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“I want the program to act like I think it should.&#. Post from: The eLearning Coach User Interface Design For eLearning – Updated. Share this on Facebook Share this on Share it on StumbleUpon Add this to 100 bookmarks. The computer user interface is that nebulous space where humans interact with the machine. Many people find this space frustrating because it’s easy to get lost or because the system doesn’t work as expected.

Instructivism, constructivism or connectivism?

E-Learning Provocateur

In turn, teachers enthusiastically transformed themselves into facilitators , guiding and coaching the participants to inquire, explore, discover and even generate new learnings. For example, face-to-face classes with monologous trainers and one-to-one coaching sessions remain popular modes of delivery. In a previous article , I provided the following examples of potential information sources that the learner could incorporate into their personal learning network: Social bookmarks.


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e-Clippings (Learning As Art): "Video iPods Revolutionize Hotel Chain’s Learning Program" (CLO Magazine)

Mark Oehlert

e-Clippings (Learning As Art) Home Archives Subscribe About My Social Networks « Karl Kapp: Scholar and a Revolutionary! Main | "Theories and Models Of and For Online Learning" (First Monday) » August 30, 2007 "Video iPods Revolutionize Hotel Chain’s Learning Program" (CLO Magazine) ( link ) "Employees at Homewood Suites by Hilton are taking charge of their own learning opportunities with video iPods. Clay Shirky My latest additions to

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eLearning Cyclops: Making It Over The Wall #LCBQ

eLearning Cyclops

Social media - Right now I am in the midst of encouraging staff to use social media as a learning and teaching tool. Social media provides access to an immense amount of informal learning and direct access to experts outside the organization walls. Give staff easily accessible avenues to getting over the wall like links to social bookmarks that contain well organized, tagged, learning opportunities. Coach staff on their job development. eLearning Cyclops.

Informal Learning: An Interview With Jay Cross

The eLearning Coach

Social learning technologies, which often facilitate informal learning, seem to have paved the way for greater interest in this approach. So I think readers of The eLearning Coach would appreciate an interview with a person who wrote the book on the subject … literally. Coach: What is your definition of informal learning? Coach: What are examples of offline informal learning? Coach: And examples of online informal learning? Jay: Learning is social.

Is this instructional design?

The eLearning Coach

As social media technologies for learning become increasingly important to organizations and to individuals, instructional designers will need to focus on broad learning events and strategies that incorporate many approaches rather than on individual courses. Design a curriculum or program. Provide for the effective implementation of instructional products and programs. Post from: The eLearning Coach Is this instructional design? Share this on

Games And Simulations

The eLearning Coach

Coach: How did you become an evangelist for learning through games, simulations and gadgets? Ironically, about the same time my kids really started to get into video games, many of my clients and fellow faculty members kept complaining about boring e-learning, irrelevant training programs, archaic teaching styles and the increasing pressure to engage learners who grew up with technology and seemed to have little patience for long lectures with little learner interactivity.

Great FREE Software Downloads

The eLearning Coach

It works on all platforms and is probably the most popular free audio program around. To create a.pdf, just use the print command from the source program that the file was created in. Some say this email program from Mozilla is better than Outlook Express. It’s a way to broadcast and get updates with AIM buddies from all your social media. This chat program gets rave reviews. Post from: The eLearning Coach Great FREE Software Downloads.

Text To Speech Synthesizers

The eLearning Coach

It also seems appropriate when there isn’t time or budget for recording and syncing visuals and audio, particularly for dummy audio when you need to show sponsors and SMEs how the media elements of an online program will be integrated prior to the recording. Post from: The eLearning Coach Text To Speech Synthesizers. Share this on Do you like Paul and Kate or are you fond of Mike and Crystal? Personally, I think Charles and Audrey from the UK are brilliant.

Webinars In April 2010

The eLearning Coach

Presenters: Jay Cross, co-founder, Together Learn; Steve Hardiman, Moderator, UMBC Alumnus; Dr. Greg Williams, Host, Director and Clinical Assistant Professor of Instructional Systems Development Graduate Programs, UMBC. Post from: The eLearning Coach Webinars In April 2010. Share this on It looks like there will be some great webinars related to instructional design and development in April.

Motivating The Instructional Designer

The eLearning Coach

Perhaps it hits you when you’re writing a storyboard to teach a poorly designed and uninspiring software program. Consider alternative instructional strategies, like adding social media technologies and informal approaches. Post from: The eLearning Coach Motivating The Instructional Designer. Share this on Or maybe you just received a fax from a course sponsor and revisions are scribbled on every page.

Bouncy, bubbly or British? How To Choose Voice Over Talent

The eLearning Coach

Integrating the perfect voice into an online course, video or slide show enhances the audience’s perception and enjoyment of the program. If your narrator isn’t credible, your program will lose some of its authority. Post from: The eLearning Coach Bouncy, bubbly or British? Share this on On the other hand, choosing a voice that doesn’t fit can sometimes feel like fingernails scraping across a blackboard.

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2009 Technology Trends That Impact Online Learning

The eLearning Coach

Access to the source code makes the programs customizable. Social Media. Social media technologies are exploding, providing an array of offerings for learning online. The prevalence of social networking, real-time search and discussion, and collaborative technologies increase the opportunities for informal and unstructured learning and can enhance structured learning strategies as well. Related Articles: 10 Social Media Tools For Learning.

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Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Build community through social technologies for learning. Implement a social media strategy as part of a learning experience. Use social networking applications and services to build groups with a common interest or goal. Although this usually requires a higher budget than other strategies, look around for pre-programmed games that work with your tool set. This might help some learners buy in to the program. 10 Social Media Tools For Learning.

5 great speakers from the AITD conference - a summary of ideas

Sticky Learning

I'd seen the program 6 months earlier and thought that there were a few sessions that looked pretty interesting. I write a blog, use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc but what did I know about Social Media really? I use it a fair bit and speak with business clients about how they can use social media to promote learning, however to be honest I still feel like a newbie with much of this! Human e-coaching. 3. Hesitation to use social sites. 5. Online Training Library Review

The eLearning Coach

And for some of the programming courses, you may find that the exercise files make it easier to follow along. Post from: The eLearning Coach Online Training Library Review. Share this on If your job or life demand that you learn software applications quickly, then you’ll probably be interested in

Lessons From The Guggenheim, Spain

The eLearning Coach

The typical online learning program uses straight narration. Synchronous learning events and social media technologies allow us to integrate this dimension of learning into the programs we design. Related Articles: 10 Social Media Tools For Learning. Social Media And Learning. Post from: The eLearning Coach Lessons From The Guggenheim, Spain. Share this on

10 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Stock Photos

The eLearning Coach

Because they exist as mathematical renderings, they can be expanded to any size and manipulated in a vector graphics program. Post from: The eLearning Coach 10 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Stock Photos. Share this on Stock photos and illustrations won’t solve all your graphic needs but there are a lot of uses for them in online learning.

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Get Your Audience Pumped: 30 Ways to Motivate Adult Learners

The eLearning Coach

Build community through social technologies for learning. Implement a social media strategy as part of a learning experience. Use social networking applications and services to build groups with a common interest or goal. Although this usually requires a higher budget than other strategies, look around for pre-programmed games that work with your tool set. This might help some learners buy in to the program. 10 Social Media Tools For Learning.

Raptivity: A Review

The eLearning Coach

This is the kind of talk that makes sense from a programming perspective rather than the user’s perspective. Post from: The eLearning Coach Raptivity: A Review. Share this on I’m always looking for new ways to add meaningful interactions to courses and have been exploring Raptivity for this purpose. Raptivity is a rapid development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built templates, most of which are interactive.

Top 70 eLearning Posts for June and Hot Topics including iPad and Mobile Learning

eLearning Learning Posts

20 Facts You Must Know About Working Memory - The eLearning Coach , June 2, 2010 Without adapting learning experiences to the learner’s cognitive architecture, instructional design is hit or miss. Post from: The eLearning Coach 20 Facts You Must Know About Working Memory. Today I was on a panel about social learning. No matter what anyone tells you, no one really has a clue how to “do&# social in the enterprise. Introduction to Social Networking.

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10 Ways To Design For Emotions (Part III)

The eLearning Coach

This might mean telling the audience how a program will help them become more effective, more competent, or enable them to help others. Design for social interaction. Using collaborative tools and social media can help learners build relationships, cooperate on tasks, and provide support and feedback to each other. If you design for social interaction, consider providing guidelines to make the experience more meaningful. Share this on

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35 Top eLearning Articles and 6 Hot Topics for March

eLearning Learning Posts

10 Rules For Writing Multiple Choice Questions - The eLearning Coach , March 18, 2010 This is a back-to-basics article about the undervalued and little-discussed multiple choice question. Social Media for Knowledge Workers - eLearning Technology , March 30, 2010 Lot s of information on different social media tools that knowledge workers should know about. Social Media Workshop Notes , March 26, 2010. LMS/LCMS Social Media & Side Notes , March 22, 2010.

Reflecting on the first half of 2009

Jay Cross

MacWorld : learning infrastructure and social network infrastructure are converging. Any remaining training staff will become mentors, coaches and facilitators who work on improving core business processes, strengthening relationships with customers and cutting costs. We are scrapping lengthy program development projects in favor of quick-and-dirty rapid development. Building a learning ecology is a different exercise than building a training program.

These 3 Tips Can Change Your Compliance E-Learning Forever - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

Some of our clients generate notifications to the training manager/coach/manager when people exceed the allowed number of re-sits, allowing them to follow up to assist (or at least let the student know you are on to them!). Paris’ comment on skills: with a coaching relationship in place w/ managers and a skills checklist/rubrick, that too can be accomodated. This was very informative and i will apply these rules to my own program. Social Web.

Escape from Compliance Training Jail - The Rapid eLearning Blog

Rapid eLearning

Needless to say, they have many certification and annual refresher training programs. Before a learner enters a program, the CBL process audits the learner’s knowledge quality to determine where knowledge and confidence gaps exist related to the training content. Thus, it’s important that managers/organizations not only assign the courses, but continue to provide the coaching and performance support that is required to maintain a “good driving record.&#.

SMBs and Social Learning Technologies

Janet Clarey

SMBs & Social Media (Sum Total). Other notes: Definition of social media vary among attendees (~160). Noted main difference between main stream media and social media. Social media enables everyone to publish/access info inexpensively. Where we are today: Primary forms of social learning technologies used in corporations today appear to be e-mail, live online learning (Web conferencing), threaded discussion, and collaborative content development.