Adapting to Adaptive Learning

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Corporations, especially large ones, increasingly recognize the potential of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data analysis, apps and robots, as well as augmented and virtual reality-based solutions to solve complex organizational challenges. Physical resources refer to the quality, quantity and access to content, devices, locations, classrooms, paper-based learning tools as well as factors like travel and weather.

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Reskilling: Radical or realistic?

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In many cases, that involves learning programs in high-growth industries — like cloud computing or cybersecurity — that would completely transform a worker’s career path. We’ve all heard stories of the waiters and bartenders who are now computer programmers.

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The Wolf of Warfare

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I spent 25 years as a special agent in the FBI,” said Wolf, CLO at ManTech International. “My Malinchak then became CLO of ManTech. “I I called him for a reference, and he said, ‘Heck, I’ve got a job open. The path to chief learning officer is often an unconventional one.

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Continuous Learning is strategic to business

Origin Learning

Cloud-computing, virtual, immersive learning and augmented reality too are catching up in a big way. The views of its CLO, in a newsletter , highlight the ways and means adopted to put its people in the learning path. Below are a few excerpts: Nike CLO Andre Martin, who joined the company in April 2014, believes that growth provides incredible opportunity. References.

A Nudge for Learners to Stay in a Continuous Beta State

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Hard skills: Cloud computing. The moment we refer to the beta version of a type of software, our antenna goes up. The post A Nudge for Learners to Stay in a Continuous Beta State appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. When was the last time you learned something new? Something significant? What drove your learning in those instances — your inner urge? Or an external nudge? Or an inner urge arising out of an external nudge?

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All Generations Learn in the Cloud

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As tools such as Google and YouTube gain popularity, repeated reference is made to software that’s available “in the cloud.” Many speculate that there might be generational differences in how software in the cloud is used for learning purposes. Generation Y, in particular, has grown up using computers and various software, which means they may be accustomed to adopting and utilizing them for learning and development.

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Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

I somewhat wonder how much of that is true barriers as opposed to perceived barriers, and a recent HBR item talked about Hacking Work : When a 12-year-old can gather information faster, process it more efficiently, reference more diverse professionals, and get volunteer guidance from better sources than you can at work, how can you pretend to be competitive? People need to learn more, learn faster – yet the C-Level (including your CLO) seem to be making moves that are counter to that.