18 Top Learning, Technology & Media Links: Weekly Digest – 11

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In short, the last week has seen the internet buzzing with activity – from some astonishing statistics in the mobile domain to eBooks taking the centre stage in publishing market and the entry of QR in eLearning. Research: Less Girl Game Time Down To Multitasking Behavior With Tech.

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3 Things to Look for in Your LMS Reports


Learning management systems (LMS) have become an essential part of an effective classroom — helping teachers bridge the gap by automating processes and collecting data that helps them differentiate learning. Incorporate blended learning into the classroom.

Five Ways Mobile Learning Can Be a Boon For Healthcare Sales Professionals

CommLab India

They need to multitask – be aware of relevant regulatory laws, have extensive knowledge of their drugs and equipment, be knowledgeable of competing products, and be able to answer doctors’ queries effectively.

3 Employee Training Challenges Solved with Technology (and how to figure out more)

WalkMe Training Station

The conventional method is to have managers or training staff sit with each new employee to guide them through each use case or, even worse, expect new employees to remember the instructions for each and every use case from classroom style training.

10 Learning Strategies to Take Your Training to the Next Level


Since employees are always multitasking on jobs, what’s learned is often soon forgotten. Instead of attending in-classroom training, taking notes and then studying these notes to be quizzed on what’s learned, retrieval practice forces you to use your memory. The statistics don’t lie.

Mobile Learning: Definition, Examples, Advantages and Disadvantages


This is most helpful in university classroom, manufacturing companies that require anytime access from anywhere, and large corporations that need out outline procedures and instructions that can be accessible from many members of the company. What is Mobile Learning?

Google Wave - Twitter - eLearning Learning Best of October 2009

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Presentation Backchannel Multitasking - eLearning Technology , October 29, 2009. Video Games, Education and Entertainment Statistics - Kapp Notes , October 5, 2009. Computer-based Games in Classrooms: Leveraging the Instructor - Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning , October 9, 2009. Best of eLearning Learning. October 2009. October was a really great month for content! Featured Sources. The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals.