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Why We All Need a Coach or Mentor

Learning Rebels

Coaching and Mentoring Two Different Approaches Coaching and mentoring are two valuable tools for professional development that can help us unlock our full potential and achieve success. The terms coaching and mentoring seem to be used interchangeably – but they are very different approaches with very different goals.

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Revolutionizing upskilling through AI coaching technology

CLO Magazine

With technology advancing at an unprecedented rate and industries transforming, organizations must ensure their workforce have the necessary skills to adapt and thrive in the face of change. But how can businesses deliver effective upskilling that is scalable and accelerates skills acquisition across their entire workforce?


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4 Tips for Offering and Mastering Online Coaching


Cash-in by supplementing your online courses with one-on-one coaching. Coaching is a natural growth of that core student-teacher connection, enabling your students to capture even more of the education spark that drew them in. Tip #1: Use a material delivery method with accountability. Two-way visibility with real-time updating.

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Build the map that lets your learners Discover, Coach & Share


Which leads us to the next pain point… Your Workforce is not Empowered to Share Their Expertise. It’s Time for Change – How Docebo Discover, Coach & Share Solves These Problems. Discover, Coach & Share enables learning in the flow of work, not just when your employees are onboarding. BOOK A DEMO.

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Leveraging the power of AI to close skill gaps

Learning Pool

The rapid changes that technological advancements bring to the job market are causing skills to become outdated faster than ever. In this article, we will explore the steps you need to take to effectively detect and overcome skill gaps using AI, as well as how automation can support personalization.

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Manager, mentor or coach? Help! We need some distinctions!

CLO Magazine

What is the difference between a leader, a manager, a coach and a mentor? Worse, the words leader , manager , coach and mentor are often used interchangeably. More organizations are asking their managers to coach their people. Coaching is often used to describe what others might think of as basic performance management.

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Teach Leadership Coaching: Earn Money by Starting Your Coaching School


Leadership coaches can help people in leadership roles make this journey a little bit more exciting and a little less overwhelming. We’ll also show you how to create your own online leadership coaching academy from start to finish! Create a beautiful online school without any technical skills. 1 What is a Leadership Coach?