Introduction to Personalized ELearning


If you were lucky there would be some Clipart included as well. Well, gone are those days (and same with Clipart , if you didn’t know). One easy way to adjust your content is to make it role-specific.

Use Your LMS to ???Get Personal??? with Your Learners


No longer should learners need to sit through blocks of mind-numbing text, a multiple choice quiz following each block, with a clipart graphic or two peppered in for variety.With

The Powerpoint Dozen

Sticky Learning

If the answer is something else - activity, discussion, role play, brainstorm, group work. Do not use cartoonish clipart , what does it add (distraction). If you need an image to support a point, use real images, you can download many images from Microsoft's clipart page. I use Powerpoint in some of the workshops I run, not all, but when it suits the audience, venue and most importantly learning objectives.

The Pivotal Role of Video in Education


In the infancy of this industry it was not uncommon to sit through elearning modules that consisted entirely of Microsoft PowerPoint slides and perhaps some Clipart sprinkled throughout.