2020 Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning study identifies global leadership gap

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Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning recently published a study which revealed how the leadership requirements in all industries have shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Kraft Heinz CLO Pamay Bassey is reimagining corporate learning with laughter and passion

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Ekpedeme “Pamay” Bassey, CLO of The Kraft Heinz Co., has held many different personas, both in her career as a learning and development professional and beyond. At Northwestern, she was selected to be an Andersen Consulting Corporate fellow, which was her introduction to L&D. It demonstrated to Bassey how technology could be used in L&D, which ignited a passion in her for individual learning. Learning Like an Owner.

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From higher ed to PepsiCo CLO

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In 2018, PepsiCo, the global food and beverage giant, was on the verge of major change. That led PepsiCo to hire Molly Nagler as the company’s new chief learning officer. That included rolling out new technology platforms and transforming the learning workflow.

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Amplify corporate learning with a digital marketing game plan

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It is therefore paramount that today’s workforce has a clear focus on future-proofing employee skills with continuous learning and empowering employees to grow and be able to lead organizational transformation or take on new jobs in the market.

Brenda Sugrue Is the 2018 CLO of the Year

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Brenda Sugrue, EY’s global chief learning officer. An elementary school teacher, a university professor, a company owner, an industry researcher and now an award-winning corporate learning leader, Brenda Sugrue has spent her career in learning. She says working in so many roles has allowed her to identify principles to guide the development and delivery of effective learning regardless of audience, content or context.

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Corporate Learning’s Transformation in the Digital Age

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Corporate academies or universities are entering their second century just as the businesses that created them are transforming themselves for the digital age. Full-fledged academies emerged much later: GE’s Crotonville leadership center in 1956; McDonald’s Hamburger University in 1961; and learning institutions for corporations such as Apple, Boeing and Danone in the 2000s. In 2014, we queried some 1,500 global executives about capability building.

L&D, as global as possible, as local as necessary – finding beauty in the balance

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Over the last few years Jan Rijken, Learning Director at Wiley Crossknowledge and Visiting Professor at IE Business School, has published a series of articles looking at topics that are fundamental to any L&D department. Efficiency – cost saving at global level. Global control.

5 Ways Consumerization of Learning is Revolutionizing Corporate Learning


If you’re an autodidact, you could be influencing the Learning and Development sector. In the age of the ‘ Modern Learner ’ autodidacts or self-taught people, can teach themselves far more easily thanks to the availability of on-demand information via tablets, smartphones and the myriad of online learning and research resources. It is the autodidacts in the professional world who have created the phenomenon of the Consumerization of Learning. It’s what your student learns.

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Bob has been an active and influential leader in the learning and training industry for over 30 years and is renowned worldwide for his pioneering role in new approaches to learning. Bob has also been the Learning Advocate for the Masie Center for the past six years.

Verizon’s Lou Tedrick combines innovation and servant leadership to meet the needs of every learner

Chief Learning Officer

The pandemic transformed many CLOs into corporate sherpas, guiding employees as they moved to remote work and providing them with newly virtual content to ensure they had the skills and support to remain productive and engaged. From fashion designer to CLO. Data-driven CLO.

Developing Modern Global Leaders in the Age of Digital Disruption


Those who fail to adapt will fail to survive,” asserted Michael Fenlon, Chief People Officer of PwC in his kickoff presentation at Future Workplace’s Annual Fall CLO Summit at Infor’s headquarters in New York City on October 11, 2018. Five primary themes engaged approximately 125 senior HR, IT, and corporate learning practitioners over the course of the 1 ½ day Summit. The post Developing Modern Global Leaders in the Age of Digital Disruption appeared first on NovoEd.

CLO Podcast: Stephanie Speights of Children’s Health on Centralizing Learning

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There’s a constant push and pull taking place in the learning function. In this podcast recorded live in front of an audience at the House of Blues in Dallas, the chief learning officer of Children’s Health shares how to navigate centralization conversations with executives, tips to overcome organizational skepticism and how important it is to focus on getting the right people on the learning team. Visit getbridge.com to learn more. Learn more at oreilly.com.

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Extended Enterprise LMS Buyers Companion – 2019 Edition

Talented Learning

If you’re familiar with Talented Learning, you know we’re fiercely independent consultants focused on one goal – to help you choose the best extended enterprise LMS for your needs. Think of learning programs that reach beyond employees. For instance, in the corporate world , that could include customers, prospects, channel partners, franchisees, contractors, suppliers and perhaps employees, too. 8) How is xAPI transforming enterprise learning analytics?

Top Chief Learning Officer Conferences of 2019


If you have recently become a Chief Learning Officer or are looking to expand your skills, attending a chief learning officer conference is a great way to master the latest industry trends. As you may know newer generations like millennials value learning higher than other company benefits. So attending and strengthening your skill set as a Chief Learning Officer is key to your success and that of your employees and company. Chief Learning Officer Breakfast Club.

Beyond the status quo: how enlightened CLOs can enable true employee readiness

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There’s a massive shift underway in the world of learning and development. It’s a perfect storm of pressure, in which chief learning officers weigh ROI and manage digital disruption across industries as they pivot from the age of the customer to the age of the employee.

Are You Experienced?

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The CLO role is full of exciting opportunities. A host of pressing business issues sit right in the center of learning leaders’ wheelhouses. Finding and developing future leaders, turbocharging the speed and innovation capabilities of the workforce, identifying critical skill gaps and serving up a compelling and engaging set of personalized learning assets, to name just a few. But to my mind one of the greatest opportunities is the learning experience.

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Continuous Learning is strategic to business

Origin Learning

Numbers back this as an established fact with research reports and data indicating that the power of ‘small’ is growing ‘big’ in the learning domain. Though Big Data and Internet of Things are terms that are fast becoming the lexicon of learning, the delivery of knowledge or learning solutions has become mobile,small, and handy. Cloud-computing, virtual, immersive learning and augmented reality too are catching up in a big way.

A Life of Learning

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Photo by Saskia Aukema Chances are, if you were to reflect on the times in your life that felt most fulfilling, you would recall that you were in the middle of learning. “If If you think about it, learning plays a role in all of that,” he continued. “I He really lives learning,” said Kayvan Kian, a junior partner at global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., The Learning Revolution. He has a very holistic approach to learning and development.

Scalable Learning Will Be the Strategic Differentiator in the 21st Century

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At the 2017 Deloitte Chief Learning Officer forum, management consultant John Hagel said scalable learning is the new reason for large organizations to exist. It’s a big statement and it has profound implications for the role of corporate learning in the 21st century. Learning will no longer be an auxiliary function in corporations; rather, it will be the primary reason for large organizations to exist. Scalable Learning.

A Learning Culture That Spans Borders

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But the most transformative outcomes stem from transforming not just the how , but the why behind corporate learning. While learning tech can improve outcomes and engagement, learning culture can unlock a step-change in productivity across supply chains or transform customer service and sales outcomes. Executives that build a learning culture transform learning from occasional to immersive. Learning is inherently social.

There and Back Again: A Journey of Learning

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Roz Tsai’s fascination with learning is rooted in her history. He brought it home to his daughter, taught her how to use their dictionary, and she learned to read before finally getting to attend school at age 8. “If Paul, Minnesota-based Ecolab, a global water, hygiene and energy technologies and services company. Life has shown her that learning should not be taken for granted. A few key learnings emerged. Nobody sat down and said here’s your journey to CLO.”.

Take a Cue from the Schoolroom

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Disdaining terms that conjure the schoolhouse may be advantageous to corporate learning strategy. But learning leaders shouldn’t completely ignore what’s happening in that environment if they want their companies to excel, said Jim Leslie, CEO of Flipgrid parent Vidku. In the corporate environment, on the other hand, learning has historically existed for specific needs at the outset, to guide employees down a known path.

Congratulations to the 2020 Learning in Practice Awards finalists

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Chief Learning Officer is excited to announce the 2020 Learning in Practice Award finalists. The awards were established in 2003 to recognize learning leaders who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs. Roundtable Learning.

Congratulations to the 2020 LIP Award winners!

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Chief Learning Officer has revealed the winners of the 2020 Learning in Practice Awards. The winners and their final rankings were announced during a virtual awards ceremony Tuesday, October 20, during CLO’s Virtual Fall Symposium. The 2020 CLO OF THE YEAR.

Busted: 5 top myths about VR and AR training

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The phrase “new gold standard” is often thrown around when discussing the latest corporate learning and development methodology, initiative or tech tool. Global companies and organizations from Walmart to the U.K.’s

6 learning strategies to address pandemic-triggered trends

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When COVID -19 shuttered offices, it’s no exaggeration to say learning and development professionals played a key role in assuring their organizations survived and thrived. Actively tending to burnout now and in the future is key for every learning professional.

Our Top 10 Picks to Keep You On Top


Harvard Business Review’s, “ Great Businesses Scale Their Learning, Not Just Their Operations ,” by Deloitte’s John Hagel and John Seely-Brown. Most learning strategies are built to share existing knowledge. LeapGen’s “ Digital Learning on the Road to 2020 ” report. LeapGen is a new, forward-thinking HR technology consulting firm who has put together a series of interviews digging into what the world’s most innovative companies are doing when it comes to digital learning.

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From event-based training to blended learning journeys: 5 Steps for a successful L&D transformation

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But some organizations took the plunge and leveraged challenges posed by the pandemic to catalyze a learning and development transformation; revolutionizing their approach to competence development, making it more scalable, more cost-effective and more impactful.

What makes audiolearning an effective learning tool!


Coorpacademy has partnered with Bookboon , the world‘s leading publisher of ebooks and audio learning for professionals. That’s why audio formats are now to be part of digital learning catalogues and offers! Can you give us a quick introduction to Bookboon Learning? .

The best elearning reads of 2013


Every month we put together a list of our favorite articles for our monthly newsletter – we’ve put those lists together to create this list of best reads in elearning and learning for the year! YouTube another MOOP (Massive Open Online Pedagogy) Learning will not be televised, it will be digitised , Donald Clark. Cognitive Dissonance and the Denial of Social/Informal Learning , Mike Britz. Learning technology: are we using it right?

Corporate Digital Learning trends for 2019, by Josh Bersin


Josh Bersin is an analyst, author, educator, and thought leader focusing on the global talent market and the challenges and trends impacting business workforces around the world. He founded Bersin™ by Deloitte and is frequently featured in talent and business publications such as Forbes, Harvard Business Review, HR Executive, FastCompany, The Wall Street Journal, and CLO Magazine. This simply can’t happen with legacy learning technologies.

The Learning Blockchain Emerges

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Elliott Masie is the chairman and CLO of The Masie Center’s Learning Consortium and CEO of The Masie Center, an international think tank focused on learning and workplace productivity. During the past 20 years, the learning field has evolved through a range of learning systems — learning management systems, learning content management systems, learning experience/record systems, curation collection systems and more.

The future of learning is on the front line

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This means learning professionals must be experts at dealing with uncertainty. Chief learning officers must enable ecosystems that help people get ready for whatever comes next. The future of learning isn’t a technology or strategy. The future of learning is the future of work.

Case study: PepsiCo leverages Minecraft for Lean Six Sigma training

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Over the past decade, Tapia has trained thousands of PepsiCo’s global employees on the team-based process improvement methods. The pandemic accelerated our need to execute this training virtually,” says PepsiCo Chief Learning Officer Molly Nagler.

Grab Your e-Learner’s Attention

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Adults are increasingly heading online to learn. The e-learning market was projected to reach $107 billion just one year ago, and according to the Global E-learning Market 2016-2020 report, the space will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17.81 So, where does that leave corporate learning leaders using e-learning to equip employees to perform? Read more: Make Learning Viral-Worthy to Make It Last.

Adults are Anxious about Technology

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The global learning company conducted more than 1,600 online interviews with U.S. As the global economy and student population change, it’s clear we need new ways for people to access to higher education,” said Todd Hitchcock, chief operating officer for Pearson Embanet in a statement. But it’s not just higher education that needs to meet adults where they are with learning programs and services. Bravetta Hassell is a Chief Learning Officer associate editor.

Is your leadership development breaking or making silos?

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For more than twenty years, I’ve had countless meetings with chief learning officers and directors of leadership development as they’ve researched, explored and crafted their leadership development strategy. Silo-busting lesson: Leverage learning between regions.

After EI, DI?

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While EI is highly contested in academic circles, it has nonetheless proved for many in corporate learning to be an extremely “useful fiction,” providing a way of thinking about and talking about the quality of our interpersonal relationships and how to improve them.

LinkedIn Becomes A Serious Open Learning Experience Platform

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Josh Bersin is founder of Bersin by Deloitte and a global industry analyst. LinkedIn has become quite a juggernaut in the corporate learning market. Last time I checked the company had more than 17 million users, 14,000 corporate customers, more than 3,000 courses and was growing at high double-digit rates. And the company just threw down the gauntlet; it’s now announcing it has completely opened up its learning platform to external content partners.

Skill data: the secret to your 2021 L&D strategy

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The “L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021,” likewise, places reskilling and upskilling at the top of learning leaders’ agendas. The pressure to learn is also felt by workers, with six in 10 stating that the COVID-19 pandemic has increased their need to build new skills.