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This is due to the social context in which they are growing up. They are growing up as more than passive consumers of media. For example, my daughter has set up a Finsta account. They are also growing up while the Internet of Things is changing how we live.

Performance Support

Clark Quinn

Great post by Jay Cross that uses the history of performance support to set up the need for what Jay calls Learnscapes. Jay tells us the early definition of Performance Support was: Performance Support empowered novice employees to get up to speed rapidly, to perform with a minimum of outside coaching or training, and to do the job as well or even better than experienced workers.

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Limestone Learning

Get a Coach.” Coaching may seem like a hot new professional development method, but it is actually steeped in proven techniques and provides a solid return on investment, increasing engagement and producing business results. Metrics that will evaluate program success.

An Expert’s View On The Transformation of Employee Training

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Let WalkMe help you keep up with the transformation of employee training. Jason: One of the biggest challenges training managers face nowadays is getting two very different generations on board and providing them with the best training program. “This is my web home.

Curation: A Core Competency for Learning Professionals

The Learning Circuits

Estimates show that upwards of 90% of workplace learning takes place outside of formal programs. Most actual learning takes place informally on-the-job, through coaching, mentoring, experience, and other sharing. Interactions like water-cooler conversations, over-the-cubicle requests for assistance, and on-the-job coaching provide the majority of performance support, but usually happens in a vacuum, shared only between the participants that are present.


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What I call ‘low-level’ elearning is the product of 3 conditions; the desire to move content to delivery as fast as possible, using the most basic software tools from which this can be accomplished, and lastly if something important is being tee’d up online but the development tool isn’t up to the task, the organization puts up fierce resistance to deliver learning in a different medium.