Creating a Virtual Leadership Academy: A Case Study #ASTDTK14

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It was “faux live” video of a teacher/speaker, onscreen with PPT slides, also links to chats and other resources. A bit of a pilot program to see if this was an approach to continue with. Content was around things like how to coach. Coaching, mentoring, etc.)

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Learning Visions

Had created 4 parenting programs on website. The iPhone App – 5 folks working on this program. link] Stanford University iPhone Programming class: [link] Advancing the Common Good and LIVE United: An Overview (Patrick Gallen) United Way – largest non-profit in the world.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting Enterprise LMS for Corporate Training


Training comes in different shapes and sizes such as eLearning classes, instructor-led training, videos, PPT, documents, tests, etc. Without an LMS, tracking mandatory and voluntary training compliance is relegated to manual labor in a program like Excel.

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PowerPoint still reigns – If you are a course purist, the idea that PPT should be seen as an authoring tool should make you grumble with disgust. . Yes, you can use it for many different things, and yes, Microsoft has an add-on that turns PPT into something similar to Adobe Presenter. No programming skills needed. Where can you find this without having to have the programming skill sets needed to do so?

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It also seems appropriate when there isn’t time or budget for recording and syncing visuals and audio, particularly for dummy audio when you need to show sponsors and SMEs how the media elements of an online program will be integrated prior to the recording. SpokenText is an online speech to text synthesizer that converts text files, documents (pdf, doc, ppt) and web pages to audio files. Post from: The eLearning Coach Text To Speech Synthesizers.

9 Top eLearning Trends of 2017 from 49 Experts


Connie, known online as the “eLearning Coach,” is the author of Visual Design Solutions , a top rated eLearning design book. He was well known as the Program Director of the eLearning Guild before taking senior leadership roles in the corporate sector.

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Some of our clients generate notifications to the training manager/coach/manager when people exceed the allowed number of re-sits, allowing them to follow up to assist (or at least let the student know you are on to them!). Paris’ comment on skills: with a coaching relationship in place w/ managers and a skills checklist/rubrick, that too can be accomodated. This was very informative and i will apply these rules to my own program. The Rapid Elearning Blog.

Escape from Compliance Training Jail - The Rapid eLearning Blog

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Needless to say, they have many certification and annual refresher training programs. Before a learner enters a program, the CBL process audits the learner’s knowledge quality to determine where knowledge and confidence gaps exist related to the training content. Thus, it’s important that managers/organizations not only assign the courses, but continue to provide the coaching and performance support that is required to maintain a “good driving record.&#.