Training Reinforcement: An Insurance Policy for Your Training

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Most training reinforcement programs incorporate tools that support both of these needs. But what good is a SharePoint site if learners can’t easily access it on their mobile device? You should plan a reinforcement program that incorporates spaced repetition. Coaching.

High Impact Blended Learning on a Tight Budget: How We Did It

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Large companies may be able to devote resources to a dedicated on-boarding program that spans weeks… but small companies don’t have this luxury. Our client is going to blend use of its own personnel with strategic coaching from us to produce a solution for far less than that.

LearnBrite and Microsoft: A Match Made in Virtual Reality Training Heaven


With other programs, browser choice matters. Retention and confidence are far greater when participants have had the opportunity to practice coaching, delegating and listening. Microsoft SharePoint is meant to thrive off collaboration and shared content.

How to Find a Profitable Course Topic


One of these could become your online course idea or even make you a dedicated coach. Here are some ideas from popular courses on Udemy to get inspired: Programming & Development: Programming Languages, Python, Javascript, C++, Web Development, Game Development, Coding etc.

Performance Support Tools Your Employees Can Start Making Today

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These job aids are most often delivered as some form of content, though augmented reality and professional coaching are also becoming popular. Performance support tools (PSTs) are used by learning and development professionals to encourage “just-in-time” learning.

Building a Learning and Performance Support Ecosystem (Steve Foreman) #elguild

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Access to Experts: ask questions, get guidance A directory of experts in your org (could be Sharepoint). More on these components: Coaching is part of talent management. But you might also have a structured learning program that involves mentoring and shadowing. Their solution included knowledgebase, process based performance support, ask an expert, CoP, learning/mentoring program. eLearning Guild online webinar with Steve Foreman (InfoMedia Designs).

Using Social Media for Learning: Tools & Practices #BHsocialmedia

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Social media can reach different audiences: New employees and recently trained can now connect with each other Expert employees who got missed by training – now have a way to contribute and can become mentors and coaches. Video, podcasts, discussion forums, games, mentoring programs (Partner new learners with those already certified). Used Microsoft SharePoint – blogs, wikis, messaging, polls, surveys, RSS feeds (get alerted when content is updated).

"Building a Smarter Learning Ecosystem" w/ @JD_Dillon at @ATDCore4

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They left behind their SharePoint and built a WIKI – a single source repository – it’s searchable and it looks like Wikipedia, which everyone uses. Reinforcement came from an options system -- users logged in once a day for 3 minutes – short videos, questions – adapted to what the employee was doing – if you were supporting this program, you got content targeted to that role. and to help them coach more effectively) (This tool was made available – not required.)

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Deloitte University— What were they thinking?

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Jayne Johnson, formerly at GE in Crotonville, and now leading the leader development process in Deloitte, invited participants to talk about their programs. He responded to a few of my concerns: We prepare our leaders to teach at DU, as coaches in the new way our people will learn.

What is an LMS?


More specifically “the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.”. Once that was done, Microsoft developed the first SCORM-certified learning suite SharePoint.


Free L&D webinars for June 2018

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018, 9AM – 10AM PT: How to Coach After the Engagement Study Organizations continue to use engagement studies to measure workplace cultures. This webcast will teach the following: How to interpret the results for coaching opportunities.

Deloitte University— What were they thinking?

Allison Rossett

Jayne Johnson, formerly at GE in Crotonville, and now leading the leader development process in Deloitte, invited participants to talk about their programs. When Deloitte tallied how much they were spending on printing, it made sense to move participant and instructor materials to the cloud, relying heavily on Sharepoint. He responded to a few of my concerns: We prepare our leaders to teach at DU, as coaches in the new way our people will learn.

What's on Your Social Wish List?

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Front-running companies are installing social networks such as Chatter, Jive, Connections, Socialcast, Yammer, Socialtext, SharePoint, Ideo and HootSuite like there’s no tomorrow. You probably read a compelling argument recently that people in knowledge organizations learn three to four times as much from experience as from interaction with bosses, coaches and mentors. Use networks to create services and share collective intelligence.

Your social wishlist

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Front-running companies are installing social networks like Chatter, Jive, Connections, Socialcast, Yammer, Socialtext, Sharepoint, Ideo, and HootSuite like there’s no tomorrow. How will you take advantage of your in-house social network?

The Value of a Virtual Academy

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to create an online distance learning program using Microsoft products — Live Meeting for virtual instructor-led and MSFT Groove (now SharePoint Workspace) — to create a virtual collaboration environment in which the participants played a game where they took a simulated company from struggling to profitability in six quarters. A 2009 pilot program organized 18 self-selected finance professionals into three teams.

Top 10 eLearning Predictions 2011 #LCBQ

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Strategy" Fails Corollary: if you have SharePoint installed, you will be using SharePoint a lot more this year. The role of the learning leader is shifting from being a program manager to a solution architect.

GE TV: Elliott Masie on the Future of Learning Technologies

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You look at SharePoint, an incredibly sophisticated product from Microsoft, and probably the most abandoned technology in the universe. Not because SharePoint is bad, it’s like a whiteboard, you can make it interesting or not.

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6 Training Trends for 2018 (and 3 you’re still not doing right)


A strong leadership component is key to promoting learning and maximizing the value of your organization’s training program. There’s a newfound intolerance for clicking through 20 sites to find what you need: SharePoint? Save the Date.

Making the best use of the Learning Management System

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When do they have time to take part in e‐learning programs? These questions allow you to define the typical profile of your learners, and to introduce your program in a way that reflects their daily lives, adapting the functionalities of the LMS platform to the way they work. And you can give them access to a dashboard so that they can monitor progress among their team members and provide them with the encouragement and coaching they need.

Learning Campaigns: Driving Engagement and Performance Improvement – Part 3

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It happens in-person through conversations, meetings, programs and events, as well as online via social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and on collaboration technology like Yammer, Jive and 70-20®. The Early Career Management Development Program had 32 progress posts during the campaign with a total of 35 Likes and 45 comments about the posts.

What matters is the question not the content: “One Idea + One Learning” = “Contexsual Learning”

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Specifically, I asked him about one of the program methods he used. Synthesis: Contexsual Learning involves experts’, learning facilitators’ and learners’ participation to address technical learning issues.

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Profile of a learning architect: Sebastian Graeb-Konneker

Clive on Learning

And someone is always responsible for supporting your development – with coaching from your line manager and mentoring. Learning through blogging Blogging is possible within the firewall using SharePoint, but hasn’t taken off in any significant fashion.

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eLearning Conferences 2013

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link] January 3-4, 2013 New Presidents Program, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges, Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. link] March 6-8, 2013 Analytics Symposium: Measuring Strategic Programs for Impact and Value, Intercontinental Miami, Miami, Florida, USA. Clayton R.