The Top Soft Skills You Need to Teach Your Employees Now


LinkedIn recently published a list of the most in-demand soft skills, with leadership, communication, collaboration, and time management on the podium. You might be wondering how to coach employees on soft skills. Specifically, do you have a soft skills program in your organization?

7 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Digital Era

CLO Magazine

The study found 56 percent of digital winners — companies defined as high-performers — have more mature strategies and programs to build diversity, compared to just 48 percent of other organizations. Encourage peer learning and coaching. Digital transformation is an urgent imperative.

Learning must occur in an ecosystem where each individual can both learn and teach

Learning Wire

Traditional formal learning environments have long placed an expert on a podium, who in turn tend to consider learners as sponges needing to absorb his/her expertise. This can be achieved by assuming multiple roles, such as consultant and coach.