How to Manage Problem Employees

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We’ve yet to meet a leader who is confused by the term “problem employee.” But too often, problem employees remain in organizations, doing damage to both their work groups and their direct manager’s career. Understanding the Problem.

Status Quo? Not This CLO

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By 2015 he was the new vice president and CLO. “We Daniel has been very successful stepping up into this role and after two short years, the organization cannot imagine a more suited CLO.”. This is one of many examples of his nonpunitive approach to problem solving, she said. “He

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CLO Thinking (& Measurement)

Clark Quinn

I attended the CLO Symposium with my ITA colleagues Jay Cross and Jane Hart. My problem here is that this stuff shouldn’t be a topic in 2011, it should be already well-practiced and in the repertoire. Which should be the indicator that you have a problem in the first case! It was an interesting event, with a theme of “ Game-Changing Learning: Development for the New Normal “, held at a classy venue on the beach, and was well-organized. (You

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Fewer Mentors, Bigger Problems

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This hesitation and fear pose problems for women and for the success of companies. But Johnson said there is a larger problem than men in power fearing they will be exposed or accused of misconduct — and that’s retaining valuable women. “A

The CLO Succession Plan

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Additionally, Willett has been putting together what she calls the “CLO’s notebook” that explains different aspects of the job in detail. Willett also emphasized the importance of allotting plenty of time to lay the groundwork for the next CLO to take over the role.

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The CLO’s Dilemma

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While Donald Trump cleverly reduces answers to complex world problems to 140 characters, this speculation about coding makes the lives of all learning executives much more difficult. When we have a problem to be solved, we get targeted learning on YouTube.

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Listen: Researcher Sarah Kimmel on the future of the CLO role

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There’s a creeping sense of unease in the CLO role, with the future both uncertain and full of opportunity. In this conversation, Sarah unpacks the results to provide insights for the future of the CLO role. Show Notes: CLO Role of the Future Executive Summary.

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CLO Podcast: Visa’s Karie Willyerd on Learning Strategy

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She took on the brand new role of global CLO at Visa in 2018. It’s no secret that talent is at the center of the modern business agenda and it’s our hope that you’ll hear tips and ideas from this podcast that will help you succeed in business, whether you’re a long-time CLO with decades of experience, whether you aspire to the role in the future or maybe you’re just passionate about the future of learning in today’s organizations.

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The CLO’s Critical Role: Nine Areas for Action

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The previous Business Intelligence column presented an instrument designed to assess the extent to which the CLO and the learning enterprise add value to the organization. The 30-question instrument detailed specific areas that define this critical role of the CLO.

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CLO Competencies: The Path for Future Learning Leaders

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They agreed that the future CLO should have experience in: strategic management, general management, knowledge management, leadership skills, and learning methods and concepts. This focus on closing gaps is again rooted in the ability of the future CLO to think strategically.

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Learning to Be a CLO

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Penn’s doctoral program is at the forefront of CLO education. The University of Pennsylvania’s CLO doctoral program is the only doctoral program in the world designed exclusively around enterprise learning, with 50 learning leader and CLO graduates since 2006. ” From Wharton, students learn the responsibilities for a CLO within the context of a broader set of business problems.

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Learning vs. Embedment: The Core Problem for 21st Century Learning

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But here is the existential problem: I don’t think it made much of a difference. The Ice Cream Cone Problem: A Focus on Embedment, Not Abstractions. The post Learning vs. Embedment: The Core Problem for 21st Century Learning appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Wake UP CLO’s – Change Now

eLearning 24-7

As a CLO if you are in any of the above boxes, I would say I feel for you. . With online learning you change the first piece of the pie – the biggest piece from an “LMS” where you house courses, content – and in many CLO minds, for compliance training only (NEVER) to.

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How to make a transformational impact as CLO: 5 key takeaways (Ep13)


This week, we spoke to David DeFilippo about the role of a CLO and knowing when to push back to generate real impact. There are ways to find out what the real problem is that can be based on metrics, that can be based on organizational data, that can be based on qualitative assessments.

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3 Guidelines to Consider as a CLO

Training Industry

There is an old adage that if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. When discussing training, the debate rages. How long is short enough and how short is long enough? On the one hand, how do we optimize the limited time employees can spend on learning and keep their attention in our fast paced world? On the other, how do we actually impact behavior in a complex, diverse global environment?

CLO Podcast: Stephanie Speights of Children’s Health on Centralizing Learning

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Since this episode was recorded, Stephanie took on the CLO role at Parkland Hospital and Health System, one of the largest health systems in Dallas. Plus, co-host Justin Lombardo talks about the three things to look for in a new CLO role and why he thinks centralization is the way to go for the modern learning function. She just landed a new gig, it’s still in Dallas, as senior vice president, talent management and development and CLO at Parkland Hospital and Health System.

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Advice from legendary CLO Steve Kerr: Start with the back of the manual


Steve Kerr, former CLO of GE and Goldman Sachs. We’ve found it’s a great way to quickly revisit first principles and ensure we stay focused on the specific challenge at hand vs. getting excited about a potential solution in search of a problem.

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Top Chief Learning Officer Conferences of 2019


CLO Exchange. The CLO Exchange is a yearly conference that is invitation only. The CLO Symposium is a bi-annual conference put on by Chief Learning Officer magazine, CLO Exchange, CLO Summit, CLO Forum and the Chief Learning Officer and Influencers Forum.

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning


Teams of similarly skilled individuals will not be the greatest and the best when it comes to such complex problem solving. Diverse perspectives and subject matter expertise will have to come together to solve problems in the future. The role of the CLO will be to drive this change NOW!

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India’s Demographic Dividend and NSDC

Upside Learning

Spent the day Friday attending the CLO Summit India , a day well spent with some nice presentations and as is the wont with such conferences, some not-so-nice presentations. This problem is only set to grow as millions enter the workforce. Tags: Blended Learning eLearning Chief Learning Officer CLO India CLO Summit India eLearning India National Skill Development Corporation of India NSDC

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Enough already with ILT

eLearning 24-7

The problem though is that Instructor-Led training doesn’t work, not from an adult learner standpoint, not from an attendee standpoint, not even from the standpoint of many folks who have utilized the power of e-learning (hence its extensive growth over traditional learning of ILT). Here are two problems I see with that. clo ILT Uncategorized classroom training instructor led trainingI always found that there are two types of people in the training and L&D space.

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Cultivating Constructive Devil’s Advocates

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These naysayers can block innovation and spark defensive behavior on the part of those proposing innovative solutions to pressing problems. In the early stages of a problem-solving process, we need to refrain from devil’s advocacy.

A learner and a teacher at heart

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Butters knew she’d found her CLO. The program couples sales metrics with coaching content to transform stats from basic yardsticks or even points of contention into catalysts for engagement and problem solving. Profiles & Case Studies CLO profile learning Lifelong learning

Trish Holliday Teaches Tennessee a Lesson

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In 2005, Holliday left the ministry for a job as training officer with the state of Tennessee, where she quickly moved up the ranks to assistant director, then director, and ultimately CLO. The post Trish Holliday Teaches Tennessee a Lesson appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

10 Steps to Help You Lead Organizational Change

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Many of these steps will be familiar, others may be new, but they have been gleaned and curated with the CLO in mind from my research and doctorate of education studies at the University of Southern California. Conflict cannot always be problem-solved by closing the gap from A to B.

Learning to Innovate

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Inspired by the XPrize Foundation, which leverages the collective wisdom of people around the world to help solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems, Dream Big is a companywide contest for ideas and solutions to the organization’s biggest market challenges.

Burgers and Basics

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Those learning leaders invest time and sweat to understand where workers struggle so when it comes time to solve a problem those workers know the learning leader has their best interests at heart. The post Burgers and Basics appeared first on Chief Learning Officer - CLO Media.

Beyond Best Practices

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What we hear most frequently in survey after survey and in conversations with leaders across the country is your desire for research and case studies on how companies and individuals are tackling their organization’s thorniest problems. Pardon my French, but best practices are a bunch of B.S.

Are You Experienced?

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The CLO role is full of exciting opportunities. That problem is acute for companies who sell stuff online but it’s just as important for learning leaders who teach online. Mike Prokopeak, VP, Editor in Chief.

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A Dedication to the Craft

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He went looking for what he called “Swiss army-knife type talents,” experienced learning professionals who had the ability to consult and analyze business problems.

Work in a Second Language to Enhance Decision Making

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But this essential soft skill generally includes an individual’s ability to explore and understand a problem and its consequences, to view possible solutions by considering various perspectives, to assess the value of information at hand, and eventually to make a decision that solves the problem.

Don’t Know Much About History

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Outside of a brief mention about apprenticeships, the biggest education news happened when Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said during her Senate confirmation hearing that we need guns in schools to control the rampaging bear problem that is apparently keeping our students from their studies.

Need to Measure Social? Look Down More.

The Simple Shift

According to a recent CLO Magazine article/survey, executives added or supported social tech for 3 very big and very common reasons: increase collaboration (47%), increase engagement (42%) and create a culture of continuous learning (60%). There are two problems. […].

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Training Industry, Good & Evil Organizations, Learning, & Problem Solving

Big Dog, Little Dog

The Training Industry in 2008 - CLO. Secret to problem solving: don't think too hard - Cosmos. Insightful problem solving is generally associated with more lateral and creative solutions to problems, so being able to enhance this ability would clearly be of great importance. Also see: What Are We Thinking When We (Try to) Solve Problems?

Employee-generated Learning is now mainstream

Challenge to Learn

CLO Award. We won the golden “Excellence in e-Learning” award at the 2018 CLO Learning in Practice Awards, presented by Chief Learning Officer magazine. If our Employee-generated Learning approach was not solving a real business problem, we would not be so successful.