Accidental CLO, Intentional Learning

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A self-proclaimed “accidental CLO,” Jesse Jackson has served in numerous roles at the multinational banking and financial services firm JPMorgan Chase & Co. ” About four years ago, Jackson moved into his current role as CLO of consumer and community banking.

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CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

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They agreed that the future CLO should have experience in: strategic management, general management, knowledge management, leadership skills, and learning methods and concepts. This focus on closing gaps is again rooted in the ability of the future CLO to think strategically.

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Be a Triple-Threat CLO

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” “Today’s educators,” she said, “must wear multiple hats — entertainer, personal coach, emergency responder, gizmo wizard and social media guru — to be judged as informed and effective.” Not only do today’s learners expect engaging, versatile instructional experiences that rival what’s available on their laptops and smartphones, they also expect customized content, flexible delivery methods and 24/7 accessibility.

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Origin Learning Wins the 2014 Chief Learning Officer Gold Award for Excellence in Social Learning

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Its these set of features and effective use for training that has helped win the CLO award. The company works with some of the World’s largest conglomerates to design and develop innovative training methods that fit their needs and budgets.

HPI, Kaiser Permanente Flourishes in Face of Uncertainty

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Also valuable is the Learning Strategy and Business Impact survey that HPI distributes to all its stakeholders, which allows them to provide their input on HPI’s communication/delivery methods, solutions and outcomes. Tags: LearningElite , CLO LearningElite Awards , HPI.

A Dedication to the Craft

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You really have to be thoughtful about what you put into an organization because it has ripple effects and it typically will stay around.”. That measured, methodical approach matched Gilead’s science-based culture.

Learning Transformation: 4 Best Practices


Using gamification and rewards can spawn loyalty and repeated use of the learning portal, and incorporating reusable learning objects ensures the content is current, bite-size, and effective. Likewise, analytics can provide real-time snapshots of training’s effectiveness.

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Learning Transformation: 4 Best Practices


Using gamification and rewards can spawn loyalty and repeated use of the learning portal, and incorporating reusable learning objects ensures the content is current, bite-size, and effective. Likewise, analytics can provide real-time snapshots of training’s effectiveness.

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Informal Learning Blog » Don’t Call Them Trainees

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

Friends and Family Feedback

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As part of the learning and leadership development portfolio, the practice of 360-degree assessments or multisource feedback is a tried-and-true method to identify strengths and weaknesses. The post Friends and Family Feedback appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Is Your Mindfulness Training Program Working?

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Are mindfulness initiatives a marketing tactic to inspire recruitment efforts, or is mindfulness truly an effective tool to increase workplace productivity and organizational happiness? The diary method. appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Why Bystander Intervention Is the Best Defense Against Harassment

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I have seen this method work as a facilitator of bystander intervention trainings for over a decade. Despite all the recent media attention, there is a glaring gap reporting on why training bystanders works when other methods fail.

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Employee Development in the Era of Screen Time

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Only a handful of companies are effectively adapting to the changing needs of the modern learner. The only way to close this gap is through effective employee development. How can companies effectively develop employees in the era of screen time? Tap, look, feel rewarded.

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How to Get What You Want from Vendors

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AnnMarie Kuzel : How far in advance should the CLO start communicating with the vendor? What sort of information is vital to communicate in order to ensure that CLO and vendor work together efficiently? Current state: Methods, if any, used today to address these capabilities.

Live From Hamburger University: Inkling Illuminate


Following the customer portion of the event, we opened doors to the public for a presentation from McDonald’s CLO, Rob Lauber, an Inkling demo from our CMO, Ahmed Datoo, all followed by a Networking Mixer! Inefficient delivery methods that did not promote retention or engagement.

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Think like a CEO: What CEOs want from their CLOs

Training Orchestra

CEOs are usually better positioned to look at training in relation to larger business goals , which is why the CEO to CLO relationship is so important. At Training Orchestra, we work with both CEOs and CLOs, and their perspectives offer valuable insight on what CEOs actually expect from their CLO , and what the priorities should be. But, in order to be effective, the learning strategy needs to help achieve the company’s business goals. Learning delivery method.

Delivery Dilemmas

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Given the nature of CLO jobs, that finding is not surprising. Many learning executives, particularly in midsized or large enterprises, spend their energy developing strategy, measuring effectiveness and managing stakeholder relationships rather than focusing on delivery methods.

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Top of Mind: Experience API Will Bring Key Changes to L&D

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Sure, we do our needs analysis and follow ID methods, but I have been in many meetings where internal developers or vendors basically pulled a “Don Draper,” with elegant arguments and pretty slides about how an initiative should be put together.

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The how to guide on the principles of the #elearningmanifesto: 1 Do Not Assume that Learning is the Solution

Challenge to Learn

We use a method called impact mapping. The point is that if you sit down and brainstorm with a broader perspective you will find a lot of other improvements, that might be more effective than learning.

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Rethinking Organizational Correspondence

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If the major goals of communication in an organizational setting are to share information, influence others and take action, all of which are highly relevant to an organization’s effectiveness, then we should optimize every opportunity to correspond with one another.

The DevLearn eLearning Rockstar Stage Reveal

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Games deliver lots of actionable data to measure effectiveness, both individually and through group learning, showing gaps and areas to optimize for a continuous cycle of improvement. The different methods of responsive design. How using templates can increase your effectiveness.

Are You Taking Learning Personally?

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Consider a CLO making a policy decision about professional development plans for their company. By the early 2000s, employers learned that online learning wasn’t so cost effective after all, and a fully synchronous course isn’t that cheap to build.

Good Habits Make Good Managers

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A key finding from this research is that making the shift to a more continuous method of performance management is as much about changing people’s mindsets as it is changing actual processes. The post Good Habits Make Good Managers appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

What’s in Your Toolbox?

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While many learning leaders choose their offerings based on cost and convenience, others are staying true to costlier traditional methods. CLOs see the value of classroom instruction when it is an appropriate method for the content to be conveyed.

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Cultivating Constructive Devil’s Advocates

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Effective devil’s advocates can stimulate constructive conflict and debate that helps teams generate more alternatives, surface hidden risks and make better decisions. The best devil’s advocates practice the Socratic method rather than lecturing at the team.

Executive Education Excellence

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The second is our] faculty have a deep understanding of complex global problems, and they know how to deliver those situations through case methods in class. CLO: What are some of the biggest changes taking place in executive education right now?

Sprinting Toward the Finish Line

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Learning methods are shifting at lightning speed, and organizations like Nationwide are discovering new and better ways to shift L&D within organizations. Nationwide’s recent hiring of a chief innovation officer offers tangible evidence of not relying on tried-and-true methods.

On the brink with mobile– what learning executives say

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Comcast CLO Martha Soehren put it this way. Andrew Wolff, PWC’s Educational Methods Leader/L&D leader for their consulting group, is certain that they are doing what they must do: laying the groundwork for success: they’ve chosen and implemented a single mobile platform to be used globally, after having proven the concept with several pilot programs. Understand the impact on design and delivery when using mobile devices versus more traditional methods.

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The A-Z of eLearning Acronyms (with bonus explanations from experts)


It’s not SCORM compliant and the LRS won’t link to the LMS so how do we show the new JIT training to the CLO?”. A popular multi-stage methodology aimed at instructional designers and training developers for creating effective training tools. CLO = Chief Learning Officer.

Skills gap or not; why can’t we agree? (Part two)


We noted research that indicates that up to 80% of learning is ‘scrap’ or wasted, and how the ineffectiveness of traditional training methods leads executives to look for workers with existing skill sets rather than train a capable prospective employee whose skills have not kept up with the market. Effectiveness of video in training. This is the second of two posts discussing the roots of the issue and a new strategy to address this stubborn problem.

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How to Combat the Leadership Crisis

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But whatever learning delivery method wins, leadership development programs need to fit the culture, style and goals for both the organization and the leaders receiving the training. To be most effective, leadership development must be linked to all three.

Excellence in Blended Learning

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Deutsche Telekom faced multiple challenges with its language training programs due to high costs, lack of flexibility, inefficient face-to-face programs and outdated training methods. The post Excellence in Blended Learning appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Dive In

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Done effectively, leadership development can have a positive impact on the business (sales, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency), ultimately leading to a beneficial ROI. These lectures, which consist of reading a series of PowerPoint slides, are not an effective way to learn.

Learning Delivery: E-Learning and Mobile Gaining Ground

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However, e-learning has its advocates who describe scenarios or situations where e-learning – either instructor led or self-paced – is a more effective option. CLOs adjust their use of various modalities because of effectiveness, but convenience and cost play a major role.

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Behavioral Intelligence: The Missing Link and Next Frontier In L&D

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These include training focused on understanding harassment and unconscious bias, as well as training focused on effective communication, leadership and collaboration. Effectiveness of L&D at Cognitive, Emotional and Behavioral Intelligence Training.