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The fully mature metrics practice

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That’s where the results of the 2020 Learning State of the Industry survey, ‘ The fully mature metrics practice ’ snapshot, comes in. A vast majority of these respondents believe their organizations’ metrics practices are fully aligned with learning strategy.

Getting creative with learning ROI measurement

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Return on investment for learning and development is a major topic among learning teams in organizations today. However, only 24 percent said they report these ROI measures to company executives. The second metric we need to define is the business one.

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From higher ed to PepsiCo CLO

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Molly is so full of energy, it uplifted the whole team,” says Tracy Sheerin, senior director of digital learning for executive education at Yale. But in 2018 she got a call from a headhunter looking for PepsiCo’s new CLO, and it was too good of an offer to resist.

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Takeaways from Learning 2017

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You’ll get lots of different viewpoints to pull from and it helps increase the sense that everyone is working together as an organization, not just as a project team or a department. No Metrics, No Proof. Having metrics to back up your work can help you get stakeholder buy-in for future projects. Return on investment (ROI) is one of the most commonly used metrics. Data and metrics are meaningless if they don’t convey a story.

CLO Symposium

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Along with my Internet Time Alliance colleagues Jane Hart & Clark Quinn and several hundred chief learning officers, I attended the Fall CLO Symposium this week. Norm Kamikow, Mike Prokopeak, and their team at Human Capital Media have a tradition of hosting great get-togethers at dynamite locations. It’s intended to underpin the dialog between CLO and executive management. “Nobody cares about internal metrics.” What was Columbus’s ROI?”

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CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

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They agreed that the future CLO should have experience in: strategic management, general management, knowledge management, leadership skills, and learning methods and concepts. While implementing these general management projects, were these future learning executives able to anticipate issues, determine the right data and associated metrics, predict outcomes, and recognize key trends and patterns? ROI, market share, shareholder equity, etc.

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To Deliver Results Start with Why?

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They may be requested by an executive team that thinks learning is the solution, or the request may be based on a trend or a new, best-selling book. This starts by setting objectives at different levels for reaction, learning, application, impact, even ROI when needed. Finally, for programs that are very expensive, important and strategic, the evaluation should be pushed to ROI (Level 5), usually in 5 percent of programs. Phillips is president and CEO of the ROI Institute.

Why Chief Learning Officers Should Care About Learning Experience

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To ignore the learning experience is to ignore the largest customer base for CLOs, which naturally makes it an important metric for success. It is also an important metric for CLOs because it has an enormous impact on the return on investment for content production and procurement activities created by the L&D department. For more on the important metrics for measuring the success of a Chief Learning Officer, read our ebook The Three Levers of Successful CLO.

It’s Time to Rethink the Value of Training and Development

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However, using the Kirkpatrick Model to calculate not just the human benefit, but also the financial impact – the ROI – can prove difficult. To realistically determine the ROI of training and development programs, companies need to stop focusing solely on causation metrics and start focusing more on correlation. That data can then be leveraged by correlating with metrics that are monitored anyway, such as performance and potential.

David DeFilippo: Building a High-Performance Team

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BNY Mellon’s new CLO is building a university from scratch to help the global financial services firm succeed through organic growth. Formerly CLO for BNY’s asset management business, DeFilippo was promoted to chief learning officer for the entire organization in June after the executive committee decided to consolidate learning and development activities — and all learning professionals — into a central university structure. I am the coach of the team.

How to Get the Workforce Skills You Need for 2021


Keeping people’s skills in sync with the constantly changing world of work is the biggest talent challenge of our time,” according to Degreed CLO Kelly Palmer. “It’s One way to drive positive learning ROI is through thoughtful content curation. Communicate metrics of success.

Boost your L&D visibility & credibility – The Annual Learning Report

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Many believe that the ROI is not always the best and ultimate solution to show the added value of contemporary L&D. ROI is not always the answer. Overall, research finds that Kirkpatrick, Philips and other models measuring ROI, do not fit contemporary L&D due to a lack of attention for continuous learning. The real truth about ROI – the Learning Performance Model” describes how contemporary L&D better demonstrates their added value with the LPM.

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Update on the SEC and ISO initiatives for human capital reporting

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Today, companies have to report only one human capital metric: number of employees. The SEC does say, however, that since human capital is now the primary driver of value, the disclosure will have to include human capital metrics and commentary about human capital initiatives. The U.S.

Listen: Discover Financial Services’ Jon Kaplan on tuition assistance programs and the importance of building trust among your learning team

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His team didn’t agree with his assessment. “I I was there for about three or four years and I had managed to take a team that should have been high performing and I just drove them into the ground,” Jon said. “It Mike: We should also mention Liz Loutfi who also is one of our editorial team who works on CLO. Ashley: I mean, before I came to CLO I pretty much didn’t know anything about CLOs. There would be an education team and a learning leader.

The SEC just mandated human capital disclosure: What does this mean for you?

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So, no specific metrics are offered, but the SEC has provided pretty clear direction. While the SEC has not provided any specific metrics they expect to see, the International Organization for Standardization has in their December 2018 Guidelines for Internal and External Reporting.

It’s time to update your evaluation strategy

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The best way to survive and even thrive in the current economic downturn is to actually measure the impact and ROI of your major programs to ensure that these programs deliver the business results that executives and sponsors want and need. Identify each team member’s role and function.

Movin’ On Up: How Internal Mobility is all About People


Let’s talk about the three main stakeholders in an Internal Mobility strategy: The individual The manager (current and hiring) The talent team. First up, the talent team. Most organizations have a talent acquisition team but not a talent retention team. Digging deeper, the talent acquisition team’s goal, as the name might suggest, is to acquire talent, not retain it. The metrics for this department speak to acquisition goals and the speed of achieving them.

The Power of Storytelling at Vi

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With such tremendous gains in this area, Whitcomb and her team put together a program called Breakthrough Leadership. Whitcomb said her team is working to improve this and other programs using metrics that a DePaul University faculty member helped identify, including: supervisor support, learner readiness, changes in learners and ROI. It’s how she’s wired, she said, and it’s through the partnerships with leaders on her team that all the work gets done.

Here’s the latest thinking on measurement, analytics and reporting

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There are two very significant developments here, each of which will change the way human capital metrics are reported. This standard represents the work of a large, international group of experts who spent three years deciding which human capital metrics (measures) should be collected and reported. In the future, why would any employee go to work for an organization that refuses to disclose its human capital metrics? Application, Impact and ROI.

How to build the business case for Virtual Reality


A business case is the best way to organize many stakeholders from various functional areas around objectives, expectations, and return on investment (ROI). VR data delivers unique, actionable metrics (performance, attention, engagement, usage).

20 things I’ve learned from 20 years of learning measurement

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At a recent CLO Exchange, a learning leader said his success with measurement came back to “starting with the business questions you’re trying to answer.”. Whether you’re measuring basic Level 1 results or a big business impact study, it’s great to prove that students liked your training or that key metrics went up. The team dug deeper and learned that all the gains were coming from average performers while high performers saw no improvement at all.

Making the ask: securing a learning budget during economic hardship

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Despite what is going on in the world, we all still have learning objectives and sales metrics that we need to hit. Do we agree that generally our teams do not have time, or are perceived not to have time, for training? Do we believe great training can provide an ROI? We must establish common ground by acknowledging that we are all in this situation together and that whether in-person, virtual or asynchronous, we need to be in front of our team right now.

5 steps to better-informed leadership development decisions

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You will have the information you need to make evidence-based decisions, set priorities and determine where to invest your valuable time and resources to optimize your business ROI. An important first step is to engage your executive team and other key stakeholders in a discussion of what matters most to your organization. Gather pertinent data, including the business metrics your organization uses to measure progress in those areas that are most important to success.

Thinking Beyond a Seat at the Table

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It’s time to take the CLO role to a higher level, not just on the organization chart, but in terms of influence and organizational accomplishment. Chief Learning Officer ’s “2015 CLO Measurement and Metrics Survey” indicated that 36 percent of CLOs are using business impact to show the value of learning to the broader enterprise. Twenty-two percent are using ROI for the same goal. Also, the CLO is responsible for talent development.

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The Business Impact Award

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The learning services team, managed by Kristin Cassino, set out to create an entire methodology to track the relationship between training and outcomes, with hard data to back it up. Measuring impact through a sales excellence map and rearranging metrics used to gauge outcomes meant both learners and managers could track progress easily and accurately. The post The Business Impact Award appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

CFO, Friend or Foe?

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For more than 100 years, CFOs have been using ROI for capital expenditures. To keep the relationship friendly: Consider them to be metrics experts. If you are having difficulty securing additional funds for metrics, analytics and measurement, you may have a sympathetic ear because the CFO understands the power of analytics. CFOs may have no idea how to connect leadership development to a financial ROI, but chances are, you do.

Financial Investment

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Not a Short Answer I wish there were a set of business cases that we could point to that would exemplify what a VP Learning/CLO should be presenting to their executive team. What should a VP Learning / CLO present to the executive team? Informal Learning is Too Important to Leave to Chance More on the Form of Informal Formalizing and Investing in Informal Learning Numbers Behind Informal and Formal Learning Internet Time Blog: ROI is toast.

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Transitioning to a Data Driven Learning Department

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In a recent survey conducted by LEO Learning and Watershed , 60 percent of surveyed practitioners reported they feel more pressure from their executive teams to demonstrate L&D’s impact across the organization. When learning programs are well planned and aligned to organizational performance metrics, data show how learning impacts the bottom line. These tools also captured sales data to demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of each marketing campaign.

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Navigating the Waters of Digital Adoption Through Data

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Using this information, management can identify two important metrics — who is and who isn’t using the new platforms. Businesses can also leverage these users by developing them into ambassadors to rally teams internally. For example, your consumption data is telling you that the marketing department is not leveraging Microsoft Teams for collaboration, but that they are accessing the training portals/learning resources during their lunch break. Proving Adoption With ROI.

“To Have a Great Brand, You Need to Have Great Learning”


Hilton Worldwide trains thousands of Team Members across its properties in 94 countries. We talked with Hilton's T&D Leader Kimo Kippen, who won the CLO of the Year Award in October. We are here to ensure that all Team Members across every level – from housekeepers to executives – receive relevant learning to help them grow personally and to provide exceptional service for our guests. "A We enable Team Members to deliver a positive hotel guest experience at every hotel.

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Moving on Up(ward)

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Kevin Scherer, senior manager, Tyson Foods’ employee social responsibility team. In response, the employee social responsibility team rolled out a small pilot program offering English as a second language training at the plant. “We We thought 10 or 15 people might show up,” said Kevin Scherer, senior manager of the ESL team. After the first program was launched at the Springdale plant, Scherer’s team got permission to institute it at a larger plant in Arkansas.

How to Build Executive Alliances

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Hamilton, chief learning and development officer for the Americas at Ernst & Young, said he believes it is the CLO’s role to be a bridge between the company’s learning and development resources and operators. Previously a managing partner for Ernst & Young, Hamilton was asked to join the HR team because of his success managing his audit staff. “I For example, our ROI for leadership development is somewhere in the 700 percent range.

Partnering With the C-Suite

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The CLO is strategically positioned to focus on business objectives, outcomes and costs. With a single-minded focus on investment showing ROI, the CLO becomes an unbiased business partner, strategic consultant and team player in the C-suite. The VUCA Effect The CLO has a compelling reason to focus on the business impact of learning investments: VUCA. The CMO said, “I think the CLO knows what works in marketing as well as most marketing executives.

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Dive In

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Done effectively, leadership development can have a positive impact on the business (sales, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency), ultimately leading to a beneficial ROI. To reach the true potential of the experience, you need a professional facilitator who debriefs what happened in the simulation, how team leaders interacted and what applicable takeaways apply that reach across their company. Innovation: How did your team balance innovation with execution efficiency?

Learning at Large Ep6: Measuring the effectiveness of human-centred learning


I am Director of Learning and Performance Innovation, which means I kind of head up the Learning Innovation team at PA Consulting and, in practice, that means that we travel around the world quite often, helping organizations of various sizes to modernize and to identify opportunities for innovation in what they do. So when a business says and challenges the learning team as they often do, what is the ROI?

Free learning & development webinars for March 2017

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Discussion topics include: The metrics organizations are using The outcomes organizations are measuring How data is being analyzed Data analysis as a skill set How High Performers approach measurement and analytics Thursday, March 9, 2017, 10AM – 11AM PT: How to Be a Better Hiring Manager (Free for ATD members) Most hiring managers dread having to backfill a position or find new talent to grow their team. What Does It Mean for the Digital CLO?

Building a Performance Ecosystem

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Former Thomson Reuters CLO Charles Jennings highlights the 70:20:10 framework for thinking about organizational learning: 10 percent of what we need to know to do our jobs comes from courses, 20 percent from mentoring or coaching, and 70 percent is learned on the job through independent initiative. The picture is richer than just ROI. Tie execution to organizational outcomes, and ensure that learning actually has an impact on business metrics.