Case Study of Magoosh: How to make a dent in a competitive market?


If you have been thinking about starting an eLearning business , you must read this case study of young Berkeley students who pulled together a successful business and executed it with nothing fancy but humble common sense. Case study Magoosh case study

Case Study: Flipped Classrooms Work for Students. Period.


This case study grabbed my attention for several reasons. Education Flipped Classroom LearningIt is written by the Greg Green, the Principal at Clintondale High School in Clinton Township, Michigan. It talks about how he flipped what he terms ". a financially challenged school near Detroit". The flipped version of the school way out-performed the standard model that was failing in almost every respect.


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Convert From Flash to HTML5 Courses Case Study

Swift eLearning Services

An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning.

Conversion of ILT Material Into eLearning Courses – Case Study

Swift eLearning Services

An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning.

Custom eLearning Development Costs – Results From Chapman Alliance Study

Upside Learning

Bryan Chapman from the Chapman Alliance informed me this morning about the completion of a study they started last month to collect data about the time and cost of custom elearning development. I had participated in the study and find the results align well with our own data. The study categorizes custom elearning into 3 levels as below: Level. Clearly classroom, virtual classroom, self paced elearning make up the bulk of the blend. Research Study].

Cost 191

Interesting Flipped Classroom Statistics


Classrooms all over the world are being flipped – and with good reason. More and more studies are revealing that a flipped classroom environment is enhancing learning retention. What is a flipped classroom? Classroom time is then spent applying the content rather than direct instruction. 46% of teachers researched have been teaching for more than 16 years, but are moving towards flipped classrooms. flipped classroom

Case Study Template

Tesseract Learning

The post Case Study Template appeared first on Tesseract Learning. Case Study ResourcesJuly 3, 2019. Myntra Moodle LMS Implementation. Myntra is a fashion e-commerce company headquartered in Bangalore, India.

4-Step Flipped Classroom Strategy


The flipped classroom approach within education is only becoming more popular among educators in both K-12 and higher-ed environments. That said, not everyone is familiar with how to go about flipping their classroom (even on a trial basis). There is an abundance of resources, some more in-depth than others, providing guidance on how to use the flipped classroom model. flipped classroom online learning

Case Study: Flipped Classrooms Work for Financially Challenged Students


This case study grabbed my attention for several reasons. Education Flipped Classroom Learning It is written by the Greg Green, the Principal at Clintondale High School in Clinton Township, Michigan. It talks about how he flipped what he terms ". a financially challenged school near Detroit". The flipped version of the school way out-performed the standard model that was failing in almost every respect.

Characteristics of a Flipped Classroom


Flipped classrooms are starting to gain in popularity across various levels of education. It is this blended learning approach that makes flipped classrooms an attractive option for educators. Even quizzes can be administered during non-standard classroom hours so that it can instead be used towards the practical application of the concepts being taught. So what does a flipped classroom look like today? flipped classroom

Case study: Walmart embraces immersive learning

CLO Magazine

For a long time they relied on classroom instructors giving lectures and quizzes, or static online courses that associates clicked through on their own. What might require 90 minutes of classroom training can be completed in 20 minutes using STRIVR content.

How Virtual Classroom Software Has Changed Learning?


The advent of virtual classrooms provides us with a number of benefits, including the option to study from anywhere on the globe (so long as there’s Internet), and at any time, thanks to pre-recorded lessons. virtual classroom learning

Flipped Classroom Facts and Figures


It isn’t uncommon for classrooms today to be flipped, but what exactly is a flipped classroom? A flipped classroom is when the lecture that is normally done in class is delivered in a different format, such as video, and students view this lecture content on their own time at home. While the traditional model certainly has its place, a flipped classroom approach that leverages out-of-hours elearning does have its benefits. The Future of the Flipped Classroom.

From the Sage on the Stage to the Back of the Room: A Case Study in Improving Instructor-led Training

Training Industry

From the Sage on the Stage to the Back of the Room: A Case Study in Improving Instructor-led Training - Read more by Hope Williams on Training Industry. Uncategorized Content Development instructor-led classroom instructor-led training microlearning microlearning mindset train the trainer

Case Study: Software Simulation Based Online Training – Adobe Captivate

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An LMS can eliminate all sorts of complexities that faced during the traditional classroom method learning. Authoring Tools Case Study eLearning Online Training Adobe Captivate Elearning case study eLearning modules Online training simulation based training simulation-based eLearning Software simulation Training training courses

Engaging Participants 3: Classroom Engagement

Your Training Edge

Most organizations still offer classroom training – it is effective, provides interaction, and provides a network for participants. In addition, if a group of learners comes to a classroom in today’s environment, they are probably concerned about how they are going to catch up on their already-heavy workload. For these reasons, we have to work even harder to engage these learners – and maintain that engagement through the classroom learning process.

Transforming Classroom Environment With Online Whiteboards

Your Training Edge

There are numerous benefits of using online whiteboards in the classroom that makes a positive impact on both the students and teachers. Let’s explore a few of them that can be worth considering to bring a transformation in the classroom.

Case Study: Transforming the classrooms with Adobe Presenter

Adobe Captivate

Case Study: Transforming the classrooms with Adobe Presenter Date and time: Thursday, 20th February, 2014 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM US/Pacific Description: Join Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, Adobe eLearning Evangelist, as she shares her experience on how the Government School teachers from Bangalore were able to transform their traditional classrooms to collaborative classrooms with the help […].

What's Better: eLearning or Classroom?

The Performance Improvement Blog

They are told elearning will be cheaper, faster, more convenient, and more effective than traditional, classroom training. Feeding this appetite for online programs is research that seems to support the notion that online is better than face-to-face, classroom instruction. A study by the U.S. In many of the studies showing an advantage for blended learning, the online and classroom conditions differed in terms of time spent, curriculum and pedagogy.

Case study: Training nurses in a pandemic

CLO Magazine

Sinai were working around the clock to transform the classroom content into short, engaging, self-paced learning content. The content was designed to be taught in a classroom, primarily to intensive care nurses. When COVID-19 hit the United States.,

Why Use Tech in Classrooms


Over the years the integration of tech into classrooms has really taken off, especially with the accessibility of mobile devices. It is not uncommon to see classroom learning management systems, blended learning approaches, flipped content delivery , and social learning opportunities all possible because of today’s tools and programs. If students have online profiles they can communicate ideas outside of the traditional classroom environment.

Case Study – Conversion of Flash Courses to HTML5 using Articulate Storyline

Swift eLearning Services

This has transformed the traditional classroom training into e-learning. Thus there is a need of… Authoring Tools Case Study eLearning HTML5 Responsive Learning Articulate Storyline Authoring Tool Elearning case study Flash Courses to HTML5 Conversion Flash to html5 Flash to HTML5 conversion flash to html5 courses legacy content into HTML5 Legacy course conversion using storyline rapid courses development

Virtual Classrooms: The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Online Course


The word ‘classroom’ triggers an immediate image in the mind: a teacher standing in front, a whiteboard in the background, a marker in hand, and rows full of students in the opposite direction. This is what a traditional classroom looks like. . What is a virtual classroom?

Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: Breakout Rooms

InSync Training

This is the third post in a series of seven titled Virtual Classroom Tool Design Basics: A Virtual Engagement Primer. Virtual training design doesn''t need to be difficult - but designers do need a working knowledge of the features each virtual classroom tool provides. If you are an experienced virtual classroom designer, please build on the basics and share your expertise. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design

Innovation In Induction Training: A Case Study


Moving away from a traditional instructor-led classroom approach, the training was infused with animation, audio and video which enabled the learner to retain information in a self-paced manner. Induction programs are an integral part of the corporate world.

Leverage Virtual Classrooms For New-Age Learners


Most of the organizations have adopted virtual classroom facility to enable dispersed teams to attend training without the need to travel, developing flexible work arrangements with no barriers of time and distance. 3 Ways Innovations in Virtual Classrooms Help Fulfil Learners’ Needs. The blend of virtual meeting technology and instructor-led training is known as a virtual classroom. These have the potential to be different from traditional classrooms.

Should You Embrace Macro Learning in Your Online Classroom?


Macro learning can be about a discipline of study, rather than a course. But how would you envision these courses fitting in with a larger program of study? The post Should You Embrace Macro Learning in Your Online Classroom? What happens when your idea is too big for one course?

Using ELearning in the Classroom


Using elearning in the classroom is not only considered an add-on, it has become an integral part of the educational setting. Elearning has the potential to be flexible and allow students to study and learn at times when it is more ideal for them. For those who still use classroom instruction, making use of technology to enhance it is simply a win-win situation. Whether it is used as an assistant or a focus, using elearning in the classroom is changing the shape of education.

Make Classroom Training Livelier with Microlearning Videos

CommLab India

Here’s a case study on using microlearning videos to cut down classroom training. The use of microlearning is increasing by leaps and bounds! eLearning Design Microlearning

Studies Find Captions Improve Engagement with Online Video

3Play Media

Several studies show that captions improve engagement from users with online videos. The studies reveal that captions are beneficial on an educational and a marketing level as they provide a better overall user experience for everyone, not just those with disabilities.

Study 77

Case Study: Dynamic Quizzes Make Classroom Learning Fun

iSpring Solutions

I am a grade 6-9 Science and Social Studies teacher at a K-9 school in Winnipeg, Canada. Case Study iSpring QuizMakerShared. My name is Todd Johnson. Challenge. Creating assessment that provides meaningful and immediate feedback for students. Making tests that are learning experiences in themselves. Turning assessment into an ongoing process and not a one-shot and you’re done exercise.

Online Degree As An Alternative To Studying Abroad

Dan Keckan

Online Courses (MOOC) Distance Learning Higher Education Online Learning Virtual ClassroomEach year more and more students choose the option of going overseas to earn their degree. However, 2020 has certainly put those plans on hold. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality in the Classroom


But Augmented Reality (AR) is a much more accessible technology that educators can begin to implement more effectively in the classroom. You may not be familiar with AR technology in the classroom, but you may recognize it in other contexts such as Pokémon Go. The classroom applications available to you will vary based on which you use. Imagine your learners are studying human anatomy, and their classroom comes equipped with a manikin.

Abstract of Study Related to Storytelling

Kapp Notes

Listening to Narratives: An Experimental Examination of Storytelling in the Classroom. This study looks at an oral presentation of content in both a narrative format and an expository format with a look at pacing as well. I also include some language from the discussion portion of the study as well. From the discussion of the article: Overall, the findings of this study support the claim that the ability.

Study 194

6 Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Classroom

Learning Rebels

Last week I wrote about the “6 Stupid Classroom Rules Learning Professionals Still Use” Apparently I hit a nerve, but what’s important is we had some good debate. To shed a light on a few practices we use in the classroom, based mostly on tradition that hinder the learning process. What the post also told me was that I could easily write a “Stupid Classroom Rules: Part 2″ But that’s for a post for another day, today let’s focus on the positive.

How Digital Content Can Make Classrooms Culturally Responsive


As international migrations remain a constant aspect of modern society, classrooms around the world are becoming increasingly multicultural. Expecting students to leave all that behind when they enter a classroom isn’t just unrealistic, it is unfair.

Benefits of Mobile Devices in the Classroom


Another study found that 60% of faculty thought that students were more motivated by lessons that incorporated an iPad (compared to those who did not). So what makes mobile devices so appealing in a classroom setting? In addition to finding real-time information, an app can also provide a student with a convenient study tool. If students leverage this content for their studies, they may be relying upon inaccurate information.