Transforming Classroom Environment With Online Whiteboards

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There are numerous benefits of using online whiteboards in the classroom that makes a positive impact on both the students and teachers. Let’s explore a few of them that can be worth considering to bring a transformation in the classroom.

Interactivity and the Flipped Classroom


Flipped Classroom, as defined by Wikipedia , is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning that reverses the traditional learning environment by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the classroom. It moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. Thus, for the flipped model to work, adding interactivity to this both sides of this approach becomes a necessity.


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Contactless Sales: Enabling Client Reps for a Digital Environment


Imagine the Rep’s journey in an offline environment and replicate it on a virtual one. What was visible in body language in face-to-face interaction, such as a smile, must now be conveyed in tone, demeanor, and language on the virtual plane.

Ground Rules for Learning in the Virtual Classroom

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Everyday thousands of virtual classroom sessions take place – meetings, webinars, comprehensive training programs. This trend does not surprise us - the world, and our classrooms, have changed. Virtual Classroom - Best Practices Learner Engagement

3 Tips for Creating the Right Enterprise Learning Environment


For success, you need the right environment, one that can accommodate varied learners and program components, delivering powerful experiences and program management at scale. Interactive Learning Experience – Gamification for Instant Gratification.

4-Step Flipped Classroom Strategy


The flipped classroom approach within education is only becoming more popular among educators in both K-12 and higher-ed environments. That said, not everyone is familiar with how to go about flipping their classroom (even on a trial basis). There is an abundance of resources, some more in-depth than others, providing guidance on how to use the flipped classroom model. In this step, you should focus on creating a student-centered learning environment.

Top 10 virtual classroom platforms

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Using Virtual Classroom Platforms. Virtual classroom platforms have become the norm for training and education. But virtual classrooms come in all different sorts and sizes. Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at ten of the top virtual classroom platforms out there.

Culture and Language Diversity in Online Learning Environment


I knew that the current interactive eLearning modules would not work for my students. In other words, I wanted my learners to be able to relate to my videos, introductory vignettes and even names used in my lessons and classroom activities. The post Culture and Language Diversity in Online Learning Environment appeared first on TalentLMS Blog - eLearning | Instructional Design | LMS.

Effective Rapid eLearning from Classroom Learning Content?

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Our belief : At Vignettes Learning we use stories in eLearning; however, we make them interactive. Yet, developers must be constantly aware that content developed by SMEs for onsite classroom may not be as useful if used for rapid elearning. This interaction makes the eLearning “rapid”. These are the main reasons why I caution developers who think that content developed for face-to-face classrooms could be used for rapid eLearning by simply making the content online.

How To Create A Positive eLearning Environment With Animation

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We all know very well the drawbacks of ditching a physical classroom and moving to a digital one: lack of communication, supervision, concentration, and so on. It’s not just about creating a fun atmosphere, it also requires effective interaction between learners and instructors.

Converting Classroom Training to Elearning

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What are the benefits of converting classroom training to elearning? Advantages of elearning over classroom training. How to make sure you create effective elearning when converting from classroom training. Converting Classroom Training to Elearning, Transcript. Sanjay Nasta: So today we’re going to talk about converting instructor-led training or classroom learning to elearning. Benefits of Converting Classroom Training to Elearning.

Contactless Sales: Enabling Auto Sales Personnel for a Digital Environment


Imagine the customer journey in an offline environment and replicate it on a virtual one. What was visible in body language in face-to-face interaction, such as a smile, must now be conveyed in tone, demeanor, and language on the virtual plane. Equipped with a mentoring module, it eases interaction between mentors and their mentees. Sales personnel require multiple collaterals at various points in their interaction with a customer.

Contactless Sales: Enabling Medical Reps for a Digital Environment


Imagine the Rep’s journey in an offline environment and replicate it on a virtual one. What was visible in body language in face-to-face interaction, such as a smile, must now be conveyed in tone, demeanor, and language on the virtual plane. Equipped with a mentoring module, it eases interaction between mentors and their mentees. Medical Reps require multiple collateral at various points in their interaction with a client.

Engaging Participants 3: Classroom Engagement

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Most organizations still offer classroom training – it is effective, provides interaction, and provides a network for participants. But today’s learners are much different, not only because generations have changed but also because the environment is much harsher. In addition, if a group of learners comes to a classroom in today’s environment, they are probably concerned about how they are going to catch up on their already-heavy workload.

What It Takes to Have a Healthy Learning Environment in Your Organization

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Let’s take a look at the contemporary currency of the different formats of learning that are typically deployed at organizations: Instructor-led classroom training : This format is still viable, still effective and will endure. While the major and important data sets can be taught to employees via instructor-led classroom sessions, online learning modules serve the purpose to fill the tiny, yet crucial gaps to clear concepts and fit their busy working schedules.

How important is engagement of students in classrooms?


Community interactive learning PowerPoint Active classrooms conventional methods of teaching discussions and activities learning environments learning with games school experience understanding and retention of the concepts using interactive contentIt is often said that education is the shortest route to success for any country as it helps overcome many evils. Educating the masses is a herculean task but again there is no magic trick to education. Think about your [.].

Set up you real live interaction sessions with Paradiso LMS Virtual Classroom integration


The best way to deliver your course, teach lessons, lectures, develop training activities or any other type of virtual content is using the virtual classroom integration. Paradiso LMS Virtual Classroom integration is so smooth that your users won’t even know where Paradiso LMS ends and the Virtual Classroom tool starts. This integration is one of the most flexible, live virtual classroom solution. How to set up your Virtual Classroom integration?

Creating a Culture of Accountability in the Virtual Classroom

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The virtual classroom has a lot of advantages. We can create a learning environment which promotes interactivity and collaboration among learners. Virtual Classroom Virtual Classroom - Facilitation 50 Modern Blended Learning BlogsWe can deliver a lesson to remote learners with minimal delivery costs. We can easily engage subject matter experts in the learning process.

6 Practical Solutions for Converting Classroom to VILT for Corporate Training

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Utilize Interactive Elements in Virtual Sessions. They have very little control over the learning environment. Using interactive elements is one of the best ways you can engage learners and keep them interested during virtual training sessions.

Virtual Classrooms: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Online Course


The word ‘classroom’ triggers an immediate image in the mind: a teacher standing in front, a whiteboard in the background, a marker in hand, and rows full of students in the opposite direction. This is what a traditional classroom looks like. . What is a virtual classroom?

Characteristics of a Virtual Classroom


For example, one popular movement today being used in the education industry is the virtual classroom, but what exactly does this mean? The idea itself is not that hard to conceptualize, but often the characteristics regarding a virtual classroom are not discussed. Below are some of the key components of a virtual classroom. A virtual classroom allows both learners and instructors around the world to participate in live classes to collaborate and interact.

Converting Classroom Content into eLearning


Keep in mind though that not all of your investment in ILT can be directly ported into the distance-learning environment. Start reviewing your current classroom objectives, and compare them to your new eLearning objectives. For example, instructions such as “Sign in when you enter the classroom” could be rationalized into “Ensure you are signed in and authenticated with your correct online credentials before beginning your course.”. Add “structured interactivity.”

Leverage Virtual Classrooms For New-Age Learners


Most of the organizations have adopted virtual classroom facility to enable dispersed teams to attend training without the need to travel, developing flexible work arrangements with no barriers of time and distance. 3 Ways Innovations in Virtual Classrooms Help Fulfil Learners’ Needs. The blend of virtual meeting technology and instructor-led training is known as a virtual classroom. These have the potential to be different from traditional classrooms.

6 benefits that will bring to your company the use of a Virtual Classroom Software


A Virtual classroom software is an e-learning platform where users can learn, interact, communicate, view and discuss their content through a video call platform accessed from the web. This is one of the latest trend in education that is transforming the learning environment. Adding a Virtual Classroom Software to your learning programs will build a more effective teaching/learning process. FEATURES OF A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM PLATFORM.

Creating a Consistent Virtual Learning Environment


We all know that something has become clear in the educational technology world over the last couple of years; it is the challenge of integrating a compelling virtual classroom for our potential students. Because of the management difficulties caused by virtual classrooms, many schools have already decided to part ways for the rest of the year. Not only are teachers in a distant environment operating classes but often during a significant social crisis. The remote classroom.

Best Practices for Instructor-Led Training in an Enterprise Environment


In today’s environment of social distancing and working from home , getting new recruits and even current employees up to speed can be a challenge. You’ll need more than just text to promote a productive learning environment.

Using ELearning in the Classroom


Using elearning in the classroom is not only considered an add-on, it has become an integral part of the educational setting. elearning uses a lot more visual and interactive components than a regular textbook. The human brain, as wondrous as it is, is more adept at assimilating and retaining information when presented in both images and as interactive texts. For those who still use classroom instruction, making use of technology to enhance it is simply a win-win situation.

Why Interactive Videos Are Good for Corporate Learning


With increased technological advances, corporations have more access to customized interactive learning than ever before. Here are some of the most important benefits of using interactive videos in corporate training. They’re interactive… duh!

5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom


But Augmented Reality (AR) is a much more accessible technology that educators can begin to implement more effectively in the classroom. You may not be familiar with AR technology in the classroom, but you may recognize it in other contexts such as Pokémon Go. Augmented Reality uses readily available mobile technology on a phone or tablet to provide additional information about the surrounding environment. AR can boost student engagement and help lessons be more memorable.

Building a Modern Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

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With eLearning, there is no limit to the creative ways virtual learning environments (VLEs) can be configured. Let’s take a look at the basic concepts that form the foundation of a solid learning environment…. No virtual environment can replace the interaction of two human beings.

VLE 72

Getting Learners to Collaborate in a Virtual Learning Environment


Traditional learning environments serve as natural hubs of social or collaborative learning. Collaborative learning in virtual or online learning environments, on the other hand, happens only if learning programs support and promote interactivity and learner engagement.

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Interactive Workbooks for Schools


This is where an interactive workbook comes in! Unlike the traditional digital textbooks , these interactive workbooks allow for a more meaningful, well-rounded and entertaining learning experience for students. What is An Interactive Workbook? Popups & Interactive Images.

Why Interactive Training Videos Are Good for Corporate Learning


With increased technological advances, corporations have more access to customized interactive learning than ever before. Here are some of the most important benefits of using interactive training videos in corporate learning. They’re interactive… duh!

6 Must-have Features for Interactive Online Platforms


Businesses are no longer required to subscribe to the age-old, traditional techniques of one-to-one, classroom-based, uniform training. An interactive learning platform is essentially a hotbed for customized learning. Interactive Tools.

Scenario-Based Learning in a Virtual Classroom


Working closely with the SMEs is one of the most critical steps in designing these interactions. However, constraints of the live classroom may hinder employees from acting as they actually would in their workplace. Creating a “safe” and comfortable environment is crucial to the success of scenario-based learning.

MOOCs: Flipping the Corporate Classroom

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It is perhaps no coincidence that the MOOC explosion has occurred side-by-side with a rise in popularity of the “flipped classroom” model, in which the traditional method of classroom delivery is flipped on its head. In a traditional classroom, the instructor lectures during class time and then sends the students home with homework. So what are the advantages of flipping the corporate classroom and how can you use MOOCs to do it?

The three elements of building learning environments for VR training content


Determining where scene elements, like placards, buttons, or objects of interest , will sit within the filmed space, and how the characters and the learner interact with those elements. Presence in VR is the feeling the learner gets that she’s really there in the virtual environment.