Information Overload: The Plague of Learning and Development

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Consumers and buyers today have information at their fingertips, more discerning criteria for how they spend their money along with continuously shifting expectations. Studies show how information overload, multitasking and prolonged repetition impair productivity, performance and decision-making. The post Information Overload: The Plague of Learning and Development appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media. The world has changed.

Information Overload and New Initiatives

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A recent article over at CLO online talks about the problem of information overload in the workplace. The article talks about the impact of this problem on the quality of work, the morale of employees, and the amount of time information overload causes when people have to keep re-orienting to tasks they get pulled away from, or get prioritized into.While the thrust of the article is about how to.


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How to Use Employee Training to Increase Software Adoption Rates

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77% of CLO’s in a recent survey shared that digital transformation is their number one priority for 2021 (1). Breaking down complex information and topics into memorable bite sized segments with microlearning can greatly improve the success of your software adoption plans.

Communication in the time of COVID: tips for effectively engaging with employees

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Update employees, but avoid information overload. Having someone to count on for important updates can ease the tension of “information overload” and receiving news faster than it is possible to digest.

Skills gap or not; why can’t we agree? (Part two)


Vado’s strategy is simple but not simplistic; Identify pertinent information. The idea is to break down information into bite-sized pieces because too much information presented at one time leads to information overload. This is the second of two posts discussing the roots of the issue and a new strategy to address this stubborn problem.

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Continuous Learning is strategic to business

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With information overload, learners need to sieve relevant content. The views of its CLO, in a newsletter , highlight the ways and means adopted to put its people in the learning path. Below are a few excerpts: Nike CLO Andre Martin, who joined the company in April 2014, believes that growth provides incredible opportunity.

Note to men: Mentor her! (Yes, even during a pandemic)

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Quite often, merely reaching out, expressing encouragement and offering a line of communication will go a long way toward helping a mentee feel less overwhelmed, especially in this time of information overload.

A message about learning from the C-suite

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And all of this is happening in a very complex and expanding information environment. We know that information is being created at a rapid rate today — and that fields that used to be separate are mingling to create new areas of knowledge.

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Evaluating Sales Training Programs


Consider this — ATD collected information from over 2500 firms and found companies that offer comprehensive training enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training. A study by CLO Magazine reported 70% of employees surveyed felt more motivated to learn when they could access the training on their mobile devices, while 72% reported increased engagement with mobile learning. The success of your company can largely depend on your choice in sales training.

Social Media, Brain vs. Eyes, & Sales Training

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Product Sales Training: Overcoming Death by PowerPoint - CLO. The challenges we found boil down to: Information overload: The need for reps to know a large amount of changing product information. Point-of-need information: Provide up-to-date product knowledge at at the point of need, during or before a sales interaction. Despite Army Order, Some Bases Still Ban Facebook, Twitter - Wired. "At

Rethinking Organizational Correspondence

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If the major goals of communication in an organizational setting are to share information, influence others and take action, all of which are highly relevant to an organization’s effectiveness, then we should optimize every opportunity to correspond with one another. Provide the relevant background information about the topic in a succinct paragraph or in bullets. The post Rethinking Organizational Correspondence appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

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open up exciting opportunities for people to access relevant information where and when they require it. Learning leaders will be more focused on relevancy of information. I find that interesting because clearly they see the need to capture and deliver information and support in new ways in organizations. The answer is simple: Information Overload provides inherent opportunity for curation. This month's #LCBQ is the first with the Big Question Thought Leaders.

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

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Margaret offers them the following tips: always be mindful of the remote worker/learner; train them to chunk their days into productive periods free from interruption; avoid information overload; and build social capital through social networking. Animating E-Learning: Robb Reiner, CLO at Evolve Studios , informed us that static graphics are typically more effective than animations for conveying general information to learners.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions for 2010

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I somewhat wonder how much of that is true barriers as opposed to perceived barriers, and a recent HBR item talked about Hacking Work : When a 12-year-old can gather information faster, process it more efficiently, reference more diverse professionals, and get volunteer guidance from better sources than you can at work, how can you pretend to be competitive? People need to learn more, learn faster – yet the C-Level (including your CLO) seem to be making moves that are counter to that.

In Learning, Size Matters

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Microlearning has not only stood the test of time, it is uniquely suited to facilitate business in today’s largely informal, development-driven work environment. Perhaps the bank representative is referring to information from the latest course about the new mortgage program restrictions to satisfy a customer’s call. READER REACTION We asked our CLO LinkedIn followers: How do you deliver bite-sized chunks of content to drive learning and productivity?

Top 25 Posts and 4 Hot Topics in January - Best of eLearning Learning

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8 Dirty Words - Informal Learning , January 24, 2010 CLO online edition Dirty Words by Jay Cross L ast year I led workshops in London, Madrid , San Jose, Quebec, and Berlin on how to sell social networking and informal learning to senior management. How to Navigate Social Media (and Avoid Information Overload) - Rapid eLearning Blog , January 26, 2010 There’s a lot of conversation about social media. Best of eLearning Learning.

Uncertainty: Learning’s Final Frontier

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The successful leader enthuses all to experiment with new situations and information. They can cover a range of issues like information overload, helping people say no and better management of email and other forms of connectivity. The post Uncertainty: Learning’s Final Frontier appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

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