aren’t moderated, they could lead to trouble if someone begins abusing community guidelines.

The Value of Video Learning

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This makes sure that students are least likely to miss or fall behind any lecture, since class information, lectures and resources are always available online. Most of my previous articles have explicitly established the importance of online learning, online teaching, MOOCs and so on.

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Fun Compliance Training – A Real Phrase


This can best be achieved through the understanding of the class breakdown and through the establishment an underlying course strategy. There are specific rules, guidelines, and regulations that need to be conveyed to the participants. Fun Compliance Training – A Real Phrase.

Open Badges – What you need to know


Badging when it started was a relatively inexact science, sort of like being granted a gold star in class for answering a question, but sometimes not getting a golden star for the same exact behavior. Open Badges – What you need to know.

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Top 4 Workplace Wellness Trends for 2019


For example, employers could institute a strict guideline that prohibits work emails and calls after 7pm. Well+Good has released its Annual Wellness Trends Report , indicating the hottest health trends, including workplace wellness, that will hit the scene in 2019.

Writing & Grammar: Responses to the Interruptions Challenge

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by Jennie Ruby    The answers that follow the guidelines set forth in my article from  a few weeks ago  are brought to you by  Geri Moran. Who do you think we should elect as the class president? If you love Jennie's grammar articles, you'll love her classes. It is very tedious, in my opinion, to type on a flat screen. The blog--even after the extensive upgrade we purchased last quarter--was still slow to load on mobile devices.

Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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Easily create simulations and demonstrations that address accessibility standards such as Section 508 and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Also, if you rely on our Captivate books for your classes, we are hard at work on our Captivate 7 books. IconLogic offers multiple live, online Adobe Captivate classes each month including  Introduction to Adobe Captivate and Advanced Adobe Captivate. by Kevin Siegel.

Writing & Grammar: Acronyms--Are they Both Efficient and Clear?

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But during a recent class one of my students opened my eyes to thinking further about acronym use. This immediately struck me as dehumanizing and disrespectful, especially since guidelines about talking about people with disabilities recommend always using the word people or person , as in people with asthma instead of asthmatics , to avoid characterizing people as totally defined by their disease. My next live, online grammar class is a one-day review, May 10.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Promoting Inclusive Content Interfaces

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We help our partners adhere to accepted principles for web accessibility, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Leverage partnerships with best-in-class testing teams. The internet revolution may have changed our lives for good, but is it really inclusive?