How To Fill The Void of Missing Powerpoint Clipart

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Due to the “internet of things,” Microsoft Office decided to kill off their Clipart library in December 2014. The Clipart library has been available within the PowerPoint and MS Word programs since the mid-1990s. Additionally, there is no way of knowing that the Clipart library will be the same as the images offered by Bing. Their clipart library usage has been in decline, as users gain more familiarity with search engines.

Create Your Own ClipArt


You can easily create your own ClipArt in PowerPoint that can be saved as either PNG or vector (EMF) format. I’ll show you some techniques you can use to quickly create ClipArt in Microsoft PowerPoint. Click here to download the PowerPoint file I used to create the clipart. This is the second lesson on how to create clipart icons in PowerPoint. I have a whole bunch of lessons on clipart, and icons, and recoloring, and animating. Synopsis.


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Recolor ClipArt in PowerPoint


You can easily recolor ClipArt in Microsoft PowerPoint if the files are in the EMF format. This video teaches you step-by-step how to ungroup and recolor ClipArt. Today I’m going to show you how you can ungroup clipart and then recolor it in PowerPoint. So the first thing I’m going to do, this is a piece of clipart, I’m just going to duplicate it. I’m doing a bunch of lessons right now on icons, and clipart, and regrouping, ungrouping, recoloring. Synopsis.

Animate ClipArt in PowerPoint


Did you know you can animate individual elements of your ClipArt, not just the entire image. Check out the cool effects you can do once you ungroup your ClipArt. Graphic Design Tips PowerPoint Synopsis. Video Script. Hey this is Bryan Jones from eLearningArt. Today I wanted to show you how you can ungroup clip art and add some animations for some cool effects. So for example, with this phone, if you look at the phone on the right, I have it ungrouped and I added animation.

Create Your Own Microsoft ClipArt in PowerPoint 2


Learn how to save ClipArt drawings from PowerPoint into the vector EMF format. This is the second lesson on how to create clipart icons in PowerPoint. But one other thing I wanted to tell you is, I think the problem when you go out and you – you find an icon style you like, if you pick something that is complicated, you might get yourself stuck where you’re going to have to hire a graphic designer to do all the editing. Graphic Design Tips Synopsis.

Ungroup ClipArt and Modify to Create New Images


Sometimes you don’t quite have the perfect image in ClipArt. Today I’m going to show you how you can ungroup clipart and change it to meet whatever your needs are. So basically everything on the left here is the clipart that I started with, and then what’s on the right here is how I ungrouped it and modified it. Graphic Design Tips PowerPoint Synopsis. Never fear! You can easily ungroup and mix and match shapes to create brand new custom images. Video Script.

Be a Better eLearning Designer

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I could probably write a book, not an article, on the things that designers and developers should do naturally when building eLearning, especially using Articulate Storyline. Design. Don’t be lazy with graphic design: standard fonts, overuse of bullet points, predictable screen layout. Avoid bad imagery such as artificial stock images, blurry images, MS Office 97 clipart. Make video the hero – add it as full screen not a tiny box or to fit with design.

Design 108

Basic Golden Rules for Designing Materials

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Do not use clipart. I learned everything I know from reading The Non-Designer's Design Book , Microsoft Manual of Style , and other books and classes along the way. The course should be well-designed and effective. Rules! Who needs 'em, amirite? I do. I like rules. Life is difficult enough without some guidance about what to do and what not to do. There's a caveat, however. I worked in the dorm snack shop during college.

Tips for Creating Better ELearning


Any instructional designer will tell you that they are always looking for ways to make their elearning more effective. More specifically, this means enticing the learner to interact with the content (where applicable), and also making sure that you don’t lose the learner because of poor design techniques. Black and white charts with various Clipart images aren’t going to do any favors with regards to attention span. instructional design

Create 206

Introduction to Personalized ELearning


If you were lucky there would be some Clipart included as well. Well, gone are those days (and same with Clipart , if you didn’t know). elearning instructional designThe expectations of elearning today have come a long way since it was first introduced. In the past it wasn’t uncommon for an elearning module to simply have some generic text in a PowerPoint-type format. Fast-forward to today and people demand more out of the elearning programs, and they should.

Icon Sets: 5 questions to ask before you buy or download


On the other end of the spectrum, we also didn’t want the unprofessional feel of using mismatched clipart. Graphic Design Tips Instructional Design Tips Posts blogBack before I started eLearningArt, I worked on a consulting project in a niche industry that had a limited supply of useful stock images. Given our budget, conducting a custom photo-shoot was out of the question.

Is PowerPoint Destroying ELearning?


Clipart. Someone who can come in and buck the status quo, to make instructional designers forget about PowerPoint for a second and focus on learning that doesn’t live by the same PowerPoint rules. I was messing around with Articulate Storyline and found myself wondering: are the popular rapid elearning development tools being held captive by the learning industry’s past? Don’t get me wrong, the major players all have very nice and robust offerings.

Icon Sets: 5 questions to ask before you buy or download


On the other end of the spectrum, we also didn’t want the unprofessional feel of using mismatched clipart. In my opinion, it matters less what style of image (realistic photos, clipart, etc) and more that the themes match throughout your course. For example, if you’re going to use clipart, that’s fine, but use the same style. And unless that you’re a graphic designer (or can hire one), that will only be possible if you choose a simple icon style.

Innovative Customers in Action

Vikas Joshi on Interactive Learning

His idea was to allow the course designer to input a dialog, and then for the software to render it in speech bubbles in a sequence. Another user on the community wrote about the need for cliparts, backgrounds and such media elements people need in course design. According to Tom Kelley, the innovation guru, one of the ten faces of an innovator is that of an anthropologist - someone who really understands what people want, and why.

PresentationZen Design - Review

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Garr Reynolds' new book, PresentationZen Design , is his follow-up to his first book, PresentationZen of 2008. His first book was in many ways a summary of Garr's presentation style, looking at presentation preparation, design and delivery. I suppose it is no surprise that his second book expands on one key area from his first book, slide design - I say it is no surprise because it is Garr's design style that most defines him. Design Matters.

Using Custom Artwork to Build Beautiful eLearning Without Breaking the Budget

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We've all spent hours in front of eLearning or PowerPoint presentations filled with dodgy clipart or stock photos. We see the same old images going round and round, with courses being designed by anyone who gets their hands on a copy of Storyline. . “ Or do you have another clever way of sourcing well-designed graphics for your courses? ELEARNING DESIGNOne of the biggest challenges when creating a course is finding relevant, high quality graphics.

Budget 104

5 ELearning Trends You Should Know


Everything from the way the courses are presented to the images used within them (remember ClipArt?). What constitutes quality elearning design and delivery is as cyclical as the fashion industry. For example, one year drop-shadows were all the rage and the next it is all about flat design. Elearning has evolved quite a bit in the past 10 years. Trends go beyond the visuals and can also determine how the content is delivered.

Trends 198

What’s in Your Media Library?


Stock Media: the characters, ClipArt and more to which you have access. Lectora and Lectora Online come with pre-loaded media assets including buttons, characters, Flash Activities and ClipArt. Theme Stock Buttons: the Back, Next, Home, Help and Exit navigation buttons from all of the Design ribbon Themes, plus additional buttons for Print, Audio and more. You can find it within the ClipArt folder.

Are confidentiality concerns holding back the e-learning industry?

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If e-learning has a creation myth, it is that the e-learning industry was born out of the dotcom crash at the turn of the century – swarms of freshly unemployed web designers and developers started applying their skills to changing learner behaviour rather than consumer behaviour. The exchange of ideas between e-learning and web design diminished as the e-learning industry sought to distance its public perception from the failed dotcoms.

15 Best Image Sites to Visually Enhance Your Online Training Modules

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For an instructional designer, getting the right images is a daunting task. Here, I would like to share a comprehensive list of websites where instructional designers can find relevant images for their courses. These websites go a long way in making the lives of instructional designers easy and help them produce better online modules, faster. : Here, you can find 5,000 free photos and 8,000 cliparts for personal and commercial use.

Stock 43

eLEARNING DEVELOPMENT: Audio, Text, or Both?

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

Some of the courses I’ve taken were clearly PowerPoint presentations and designed to be eLearning. And I’ve seen courses that included voiceover narration but little (or no) text on the screen… just some very dated clipart. by Kelly Barett, COTP. Over the years, I’ve taken a lot of eLearning courses; and at this point, I’ve seen it all. The "courses" were usually  text-heavy affairs and visually boring.

Audio 109

8 Editing Techniques for Great Images in Lectora

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Jennifer is an Instructional Designer with five years of experience. There you’ll find a variety of buttons, character poses, ClipArt, Flash activities, online media, music, and status indicators. Guest blog by Jennifer Valley. She enjoys blogging, social media, and researching. Adding an image to your course increases the value to learners if done right. Maybe you want to have a visual for your story or evoke an emotion about a topic.

How to Create a Rapid E-Learning Tab in PowerPoint

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Insert pictures & clipart. Access clipart online. Create Engaging and Interactive eLearning with a Simple Design Model. A few years back, I was at a workshop where the PowerPoint team was showing some of the new features in the soon-to-be-released PowerPoint 2010. As they were talking about the features, one of them mentioned the ability to combine shapes to create your own.

Use Your LMS to ???Get Personal??? with Your Learners


No longer should learners need to sit through blocks of mind-numbing text, a multiple choice quiz following each block, with a clipart graphic or two peppered in for variety.With Uncategorized elearning employee training instructional design LMS Online Training retention Online training is typically made for mass consumptionone reason why its so cost effective compared to classroom training. It is typically not meant for private tutoring or coaching.

744 New eLearning Character Images (and other goodness, too!)


This month, we’ve got a new guy bursting on the scene, a couple of fun design treatments, and a few other good things to share with you. designed to let you see the whole set of options for a character at a glance! All in all, it’s one-stop-shopping for the characters you need for your programs, and it’s specially designed to coordinate with the eLearningArt library filtering system, too! New Design treatments: Making creative solutions so super-easy!

Stock Photo Image and Other Media Sources

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They aim to be a community for designers, developers, photographers and other media publishers who want better, easier access to license-specific media on the web. Although the term has been used by illustrators, comic book artist, designers and teachers as well The purpose of this site is to provide free image reference material for use in all creative pursuits. Weird - after posting, I just saw a post in my blog reader from HeyJude - Find free images online - my list!

Stock 103

Grabbing Your Trainees with the Right Picture


Training designs are at their most engaging when words AND pictures work together to drive home the message. But when one element is missing or in conflict with the other (see above) you end up with a design disconnect, where message and media compete for the learner’s attention. If you’re a non-designer designer, how can you keep your training from being the next “Death by PowerPoint” anecdote? Looking for more simple non-designer design tips?

5 Recommended Rapid E-learning Authoring Tools for Amazing Animations

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Flypaper is a tool used to create quick Flash animations and its integration with Lectora makes it possible to import Flash animations, in an e-learning course designed using Lectora. The Resources library provides you with clipart, symbols, and other shapes. Have you ever wondered why you are unable to remember much from a lecture on compliance training that you attended recently, but remember an animation movie that you watched long ago as a kid?

20 World-Class Experts Share Their Top Presentation Tips

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Guy Kawasaki’s famous 10/20/30 rule of presentation design tells us not to use any text that’s smaller than 30 points. It’s easy to believe that the default layouts, color palettes, and clipart in your slideware of choice will result in well-designed slide masterpieces. Plan out what you will say before you create your slides and master that material before you start designing your slides. Original Article published on Written by Mark Fidelman.

7 Ways to Increase Learner Engagement at Work

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So, instead of importing stock images or clipart from a google search – opt instead for artwork which is unique, thought out and branded. Video game designer Jane McGonigal gives some very clear cut reasons why we all love games. It’s pretty much a given that online learning presents some undeniable advantages compared with regular face-to-face training. With so much to be gained, all that stands between you and a legendary Learning Management System is learner engagement.

The Powerpoint Dozen

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Think like a designer! Do not use cartoonish clipart , what does it add (distraction). If you need an image to support a point, use real images, you can download many images from Microsoft's clipart page. I use Powerpoint in some of the workshops I run, not all, but when it suits the audience, venue and most importantly learning objectives. I have, on the other hand, been a participant where slides have been the 'star'!

How to Convert Your Training Content into Mobile Learning Format


Real images — with people in them — are more professional, current, and are taken more seriously than clipart. When you take the time to create mobile learning content with appealing visual design, it helps your learners stay focused and engaged. Start to notice visual style, especially on mobile, so that you can incorporate modern mobile visual design in your learning projects. Try to design training cycles that your learners can complete within 15 minutes.

Five great resources for presenters

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The site is also full of ideas and tips about preparing, designing and delivering presentations – it’s a great resource and one that I’ve referred to countless times since I discovered it. If I find myself with a few moments to spare, I often have a browse of SlideShare and almost always find something that inspires me – slide designs that really work, and often some that don’t. Does presenting come naturally to you? It definitely doesn’t to me.

A Dozen Handpicked E-Learning Resources

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You want your courses to look good and you want the visual design to support the objectives. This post shares 10 visual design tips with a great mindmapping exercise. Clipart-based PowerPoint Template. It’s hard to believe that we’re approaching the last quarter of 2010. This year seems to have flown by. I’ve had fun with travel across the country and getting to meet so many blog readers at various conferences.

Free Stock Photos Sites for e-Learning


Free Stock Photos (Update 12/24/2010: suggested by Citizen ) FreePixels offers free high resolution stock photos for use in both personal and commercial design projects. Dreams Time If you are a designer you can download high resolution RF stock images for free. Public Domain Photos 5,000 free photos, 8,000 free cliparts. Free Images Not just another clipart graphic site.

Stock 87

15 Years on the Web

Big Dog, Little Dog

As you can see, my early design skills were somewhat lacking. I did most of my html coding on MS Notepad and except for a few clipart pictures, the drawings were done on MS Paintbrush — really hi-tech stuff. The saying was based on a bulldog mascot that was designed by Walt Disney Productions (for the cost of one dollar) as the division commander wanted a visual picture of the song, “ The Dog Face Soldier &# (clink link to hear the song and learn more about it).

Web 40

VizThink and Visual Thinking and Learning - Still Not Sure

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The process also benefits from the creation of personas, visual stories about the learner, which help keep the learner the focus of the design. to help focus the design effort, but that's design 101, not really visual thinking. Again, design 101. Isn't this standard design stuff? Another portion of visual thinking is usability, information design, and interactivity. Uh, Tom, this is exactly user interface design.