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The CLO’s Dilemma

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While Donald Trump cleverly reduces answers to complex world problems to 140 characters, this speculation about coding makes the lives of all learning executives much more difficult. When we have a problem to be solved, we get targeted learning on YouTube.

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CLO Podcast: Visa’s Karie Willyerd on Learning Strategy

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She took on the brand new role of global CLO at Visa in 2018. It’s no secret that talent is at the center of the modern business agenda and it’s our hope that you’ll hear tips and ideas from this podcast that will help you succeed in business, whether you’re a long-time CLO with decades of experience, whether you aspire to the role in the future or maybe you’re just passionate about the future of learning in today’s organizations.

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From Brilliant Jerk to Passionate People Person

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Mark Zuckerberg was introduced to the world as the kid who shut out his best friend for a majority stake in Facebook, the ubiquitous social network that seems to perpetuate Zuckerberg’s natural apathy toward people. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Travis Kalanick.

Top Chief Learning Officer Conferences of 2019


When you attend, the format will be a mixture of discussions, lectures, and peer to peer networking time. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to network with your peers and also see the latest in learning tools at the expo featuring more than 400 exhibitors. CLO Exchange.

21st Century L&D Skills

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I was recently involved in a discussion about 21st Century learning skills in one of the LinkedIn Groups. More recently, the social learning revolution has built on these to offer a new world of learning and development. All value is created by teams and networks.

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Is There a Better Way to Social Learning?


Home > Learning Technologies , Social Learning > Is There a Better Way to Social Learning? Is There a Better Way to Social Learning? in light of social media. The problem lies not in this goal, but how learning vendors are choosing to get there.

Seismic Shifts in Hiring

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We don’t require previous technical experience, but we do want to see that they have strong problem-solving skills and can absorb new content quickly,” he said. In an economy where tech talent feels impossible to find, that’s a problem most companies would be lucky to have.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

Tony Karrer

The example they cite sounds like actually hacking – but I believe that we are going to see more and more employees taking initiative to end run the barriers in order to leverage networks, communities, and tools that extend beyond the boundaries of the organization.

Searching for a Higher Purpose

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To address the relevancy problem, Belcher suggested developing more teamwork and business impact projects — considering at the beginning of a program how it aligns to strategic initiatives across the organization. Engle said that’s a problem.

Playing Games Leads to Better Learning

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Add to this, employees face a growing number of distractions — Facebook updates, text notifications, incoming emails and more. The problem is, while many have strong opinions regarding the answers to these questions, there hasn’t been enough data to support these hypotheses.

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Women in Ed-Tech: Technically Proficient

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Miranda-Wolff said one problem creates another, because when men start companies, they often do not do any formal recruitment. In-stead, they look to their network, which often consists mostly of men. You’re at the frontlines seeing problems,” she said. “If

Research Briefs

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The CLO''s 2015 Inbox: Preparing for the Near Future: A Chief Learning Officer - $99.95 All our executive research briefs are social media ready. This allows not only for easy social media use, but provides excellent information easily inserted into presentations and reports.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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Four roles for social media in workplace learning - Clive on Learning , September 28, 2010 I write this as I travel to Birmingham to participate in a panel discussion with Nick Shackleton-Jones and Robin Hoyle on the role of social media in learning. Capabilities to push quiz on Twitter and Facebook. PLE - “My PLE is where I store all my “keys” to the network. Social Media for Working & Learning: Twitter in the classroom, 10 useful resources.

Free learning & development webinars for March 2017

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David Wentworth, Principal Learning Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, will host the webinar on solving the content discovery problem with EdCast. This webinar will examine how leading organizations address this problem and how that relates to the future of corporate learning management.

Make Learning Learning Viral-Worthy to Make It Last

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According to Facebook, in the phenomenon’s first three months, more than 17 million videos related to the Ice Bucket Challenge where uploaded to the social media platform and viewed more than 10 billion times by more than 440 million people.

Fired Over the Phone

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has had its share of problems such as stiff competition from tech innovators like Google and Facebook, particularly in courting advertising; Microsoft’s failed hostile takeover of the company ; multiple executive departures and rounds of layoffs; and stock performance that has not significantly improved (though the company has seen a boost as a result of Bartz’s departure). How would you as CLO approach guiding learning in such a high-stakes situation?

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Top 68 eLearning Posts from April - Hot Topics iPad Google Buzz

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The following are the top items from featured sources based on social signals. Key Social Learning Roles - Daretoshare , April 4, 2010 Premise : Learning communities or networks thrive because its members possess certain skills and capabilities. Facebook has more than 400 million active users and 50% of those active users log in every day and 35 million of those users update their status daily. Facebook Press Room. What is social presence?

ManpowerGroup’s Global Sustainability Manager on the Importance of the Practice

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where everybody was connected via social media or before something like Facebook even existed. What are the big problems? What I mean by social sustainability are things like where the direct investment comes into focusing on people.

Sun, Elite, and the future

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At the CLO Symposium, Karie Willyerd showed samples of how Sun Microsystems is preparing to greet the workforce of 2020. Throughout the CLO Symposium, people grappled with ways to explain the value of learning to business leaders. College kids are different these days.

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