Embracing long-term virtual team and leadership training

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Virtual development will forevermore be a reasonable option. Adding to this dynamic is the fact that the need for high-quality leadership and team training hasn’t changed. But a DDI study found that leaders rank virtual leadership as their weakest skill.

GVTs — Necessary Evil or Strategic Tool?

CLO Magazine

Global virtual teams are a common reality for companies with global operations and partnerships. Realizing the benefits, however, requires a structured and intentional approach to both team launch and ongoing support. The most critical step to building and sustaining effective GVTs is related to how the teams build and sustain team relationships. Further, these teams exhibit specific practices that enable them to develop and sustain healthy relationships.


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Allego Announces Record-Breaking Customer and Revenue Growth


As the pandemic forced teams to work from home, companies saw an increased need for a learning and enablement platform that allows their teams to stay connected, informed and productive,” said Yuchun Lee, CEO and co-founder of Allego. “We 2020 was another banner year for Allego.

Sales 62

Personality style has impacts on how we cope with remote work

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These findings have practical implications for the organizations, teams and the manager-direct report relationship. To account for varying preferences among these distinct personality styles, communicate more regularly and predictably at the organizational and team levels.

How to make remote leadership development work for your business

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Managing remote employees is different from managing in-house teams, which means a manager who successfully leads in-house teams might struggle with managing remote workers. For example, Udemy has multiple courses on leading virtual teams and becoming a successful remote manager. If you outsource a service or training professional to train your managers, make sure they offer development resources specific to guiding remote teams.

Building Exceptional Virtual Learning Teams

Janet Clarey

Brandon Hall has a column in this month’s CLO Magazine on Building Exceptional Virtual Learning Teams. Coming off a graduate-level online course in Project Management I found these timely and valuable because, like most people, I work as part of a virtual team (working virtually from different locations, including corporate offices). He’s got some great tips from leaders in the field.

Effective Leadership is Transformational

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These are self leadership, one-on-one leadership, team leadership and organizational leadership. Once you have fostered a trusting relationship with your direct reports, you are ready to lead a team. Team leadership is all about team development and building a community. We live in teams. Our organizations are made up of teams. Effective leaders working at the team level realize they must honor the power of diversity among team members.

LearnX Asia Pacific 2009 - Day 2

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Training Remote Workers and Their Managers - Getting the People & Technology Right: Margaret Aspin , Director of Aspin Online Consulting , explored the challenges of managing and training teleworkers and virtual teams. Key drivers in our changing environment (eg tightening labour market, climate change, terrorism, work/life balance) are increasingly pushing workers to the virtual workplace.

Are You Developing Global Leaders?

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Effective global leadership takes strong leadership skills to the next level, said Goujon, who has worked with and managed teams in different parts of the world for much of his life. Employees also can develop their skills through online and experiential learning that can happen within a team or for a particular group. For instance, get different colleagues from different countries to come together on a small team to work on a real business problem with global implications.