Mirror, Mirror On The Wall; I Don’t See Myself At All.

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Wally Bock, in his post about a Development Dimensions International (DDI) study of front-line leaders, draws three major implications: You can't trust your mirror. The process for “getting a true picture of who you are” and for “getting better” is best facilitated by a coach. If a leader doesn’t want to ask this question or won’t act on the answer, that person is not a good candidate for coaching. I would put “counseling” between coaching and therapy in the model.

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3 Strategies to Fuel Your Leadership Pipeline (Video)

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With a combination of self-development (webinars, eLearning), workshops, peer coaching, mentors/career advisors and the all-important on-the-job activities, development plans can be rich in learning for each passage and help organizations grow and retain top talent. DDI 2014 Global Leadership Forecast. Developing Talent. Taking business to the next level relies strongly on talent.

Embracing long-term virtual team and leadership training

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But a DDI study found that leaders rank virtual leadership as their weakest skill. Furthermore, a DDI study of more than 15,000 leaders showed that levels of leadership confidence are scarily low when it comes to critical skills.

2019: The Year of Learning and Development

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DDI, for example, is testing a VR course on diversity, where participants in a meeting experience common diversity-related biases, like being excluded from the discussion, having their ideas stolen and not being allowed to voice an opinion. “It’s It’s incredibly powerful,” said DDI CEO Tacy Byham. You can learn coaching in a virtual course but you still need to practice,” she said. It’s a good year for learning leaders and their vendors.

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The Truth About Leadership Skill Gaps

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Some skills — communication, coaching, execution — are always important and never go out of style. Evan Sinar is chief scientist and vice president for the Center for Analytics and Behavioral Research at DDI. Rich Wellins is senior vice president at DDI. Few things in business ever stay the same for long. That includes leadership skills. Others ebb and flow with the changes that define the increasingly complex environments in which leaders must operate.

Stepping Up to the ROI Challenge

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In his book, Kaufmann brings leadership development into the company by meeting with top executives and identifying the key business measures that may need to improve with leadership development and coaching. According to the “Global Leadership Forecast 2014-15,” conducted by The Conference Board and DDI, 81 percent of people who report to a trained leader said they were more engaged in their jobs. Jack J. Phillips is the chairman, and Patti P.

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Sink or Swim: Setting First-time Leaders Up for Success

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In DDI’s “Finding the First Rung” study, we asked 1,130 front-line leaders, “How did you become a leader?” Plus, the new leader’s manager should be trained to provide coaching and support on a regular basis. For a DDI study a few years ago, we asked more than 1,200 employees around the world what they thought about their managers. It’s not just anecdotal evidence that underscores how tough it can be to become a leader for the first time.

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Dive In

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DDI supported this when it said only 40 percent of leaders report that their leadership quality is high, and only 15 percent have a strong leadership bench. Leadership coach and author Marshall Goldsmith said, “Many of our leadership programs are based on the faulty assumption that if we show people what to do, they can automatically do it.” Consider the following questions a coach might discuss with a participant: Problem-solving: How did you make evidence-?based

Top 4 soft skills employees are developing in VR


Feedback is critical to effective coaching, healthy teams and strong company culture. DDI , in partnership with Strivr, offers Immersive Learning as part of its leadership training. Enterprise leaders today are faced with a unique and growing challenge around building soft skills in their organizations. . Around the globe, corporate learning experts are pushing the need for soft skills training.

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Free L&D webinars for March 2020

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Global Leadership Consultant at DDI, you’ll learn ideas and practical tactics to build effective development experiences that will flex to the changing needs of your frontline managers and your organization. Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 9AM – 10AM PT: Using Assessment Tools to Coach There are loads of assessment tools and strategies in the marketplace. All these platforms and tools provide organizations an awesome opportunity to build specific coaching solutions based on the results.

Free L&D webinars for March 2019

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In this webcast, you’ll gain practical tips on how to address the learning and performance needs of today’s frontline leader, and see how DDI is responding to this rapidly changing landscape with exciting new solutions. Friday, March 22, 2019, 8AM – 9AM PT : How Leaders Use Coaching to Develop Their Talented Employees (Free for ATD members) Leaders in today’s business environment have myriad responsibilities, and they’re expected to fill many different roles.

5 Ways to Crush the Forgetting Curve

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Recently, in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, Development Dimensions International developed a conceptual model to understand the plight of the modern learner and the mechanisms to successfully create impact (Editor’s note: One of the authors works for DDI). This enables transparency, consistent language, learning together, open dialogue, and positive and reinforcement coaching.”.

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ATD ICE 2016 – Post Review

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Still there are plenty of hold outs on the ILT side, especially those creating “leaders” or developing coaches. Docebo – Their soon to be released (in June as I recall) Docebo Coach and Share module is great. If you were like me and attended the ATD ICE 2016 show, you would have come away exhausted. That is a plus in my book. For me, it was a tad different this year.

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Thriving in the Net-Work Era

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Xerox Learning, DDI, Forum Corporation, and hundreds of other “instructional systems companies” sprung up. You’re redeploying training staff as mentors, coaches, and facilitators who work on improving core business processes, strengthening relationships with customers, and cutting costs. Tomorrow I’m on a panel session on New Rules for the Enterprise 2020 at the Enterprise Learning! Summit in Alexandria, Virginia. I’m drawing a blank. 2020 is sooooo far away.

Free L&D webinars for March 2018

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If you feel like you’re on the back foot and could use a little coaching, why not check out a free webinar or two and get some fresh ideas? While the digital classroom enables most L&D to shift to the virtual world, in-person classroom sessions, coaching, and development projects won’t go away. DDI’s latest research shows that technology, when integrated with high-touch methods, accelerates learning impact and leadership growth.