Is Your Learning Organization Agility Fit?

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The Imperative for CLO Agility . CLOs have the opportunity to take the lead in developing their personal agility and the agility of others in their organization to more effectively compete in a VUCA world. Tags: Agility Fitness , CLO Agility , gig economy , Nicholas F.

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The Success of Lex

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In September 2018, the company also launched Wingspan, a commercial version of Lex that the company now offers to clients who want to leverage the benefits of the learning platform. “It’s The post The Success of Lex appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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In the case of a well known LMS vendor for example, their system came up on Avant, but when I went to play a course, their course player screen failed to work effectively and the course window did not look as it should, in comparison to some of the other better known browsers. In the movie Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room , one of the opening shots shows the skyline of Houston from above.

A Nudge for Learners to Stay in a Continuous Beta State

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Organizations that create effective nudges for learning, along with an environment for innovation, challenging work and a spirit of intrapreneurship, create the “urge” and a culture of continuous learning. Also, keep investing in your beta version.

Introducing UpsideLMS V5.0 – Best Value LMS With Stunning GUI

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The release of the new UpsideLMS version – 5.0, The Marketing team has been on their toes, getting the collaterals and other launch activities ready; the Sales team is now itching to show it off to prospects after laying their eyes on the new version.

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Putting Into Practice What We Preach

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In their seminal 1974 book “Theory in Practice: Increasing Professional Effectiveness,” Chris Argyris and Donald Schön define this relationship as “theories of action” comprised of two components: espoused theory and theory-in-use.

10 New Years Resolutions for Learning and Development Professionals


We’re at an incredibly exciting juncture as a team – we have two successful years behind us and a new CLO at the helm with decades of experience in technology, entrepreneurship AND intrapreneurship. To that end, we will relaunch our learning platform with the fresh version 2.0

Do not take this sitting down!

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CLO December 28, 2012. How far does a CLO’s responsibility extend in an enlightened, twenty-first century company? You’re the CLO. The CLO site has the version they printed. Regular exercise does not counterbalance the bad effects of sitting.

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Individual Contributors Need Learning, Too

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Learning programs that have a manager version often should have an employee version, she said. As a learning leader, Barton said it’s crucial that she provide managers with tools and resources to help them effectively juggle their responsibilities.

Working Arm in Arm

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Over time, the insights and productivity gains that AI promises will likely provide an invaluable edge for organizations that have implemented it effectively. The post Working Arm in Arm appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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A Language Everyone Understands

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No one recognizes this fact better than the 2013 CLO of the Year, Rob Lauber, vice president of Yum University at Yum Brands Inc. Singled out from a competitive field of phenomenal learning professionals nominated for this year’s top honor, Lauber was selected by a blue-ribbon panel of his peers — the nine previous CLO of the Year winners — for leading the reframing of Yum University from a functional, U.S.-centric

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A Moving Landscape

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That is something where individual managers as well as employers still tend to think of a more traditional classroom setting as being more effective. CLO : In what subject areas or professional functions are you seeing the highest demand for learning and training?

The Cognitive Science Behind Learning

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Another is using training or e-learning when other solutions would be more effective. Also, a variety of opportunities to support learning are focused more on aesthetics than effective outcomes. This effectively gives us more operating room.

Timing is Everything

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Think about it at the next CLO Symposium. C-level officers want their CLO to build the foundation for transforming the company not just to get people up to speed on today’s needs. Vision truth, and productivity: these are the universal values that make a company effective.

The A to Z of eLearning Acronyms


It is a guideline for building effective training and performance support tools in five phases. HTML5 is the latest version of the HTML (Hyper-Text Markup Language) standard. eLearning can be a needlessly complicated subject.

Gen X: The Bridge Between Boomers and Millennials

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Many business publications and social media outlets would have us believe that every company has its own version of a soap opera starring managers who are 55-plus and their teams of professionals between 25 and 35.

Sheila Jagannathan: Teaching the World

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Many of the sustainable development goal indicators require functioning CRVS systems for effective monitoring. Mills knew a distance learning-based training program could be a cost-effective and far-reaching way to promote adoption of CRVS systems.

A Look Back At The Years Best From Workplace Learning

Mike Taylor

This CLO magazine article is is yet another voice to add to the call for the need for continuous lifelong learning. “An In his most recent article, talks about how the knowledge economy and the need for teamwork have increased the need for effective collaboration and psychological safety in learning organizations. How People Learn II is a valuable resource that updates a previous version ( How People Learn ) that helps understand learning for educators of students and adults.

The Tale of Two Cultures

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Effectiveness, Chief Learning Officer magazine, June 2013. This is the article as submitted; the printed version may vary. Most columnists in CLO magazine advocate something they’re sure of. So what does this have to do with a CLO?

Refreshing new training environments come via eLearning


If replacing teachers in classrooms and whole-business seminars with IT solutions was a one-for-one exchange, it might not be worth it, but instead the transition to eLearning solutions is a portal to a more efficient and effective training model.

More flexible learning strategies needed for young workers


A recent CLO Media column by Ladan Nikravan explored the topic of teaching Generation Y workers relative to their older peers. He described the conventional version of training as a "push" from central sources to the workforce. More flexible learning strategies needed for young workers.

Leo Burnett: Selling Wellness

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It helps leaders think about how they behave in work situations and how they can surface ideas more effectively.”. About half of the team actually read the book — the other half reviewed a CliffsNotes version,” he said. That shift is already starting to have an effect.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

It puts forward lots of suggestions for how knowledge workers can leverage technology to make themselves more effective. People need to learn more, learn faster – yet the C-Level (including your CLO) seem to be making moves that are counter to that.

Montgomery Police Learns From Its Ugly History

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I wanted to show them an unsanitized version of our history that would expose them to the dark reality of civil rights era law enforcement.”. This is exactly the effect Murphy and his team hoped for.

Abhijit Bhaduri: An Unconventional Leader

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s CLO has made unconventional approaches to learning and development the norm at the India-based IT and consulting company. “I was trying to look at concepts that were there, that I had read about, and take those concepts and create my own version of each of these ideas — take the principle and see if it held up in what we were trying to do,” he said. The CLO Role Bhaduri said there are three essential components in the CLO role: 1. Wipro Ltd.’s

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The Importance of Personalized Learning – Part 1 of 3 – K12


This ensures that every student is engaged in the lecture, and the results of post-lecture comprehension questions provide the instructor with an understanding the effectiveness of the lecture for each student. — Authored by Jeff Katzman, Founder and CLO at Xyleme, Inc.

Textbooks are dead. Or Should Be.


And that is exactly what Jeff Katzman, CLO at Xyleme, is proposing; replacing textbooks and gradebooks with tablets for both students and teachers. College students are the most effected by cost of any student group, averaging around $900 a year on textbooks, according to a 2010 study by Nicole Allen. Furthermore, new editions of most books are produced about every three years and as any college student knows, each student is required to purchase the updated version.

Kevin Bruny: Man of the People

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” The Road to County CLO Bruny’s journey to the county was circuitous. For that, Chesterfield won the state’s version of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, and a decade later, its total quality system served as the prototype for development of the nonprofit version of Baldrige. In 2003, he was appointed to the county’s newly created CLO position, and became director for the county’s Center for Organizational Excellence.

iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning


Even more importantly, the ease of sharing notes around a particular book will make reading and studying much more informed and perhaps lead to a next generation version of Cliffs Notes where you can get the context of a certain piece by how others have described it.”

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Rethinking conferences

Jay Cross's Informal Learning

It’s a BarCamp, the Open Source Version of a Conference. Response 5 Relevant content and effective speakers.