3 Coaching Tips to Help Reps Overcome Sales Objections


The solution is for sales managers to have reps practice objection handling using a program that incorporates these 3 tips: Give reps guidance on what to say. A good coaching program starts with a database of actual objections.

How Coaching Can Help the Majority Culture Understand Difference

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On the plus side, I’ve also seen a leading financial company invest in a multidimensional coaching program to help a foreign national employee enhance her communication effectiveness and leadership presence, resulting in more opportunities to lead client meetings and develop business.

Coach’s Eye + TEAMS: Every Practice, Every Game, Every Time

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Coach’s Eye + TEAMS is now available. Coach’s Eye + TEAMS is designed for coaches and athletes who need to collaborate through video. Pre-game, during the game, or post game, Coach’s Eye + TEAMS provides you with a full video solution. Coach’s Eye + PRO.

What are Coaching Cultures and Why Don’t They Catch On?


In my first blog in this series, I described Cylient’s perspective on what a coaching culture is. Now, let’s look at some of the reasons that coaching cultures don’t always take hold as we want and need them to. Coaching that delivers the kind of enduring change that coaching cultures are founded upon requires significant behavior change on the part of the coach. Yet that’s often what happens with coaching skills training programs.

Lessons from Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

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Had I taken a breath and really considered my entire background in broadcast management including sports networks and years of community service, I would have also said Mike Krzyzewski, the men’s head basketball coach at Duke University. If you asked “Coach K” who I am, he probably wouldn’t have a clue. Like so many others, I have cheered Coach K on from the edge of my seat as our Olympic teams brought home gold from Beijing and London.

Performance-Based Coaching

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Most coaching efforts miss or only partially address key elements that make businesses excel. The resulting ebb in productivity or performance leads the boss to step in to fix problems by coaching employees on how to do a better job. A talent manager or coach needs to understand the organizational context and system to appropriately coach employees to higher levels of performance. Instead, they focus on the way coaching is done rather than what is coached.

How to Impress the CEO with Your Training Program


If you want to impress your CEO with your training programs, position L&D as a catalyst for creating the employee behaviors that drive business progress. Coaching/mentoring? Build a learning and development program around crucial actions. Coaching.

5 Things Successful NBA Players and Good Salespeople Have In Common

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Good salespeople, like successful NBA players, see failures as learning opportunities and use them to hone their skills. Successful NBA players know who their opponents are. Top NBA players understand this very well and lay emphasis on regular training. They have done it.

This Coach’s Uncommon Response Reminds Us of an Important Leadership Lesson


But it wasn’t the type of rare form Virginia Tech head coach Buzz Williams wanted. After Williams shocking response to the crowd, his basketball team responded with an 8-3 run in the final three minutes of the game to shock the Blue Devils and pick up a huge win for the program.

What You Should Look For In Employees Beyond Talent, According to This Championship Coach


On April 3rd, 2018, Villanova Head Coach, Jay Wright, lifted the NCAA National Championship trophy for the second time in three years. While no one can debate his achievements as a great coach, his success was not immediate.

The Genius Learning Strategy of a Canadian Basketball Coach You Should Steal

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Now that I’m a parent, I’m having just as much fun, if not more, coaching my kids. For a learning nerd like me, there is an extra sense of pride when I see a player do something new in a game that they learned in practice. The player who reacts first almost always wins.

What Makes a Training Program Rewarding for Your Employees?


Training programs exist to make sure your employees are well-equipped with the skills, knowledge, and procedural awareness necessary to fulfill their responsibilities as safely and productively as possible. How Training Programs Boost Morale.

Want to be a Great Leader? Learn from World Champion Coaches


Their expertise in coaching, leading people and running a team can easily be translated into business tactics. Here are seven leadership lessons from Bill Belichick and six other coaches who won championships in 2017: 1. Belichick and his Patriots team capped off a miraculous comeback over the Atlanta Falcons in the second half to win his fifth Lombardi trophy and cement his status as one of the most the elite coaches of all time. Williams is a basketball coaching legend.

3 Brilliant Leadership Lessons from the Best Coach in College Football


In 30 years, they had gone from a powerhouse college football program to average at best. Finally, Athletic Director Terry Don Phillips made a high-pressure decision to accept the resignation of well-known coach Tommy Bowden, and promote an internal assistant coach named Dabo Swinney. While Dabo Swinney had no previous head coaching experience, he was well-liked by the current Clemson team and a man of deep character and conviction. Online Leadership Programs.

Duke’s Coach K Shared a Brilliant Lesson on How to Be Successful


The yearly NCAA men’s college tournament began a couple weeks ago, and as usual, the Duke Blue Devils coached by the legend Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) were one of the favorites. Whether you are a Coach K fan or not, there are life and leadership lessons to be learned from him. Coach K is known for sharing his knowledge and experience to help other people on their journey.

Developing a Leadership Bench

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Creating a leadership bench takes the skill of a coach and the precision of an engineer. First, and most obvious, you must create and maintain a leadership development program. Your program should begin with classroom training -at all levels, if possible.

From Coach to Manager to Leader: How Yev Saidachev Made the Transition


As a lifelong hockey player, he now coaches youth hockey to give players the same team experiences he had. Read on to learn how he applies that focus towards coaching others, and how he further developed the skill through Everwise.

Corporate University:Include Technology

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Smart phones, MP3 players, and social media almost make it a necessity to include a technology plan in the roll-out of the corporate university. In addition, with the right LMS you can administer online programs very well. In today’s environment, technology is king.

Top Coaches, Managers and Leaders Demand This From Every Training Session


That, we hoped, made our players improve with each session.”. In sports, the key components of an effective training program are outlined using the acronym F.I.T.T. And as an old coach of mine used to say, “ the harder we train the easier the games will be. ” Is corporate training any different? “We never allowed a bad training session. What you see in training manifests itself on the game field. So every training session was about quality. We didn’t allow a lack of focus.

The eLearning Coach » Blog Archive » User Interface Design For eLearning

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“I want the program to act like I think it should.&#. Perhaps the user interface is a smart phone or a DVD player or a store front or an elevator panel. Post from: The eLearning Coach User Interface Design For eLearning – Updated.

3 Lessons from the NBA Finals to Apply to Your Employee Training Program

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LeBron James is arguably one of the greatest players of all time. Despite having a relatively young roster stacked with comparatively inexperienced players, the Cavaliers played with a swagger that starts and ends with James.

Dev Corner - What programming languages do we use?

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A discussion of programming languages at TechSmith can be split into two categories. Camtasia Relay and Screencast.com are built using Web Forms while some new projects, like the Coach's Eye video player, are using ASP.NET MVC.

Guarding Against Primitive eLearning Programs

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In the games development area, Jane McGonigal from the Institute of the Future espouses the idea that online game players should extend their game by continuing group actions in real life situation. Offline - good old face to face – a learner can be a Merlin, doctor, friend, coach,mentor, etc.

Guarding Against Primitive eLearning Programs

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In the games development area, Jane McGonigal from the Institute of the Future espouses the idea that online game players should extend their game by continuing group actions in real life situation. Offline - good old face to face – a learner can be a Merlin, doctor, friend, coach,mentor, etc.

Painting Your Masterpiece

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This penchant has informed my style as a player-coach when working on programs focused on emerging talent and senior leadership development. One of my favorite movie characters is Rayburn, played by Christopher Walken, in 2004’s “Man on Fire.”

Building Your A-Team

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How do coaches “manage” their teams to build units that are greater than the sum of their parts? John Calipari, head coach of the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team, is famous for his high level of recruiting.

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Can Your Sales Training Hit a Curveball?

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Professional athletes and their coaches face a similar challenge, as the investment in ‘good to great’ is also critical to their success. The curveball, for example, is arguably the hardest pitch to hit, even for Major League Baseball players.

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Training Alchemy: How Sports Teams Use Training to Achieve Success

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On the same lines, some corporate training programs, especially leadership programs, are bringing activities for sports teams into the boardroom. Now, performance coaches argue that a big part of athletic success belongs to attitudes, beliefs, or thought processes – some of the very criteria standard corporate training programs are built upon. The notion of “coaching” in the corporate world stemmed from sports coaches to begin with.

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Learn like a Warrior


Coach Steve Kerr and his staff practice and teach a philosophy of constant learning. Even with big stars and a deep bench of immensely talented players, the skills of the game are never perceived (or proclaimed) as perfected; they’re a perpetual work-in-progress.

Lessons From The World Cup: The Best Teams Have Learned These 4 Things


One player does not make a team. They asked: What matters more, how good your best player is or how good your worst player is? In soccer, your worst player matters more than your best player. While the TV and media coverage has been dominated with talk of the top players like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Mohamed Salah, the depth of the teammates that surround them will determine who hoists the World Cup trophy on July 15th.

6 Brilliant Leadership Lessons from World Champion Steve Kerr


Enter Steve Kerr, head coach of the 2017 NBA World Champion Golden State Warriors. Not only did he win his second NBA championship as a coach, but he also holds the highest winning percentage in NBA history and was previously named coach of the year. He did the same thing again in 2017 but when he did finally speak he used all of his time to give praise to his other coaches, players, and team ownership. There are leaders, then there are great leaders.

6 Reasons Why Sales Training Often Fails


After all, many ways exist for a learning program to fail—about as many as the number of individual learners in that program, itself. In general, though, program failure is often attributable to one or more of these six causes : Training isn’t the right solution to the problem(s).

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8 Top Learning and Development Podcasts


The eLearning Coach. Join Simon Greany (our very own CLO and founder of Elucidat) in discovering the strategies being used in some of the worlds most successful organisations to deliver transformative large scale learning programs.

Stephen Curry Says This Is the Secret to Career Success


Up against the odds, Curry challenged himself to perfect his skills and elevate the players around him. Whether you are a professional basketball player, a leader of a team, a small business owner, or a recent graduate, Curry’s advice is critical.

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NFL Teams Using Virtual Reality to Up Their Game

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That’s why a few teams around the league are trying out an innovative new training technique that may forever change the way players practice and prepare for games. It also lets the coaches focus on the precise areas where a player may need improvement.