Meet the CLO Advisory Board: Judy Whitcomb

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CLO: How did you become interested in learning and development? Bringing life to a story in words and pictures was always easy for me. CLO: What lesson(s) did you learn in 2020 that you’ve taken with you into 2021? CLO: How do you enjoy spending your time outside of work?

Take a look at the evolution of the CLO

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It’s been almost a quarter century since the formalization of the position of chief learning officer: In 1994, Jack Welch made Steve Kerr the CLO of General Electric. But what has happened to the CLO during this period? How have the skills required to be an effective CLO changed?


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The CLO Holiday Wish List


Mike’s CLO Holiday Wish List for 2019: Automation and AI everywhere. This is where AI enters the picture to add a new level of sophistication to what we’re already automating. Even mid-sized companies these days need to consider cultural and geographic diversity, multi-language capabilities, massive mobility, etc. The post The CLO Holiday Wish List appeared first on Litmos. It’s that time of year again, when we get to give and receive gifts.

3 Guidelines to Consider as a CLO

Training Industry

The goal is to inculcate an organizational culture, set of leadership principles, ethical standards, diversity and inclusion values, or strategic direction. The objective here is to institutionalize “big picture” overarching messages that play out in the daily decisions that employees make on the job. When discussing training, the debate rages. How long is short enough and how short is long enough?

CLO Podcast: Visa’s Karie Willyerd on Learning Strategy

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She took on the brand new role of global CLO at Visa in 2018. It’s no secret that talent is at the center of the modern business agenda and it’s our hope that you’ll hear tips and ideas from this podcast that will help you succeed in business, whether you’re a long-time CLO with decades of experience, whether you aspire to the role in the future or maybe you’re just passionate about the future of learning in today’s organizations.

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CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

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They agreed that the future CLO should have experience in: strategic management, general management, knowledge management, leadership skills, and learning methods and concepts. For example, it was considered very important for future CLOs to have been involved in enterprise-wide projects such as improving operational performance, changing a culture, managing a high-profile campaign, improving a business process or launching a product — the experience side of the equation.

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6 Best Practices For Building A Culture Of Learning In Your Organization

Harbinger Interactive Learning

Successfully Build A Culture Of Learning. The current times demand continuous learning and creating a culture and environment to support it, rather than one single long course or classroom workshop that employees need to undergo.

Beyond the status quo: how enlightened CLOs can enable true employee readiness

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CLOs face intense pressure to build learning cultures in which geographically dispersed teams can engage with relevant content “on-demand” to reskill. Unintentionally, we were creating a learning culture where only a select few got access to high-quality training.”.

CLO Podcast: Stephanie Speights of Children’s Health on Centralizing Learning

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Since this episode was recorded, Stephanie took on the CLO role at Parkland Hospital and Health System, one of the largest health systems in Dallas. Plus, co-host Justin Lombardo talks about the three things to look for in a new CLO role and why he thinks centralization is the way to go for the modern learning function. She just landed a new gig, it’s still in Dallas, as senior vice president, talent management and development and CLO at Parkland Hospital and Health System.



Additionally, he has acted as an influential voice in the Learning and Development industry by speaking at conferences and by being an active participant and author within industry associations such as ISPI , ATD , the Masie Consortium , The Learning Guild , and CLO Symposium/Magazine.

CLOs, global warming and the great opportunity

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Meeting Biden’s goal is dependent on how those leaders effectively drive culture change across different industries and in the profit and nonprofit organizations involved in the transition from fossil fuels. Without good leadership, such culture change cannot happen.

CLO Joe Ilvento is unlocking potential at Commvault

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They created a role for me that didn’t exist,” said Ilvento, who became their first CLO and director of talent development in 2011. For his first act as CLO, Ilvento brought together the leaders of every business unit to agree on a single learning management platform. The impact has triggered a culture change in the company. His unconventional approach to the CLO role has made him a favorite at Commvault. “He Joe Ilvento knows how to sell.

Leadership and the return to the office

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Paint an optimistic picture. The post Leadership and the return to the office appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Talent Management Leadership Culture psychological safety modeling talent management leaders role models empathy leadership culture

What remote work revealed about the role of onboarding

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When organizations hold substantial in-person onboarding sessions, they do so in order to generate excitement among new employees, expose them to the culture of the organization and provide an opportunity to form relationships and start building internal networks.

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How to build a corporate ladder high potential women can climb

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That way we can get a true picture and can address any unconscious bias issues that may be present. The post How to build a corporate ladder high potential women can climb appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

How to build a corporate ladder high potential women can climb

CLO Magazine

That way we can get a true picture and can address any unconscious bias issues that may be present. The post How to build a corporate ladder high potential women can climb appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Career progression knocked off course for high-potential women

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Difficulty navigating corporate culture and limited access to powerful networks, which were already challenging issues, have intensified for these women. The post Career progression knocked off course for high-potential women appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

How to Motivate and Engage Employees Through Praise and Rewards Programs

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Whether the goal is keeping and motivating the great people currently in your organization or attracting new talent, organizations need to take a look at how well their workplace culture is supporting and empowering their people. Why Bother With Building a Culture? This statistic is a startling realization for many senior managers, who are all too often preoccupied with production numbers and shareholder dividends to put energy into workplace culture initiatives.

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#Learning2019 Day 3. Burger universities, Elliot, Nigel, Bob and Donald

Challenge to Learn

This morning started with an extra "Dutch" session by Rob Lauder, the CLO of Mc Donalds. They paint a nice picture of a discipline that is fundamentally changing. Nigel Paine also did a session on his new book on Learning cultures. He gave us a detailed overview of the setup of Mc Donalds training programs. They employ 1.9 million people and they have 1 million new hires every year.

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Translating talent into opportunity

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A promising long-term picture. Spurred on by the realities of the pandemic, this growing manager awareness is taking hold and signals a cultural shift in successfully tapping the talents of women in the workforce.

The New Learning Metrics: Demonstrating Business Value and Impact


In their book, The Expertise Economy , Degreed CLO Kelly Palmer and Co-founder David Blake caution that corporate learning is often viewed as a cost center rather than a revenue-generating function.

DEI: Why hiring alone isn’t a magic fix

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But when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, DEI, you must look at the whole picture. In the case of ethnic and cultural diversity, the findings are equally compelling. Aim to create a culture where everyone feels included and has a sense of belonging.

Getting to the truth of DEI program effectiveness with ‘organizational justice’

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To move beyond shallow promises and toward a truly inclusive culture, it needs to be understood that the real work happens after someone is onboarded. Although it draws from culture at large, company culture is not some free-wheeling freight train for which executives bear no responsibility.

Listen: Parexel’s Greg Friedman shares how learning benefits from an organizational development spin

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But learning how to do so effectively is one of the most critical skills a CLO can learn. Greg also shares why culture change work is risky for CLOs and how and why he’s rethinking performance management at Parexel to focus less on ratings and more on meaningful conversation. Mike: How much experience did you have with OD when you were doing CLO gigs? So for example, if you’re trying to shift the culture, OD can say what we’re going to do is restructure this way.

How to Get the Workforce Skills You Need for 2021


Keeping people’s skills in sync with the constantly changing world of work is the biggest talent challenge of our time,” according to Degreed CLO Kelly Palmer. “It’s It can be difficult and take a lot of time to get a full picture of skills across your organization.

How New CLOs Should Handle The First 90 Days

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Hitting the ground running in the first 90 days is a big step in any new role, but for a new CLO it’s a giant leap. The principal reason making the right moves in those first 90 days is critical concerns the rapid evolution of the CLO role, and the diversity of visions for the role held by CLOs and interested stakeholders. Everything the CLO does, every learning strategy and initiative must align to the business strategy. How Should the New CLO Start?

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Tackling employee redeployment: It doesn’t have to hurt

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Redeploying talent is not unusual or new; however, nurturing a culture for redeployment that can shift gears very quickly in response to a catastrophic event is exceptional. The post Tackling employee redeployment: It doesn’t have to hurt appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Ask a learning architect: Is it time to break up with your LMS?

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Conflicted CLO in corporate. Imagine your company with a culture of upskilling, reskilling and innovation. appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. Q: I’m writing about my learning management system.

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The language of hospitality

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Dayanna Vasquez (pictured above) has also seen a huge change since using Voxy. It also helps the restaurant retain some of its best talent and create a culture that makes current and future employees want to stick around.

The little things matter when making big changes

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The silly, meaningless and fun little pictures and animations that zip around the internet are actually the building blocks of culture. The reason why, according to a theory called memetics, is that culture evolves a bit like genetics. Culture evolves through the sharing of memes, the individual units of culture such as an idea, belief or piece of information, that get passed from one person to another like a gene being passed from one generation to the next.

To Centralize or Localize? Solving the L&D Locus Issue


Having in-house expertise will become a competitive advantage, particularly if you’re moving to the bigger picture. There is the opportunity to talk about moving from training to learning, and even bring up the possibility of a learning culture. Creating a learning culture is critical.

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COVID-19 didn’t challenge managers, it exposed them

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The way to be successful and prepared post-pandemic is to focus on building a culture of great managers. The 13 behaviors pictured left are the ones that make a difference day in and day out. Engagement scores would be one measurement, but it still gives an incomplete picture.

5 strategies to diminish sexual harassment and toxicity in mentoring

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Organizational culture sets the stage for bad behavior in mentoring relationships. It is not simply that a “bro culture” automatically leads to sexual harassment in mentoring. Instead, organizational culture in which tolerance for sexual harassment is high matters.

Gender parity is a journey, not an initiative

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In the well-intentioned hope of speeding up results, efforts are frequently focused on initiatives rather than the bigger picture. Changing that deeply ingrained culture will not happen through narrowly targeted initiatives.

Re-entry in a recession

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Following, let’s explore the key employee re-entry issues of inclusion, engagement and talent support and offer three pragmatic, culturally appropriate steps to ensure long-term development, inclusion and retention for organizations employing a diverse, multicultural workforce.

5 steps to better-informed leadership development decisions

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Pull together any available data on your culture, employee engagement, leadership behaviors and practices. The post 5 steps to better-informed leadership development decisions appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

A chief of learning and positive thinking

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By that time she had figured out that the key to transforming a learning culture is to convince decision makers that you can add value to the organization. “I He was looking for someone who had the operational and technical experience to drive change and create a new learning culture. “I

Learning 2.0 Strategy

Clark Quinn

But, here's what I see in terms of a CLO perspective. Avoid the Culture Question Learning 2.0 The idea that workers/learners have largely become the instruments of learning and that learning is not controlled or controllable is something that causes all sorts of culture questions. I get asked at seminars all the time - "How can I change the culture?" There are some gurus who claim to be able to change culture.

Chances Are You’re Buying Too Much Talent. It’s Time to Build and Borrow.


It’s vital that organizations compile a complete picture of the skills and experiences of their people. It’s Your Culture That Gets You There. When a company’s senior executives champion skill development, it’s a recipe for building an effective learning culture.

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The critical first step to building strong organizational DEI

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Many organizations have publicly pledged to better weave diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and programs throughout all levels of the business in order to establish a more supportive, inclusive culture.