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Enough already with ILT

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Those who embrace learning technology and those who do not. The problem though is that Instructor-Led training doesn’t work, not from an adult learner standpoint, not from an attendee standpoint, not even from the standpoint of many folks who have utilized the power of e-learning (hence its extensive growth over traditional learning of ILT). If it works so great for you, why are you using online learning as a core component of your L&D or training?

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Insights in a Nutshell: Converting Instructor Led Training into Engaging Online Learning Experiences

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Converting your training materials into an online learning format is one of the most effective and easy ways you can remove training barriers for your employees. This increase in distributed teams who work online has led many organizations to look for ways they can adapt their training to better meet employee needs. Instructor led training (ilt) in a classroom setting is no longer an ideal training delivery method for companies with expanding work from home teams.

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6 Practical Solutions for Converting Classroom to VILT for Corporate Training

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Online training is the perfect learning solution for improving the productivity and engagement of your remote workforce. E-Learning boosts retention by as much as 25-60% (1). For organizations who already have instructor led training (ILT) programs in place, the training content can be converted and used during a virtual instructor led training session. Not all training topics and materials are suitable for online training. Keep Online Learning Sessions Short.

eLearning vs. ILT: What’s Better For Me?

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ILT, eLearning, and virtual classrooms, oh my! . But, if you’ve had to choose between eLearning or instructor-led training (ILT), you’ve probably felt overwhelmed, just like Dorothy did while traveling the Yellow Brick Road. Does eLearning Include Virtual Classrooms?

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Converting Classroom Content into eLearning


While eLearning is quickly becoming the more preferred choice for advancing one’s knowledge and learning new skills – especially amongst millennials – not all course content currently exists online. Therefore, there is a significant opportunity for eLearning developers to leverage existing materials used in Instructor-Lead Training (ILT) , and convert them to eLearning format. Some ILT content may be irrelevant for online courses.

Engaging Participants 3: Classroom Engagement

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Most organizations still offer classroom training – it is effective, provides interaction, and provides a network for participants. In addition, if a group of learners comes to a classroom in today’s environment, they are probably concerned about how they are going to catch up on their already-heavy workload. For these reasons, we have to work even harder to engage these learners – and maintain that engagement through the classroom learning process.

Best Practices for Moving Instructor-Led Training to Webinars and Virtual Classrooms (Live Online Learning)

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Because of COVID-19, lots of companies are rushing to get at least some of their instructor-led training materials into an online format. Our friend Michelle Ockers has called in an impressive team of learning experts to discuss issues like this in her Learning Uncut Disruption series of podcasts. Here’s how Michelle introduces this conversation at her podcast webpage: This episode is part of the Learning Uncut Disruption series. What is live online learning?

ILT Trainers– Are you leaving something on the table?

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The way learning is delivered directly impacts performance and retention. Traditionally, it has been done through classroom-based, Instructor-led training (ILT) sessions which efficiently met relevant learning objectives. ILT will work best if it is part of a blended learning program that supplements ILT with eLearning, making it a more cost-effective, and hence, justified proposition. Aids Self-Paced Learning.

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Going from ILT to blended learning

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Like a lot of things, how we learn and how learning is presented has been changing in the last decade. We’re seeing a shift away from traditional methods of education, one filled with in-person lectures, to a more blended model that uses a mix of old school methods of education and modern tech to create an experience that is more immersive and effective (upwards of 59% of teachers see a boost in engagement in a blended learning setting ).

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ILT To Blended Or Online Training Transformation – Featuring 5 Examples

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Assessing what is the right way forward to convert your existing ILT program to a blended or fully online format can be challenging. 5 Examples Of ILT To Blended Or Fully Online Training. Even though blended training offers significant advantages over ILT training, its impact is highly dependent on how you arrive at the “right blend”. If there is a need for an instructor intervention to meet the learning mandate. Online component. Online component.

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Virtual Classroom 101: How To Preserve Knowledge Retention

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Switching to a virtual classroom from classroom-based instructor-led training (ILT) may change the learning experience, but it doesn’t have to negatively impact the learning outcomes. However, you need to intentionally adapt your content and delivery to a virtual classroom environment. Doing so starts with learning about the obstacles to learning that are inherent in the virtual classroom.

Instructor Led Training (ILT) Vs e-Learning

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Instructor Led Training (ILT) Vs e-Learning. e-Learning revolves around learning from a video, text or a soft copy of a study material. This can be either online or offline. Watching an online streaming video, or a offline pre-recorded video is what is e-learning is all about. On the other hand, as the name suggests, Instructor Led Training (ILT) is a session where an instructor teaches an individual or a group. What is ILT?

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ILT and E-learning: How Different Are They?

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Classroom learning is not a recent practice. Before there were traditional classrooms (as we know them now), we relied hugely on elders to impart knowledge.We then moved on to the more tested-and-tried form of teaching – classroom training. But lately, a new kind of learning has been doing the rounds that has garnered great recognition. I am talking about e-learning, of course. E-learning, however, is more budget-friendly since it eliminates this problem.

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How to Convert Instructor-Led Training (ILT) to E-Learning


Instructor-led training (ILT) is no longer the most suitable option for company training in our intensive daily routine. Therefore, many companies are considering converting their text-only ILT materials into e-learning modules that feature funnier and more engaging activities such as role plays, quizzes, discussions, etc. No doubt, e-learning is more beneficial for company training, especially if done right. Choosing the Right Type of E-Learning.

What Is “Online Learning” And How to Do It Quickly and Easily During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many people to work from home and reducing or entirely ending meetings for classroom-style, instructor-led training, there’s an understandable move to put instructor-led training online. Consider Blended Learning Approaches.

Simple Ways to Convert ILT Courses to E-learning

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A manufacturing firm wanted to convert its instructor-led compliance training program to an e-learning course. They converted their PowerPoint decks into an online course using Articulate Storyline with a full narration of the text in the PowerPoint slides. After a few months, they conducted an assessment and discovered the e-learning course was not effective and employees were not better informed about compliance. eLearning Design ILT to e-learning

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5 Best Tools to Quickly Convert ILT Material to E-learning

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When converting your ILT material to e-learning, you consider various aspects such as the format of the training material (micro module or video), the platform on which it will be delivered, whether to build it in-house or outsource, the duration of the course, and the authoring tool to be used. Of these aspects, the choice of tool is crucial because the right choice will help you meet the other technical and learning design requirements you have in mind.

Learning Technologies: Looking Outside the LMS (And How to Better Manage ILT and VILT)

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It’s no secret that the number of learning technologies available today continues to increase, making it harder to decipher which will best fit your organization’s needs. And despite the variety of technologies available, the LMS and e-learning still continue to be at the forefront of most learning professionals’ minds when they think about learning technologies. “Sure, my organization delivers online courses through our LMS.

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Live online learning – ask the experts

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On 30 May I’ll be chairing an eLearning Network webinar on Ten things you always wanted to know about live online learning but were afraid to ask. What virtual classroom technology would you recommend? What factors influence the success or failure of virtual classrooms in terms of effectiveness? How effective is virtual classrooms training in comparison with traditional classroom training? e-learning training

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Tips And Best Practices To Create Highly Effective Blended Training Program Design

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Blended training enables you to get the best of online training, yet not lose out on the impact of human interaction. In this article, I share tips and best practices that you can use to create highly effective blended training programs. Put simply, blended training (or hybrid training) combines the usage of face-to-face, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) with online training (that is, eLearning or mLearning). As I see it, effective blending is both art and science.

Online Learning Solutions That Best Suit Your Sales Training Requirements

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of Sales Training was delivered through Instructor-Led Training (ILT). Any organization that has trained sales reps in a classroom environment knows how challenging it can be.Instructor-led Training (ILT) requires a trainer to be present in the classroom all the time which means learners cannot learn on their own. Learners cannot take the course multiple times because classroom training is not usually repeated. eLearning Design Custom E-learning

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Adding Instructor-Led Training to Tahoe Courses With BigBlueButton


The blended model of learning and teaching, of unifying in-person instructor training with online learning materials, has again and again proven to be effective. If you don’t believe me and want to trawl through the research, here’s a few proper academic studies from smarter people than I as a starting point: ‘Blended learning’ as an effective teaching and learning strategy in clinical medicine: a comparative cross-sectional university-based study.

Podcast 34: Online Customer Education Success – With Brittany Tamul of ArrowStream

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WELCOME TO EPISODE 34 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW. To find out more about this podcast series or to see the full collection of episodes visit The Talented Learning Show main page. In fact, she recently spearheaded the launch of an ambitious shift to online customer education.

Software Training With E-Learning: Ways To Create Effective Training Within Available Means


For forward-looking organizations serious about reaping the many benefits of training, e-learning offers numerous advantages when compared to other traditional ways of imparting workforce training like Instructor-led training(ILT) or classroom learning. Among the benefits, efficiency and impact are the most beneficial to organizations as e-learning saves money, time, and energy. With e-learning, learning content can be updated quickly and easily.

Tips to Level-Up Your Virtual Learning Game

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Time to think differently about your virtual learning applications. There is understandable concern about travel and traditional instructor-led training and virtual learning is again a topic of conversation. The key is helping others understand that as an educational tool, webinars must be created to address the adult learning needs. Creating engagement activities for your virtual audience is very different than planning those for the live classroom.

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10 Myths About Professional Training

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” Flexible options like e-learning and in-house training make it easier for small businesses to skill-up without taking too much time away from the office. 67% of people now use mobile devices to access learning. Myth #10: “Learning stops outside the classroom.”

Adding Instructor-Led Training to Tahoe Courses With BigBlueButton


The blended model of learning and teaching, of unifying in-person instructor training with online learning materials, has again and again proven to be effective. By combining face-to-face (or indeed, face-to-screen-to-face, as we’ll get into) instruction with great interactive learning materials, your learners learn more, retain more and are more motivated to continue studying and succeeding. Blog BigBlueButton ILT LTI online learning open edx Tahoe vIL

How to build an effective online course

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Easy to find information on how to build an effective online course (aka as WBT). I am never surprised on the number of people who do not know what this is – every day folks I am referring to, not an instructional designer or e-learning developer. In the past few weeks, I’ve had quite a few readers ask me whether or not there is a book they can buy to learn how to build a course. courses well or effectively. Linear = BAD way to train and Learn.

Why are Organizations Migrating From Classroom Training to E-learning?

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Classroom training’s do have their charm. You get to meet peers, interact with them about challenges faced on the job, discuss politics and economy… There is a certain bonding that happens during in-person training sessions that online training or e-learning cannot match. Yet, companies are moving toward e-learning steadily. The entire training program is seldom moved online but the number of online training hours has been steadily increasing in organizations.

Will the e-learning light finally turn on for all?

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Remember when having a blended program meant having a paper based course and classroom ? Do you remember when you first heard the term “e-learning”? Do you remember the first time you knew that learning could be “in the cloud” and not sitting on your servers? Do you remember when the “light” turned on and you thought to yourself, this is the future of learning? Blended Learning. Classroom (ILT) & E-Learning (in some form).

Myths about online learning

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Daniel Lemire wrote a recent post, some myths about online teaching, based on his experiences in higher ed. I think many of these myths can be applied to corporate e-learning. Or, a video in a classroom with active discussion.]. Myth : Online teaching is mostly good for introductory or low-level courses. While I think introductory courses and basic pre-class work can be very good, I also think high-level courses can be taught online. It’s not learning.

Blend Learning Formats to Train Your Medical Reps Effectively – Part 1

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Many pharmaceutical companies are using a blend of instructor-led and online learning methods to train their sales force effectively. A good learning blend helps impart the best training because it helps companies provide a high degree of flexibility to learners. Learners can be involved better through various types of instructional material such as PowerPoint presentations, videos, online courses, and so on. How to use blended learning to train medical reps?

How to Blend ILT with E-learning, the Right Way : Beyond the Hype

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The term Blended Learning means different to different people. For some, it’s a means to initiate e-learning in their organization, to move their learners from traditional classrooms to e-learning, in small steps. For others, it’s to fill gaps or complement their existing classroom training. No matter what it’s used for, blended learning is an ideal way to train learners. Carry Out Pre-Classroom Activities Online .

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6 Essential Steps for a Successful Digital Transformation of Your Corporate Training Programs

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The basic science of learning fundamentally explains how people learn, how to build activities based on how people learn, and techniques to assess their learning. Digital learning, synchronous or asynchronous, is different from face-to-face training. Introduction.

Ten Interactive Online Platforms to Deliver Holistic Learning to Students


The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the spotlight to online learning, with several schools, colleges and universities showing interest in interactive online platforms to deliver holistic learning to their students. Besides, it can also be used to sell online courses.

6 Ways to Blend Technology in Classroom for Employee Training

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In a rapidly changing business environment, Instructor-led Training (ILT) and e-learning should go hand-in-hand, to achieve the set business goals. To improve business performance by increasing revenues, reducing costs, and maximize learning it would be sensible to integrate ILT training with e-learning programs. Here are six ways to blend technology with classroom training. Online Prerequisite Learning Before Classroom.

Top 18 Incredible Resources on Using QR Codes in E-Learning & M-Learning


We have been doodling about leveraging the possibilities these quirky square codes offer while developing cost effective and powerful mobile performance support solutions. Today, when we are contemplating on a design for a mobile learning solution for one of our clients to help make their product unpacking and commissioning processes effortless, we set out on a journey to explore and learn more about this wonderful tool.