The Cognitive Science Behind Learning

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The consequences of not understanding the brain’s impact on learning, on the other hand, can be costly. There are levels of analysis; neural is one, but the next level up is the cognitive level. The Cognitive Umbrella.

Optimizing the Cost of Employee Training While Upskilling


In this blog we discuss about ways to optmize the cost of employee training. However, employee training comes at a cost, sometimes exceeding what your training budgets. When it comes to cost optimization of employee training, online training can be a game changer.

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What It Costs to Replace an Employee


When you consider the amount of money it costs to hire someone, this figure becomes even more intimidating. On average, it costs a company about $4,000 to hire a new worker. This is nothing compared to the cost of replacing an employee.

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Crowdsourcing Curriculum Development – The Low-Cost Option for Building Content within Organizations

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Crowdsourcing capitalizes on this basic functionality of the internet so beautifully to tap into the knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost that would be incurred otherwise. Organizations can benefit from crowdsourcing at two levels: To outline the goal of a learning program.

Situated Learning: Essential for a Learning Culture

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John Seely Brown , Allan Collins, and Paul Duguid labeled this kind of learning: “ situated cognition ”. The company’s cost and safety goals depend on you recording accurate readings. Recently, I had an experience that, for me, exemplifies the meaning of “situated learning”.

Why Should Colleges and Universities Develop eLearning Programs?

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Elearning programs and courses make it easier for students to access college courses and earn degrees. These courses only cost a fraction of the amount a regular college education would cost. Benefits of eLearning Programs for Colleges and Universities. Cost-Efficien cy.

The Shoemaker’s Children – How Travel, Training and Social Learning Expand Your Mind


It is this relationship between space, emotion, memory, and cognition that I explore today. Cabbies go through a rigorous training program called “the Knowledge” to prepare for their test. Look for similar programs offered by local chapters of ISPI, SHRM and other organizations.

Using Blended Training in Your Employee Onboarding Program to Promote Organizational Culture

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Blended Induction and Onboarding programs deliver a happy median between 100% ILT on the one hand and a totally eLearning training strategy on the other. Why Are Organizations Pivoting to Blended Induction and Onboarding Programs?

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Adapting elearning programs cross-culturally


Culture affects social behavior, communication, cognitive processes, and how one interacts with learning technologies – all central components to elearning design (Vatrapi, 2008).

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Instructional Design for eLearning Programs

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Yet, many associations continue to have staff and volunteer subject matter experts (SMEs) design and develop online learning programs because that’s been the default mode of operation. Instructional designers (IDs) design and develop online and face-to-face educational programs: courses, curriculums, workshops, sessions, and training materials. Cognitive science. It’s the SME’s job (or volunteer duty) to be a resource for the ID while they design the program. #4:

Leveraging Interactive Tools to Transform Your Training Program


Let’s talk about leveraging interactive training tools to transform training program. By incorporating interactive training tools , you can transform your regular training program and ensure that it meets its end objectives.

6 mistakes to avoid when creating an online learning program

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The learners start suffering from cognitive overload and they end up not remembering the key points that we need them to remember. This is something that I have experienced firsthand, a simple but costly mistake I have made in the past.

6 Practical Solutions for Converting Classroom to VILT for Corporate Training

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If you are like the many organizations who have recently transitioned their workforce from traditional office-based teams to having most of your employees work remotely, you might be considering converting your corporate training programs as well.

How to Sprint Strategically A Fresh Look at Onboarding and New Hire Programs

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Lately, there’s been a surge of interest in new ideas and approaches to onboarding or new hire programs, which makes sense, since onboarding of new employees and reskilling of existing staff are the mainstay of our work. Unlike other areas of corporate development, such as leadership, sales or compliance, new ideas and processes for onboarding programs are lacking. Your program must reflect the balance or hierarchy of these two components: socialization and time to competency.

Revolution or Evolution?

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I believe we agree that changing corporate learning and school-based instruction will require more than pilot programs all based on some version of what currently passes for learning delivery methodology. I’m a big fan of “Learning Without Frontiers.”


Wonderful Brain

Learning to run an application, program a website, or design a manufacturing process to take costs from production offers few opportunities for exploration of happenstance. And yet, ask anyone who programs in code how they get into a zone and become fabulously productive for a given and fixed period of time. There seems to be a revival of interest about informal learning.

Insights in a Nutshell: Converting Instructor Led Training into Engaging Online Learning Experiences

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Although, there are many benefits to instructor led training, scheduling time, reserving a venue and travel expenses can be costly. This includes creating engaging VILT programs to engage remote learners. The highlights of these programs can be divided into 3 phases.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

For those who create training or administer training programs, that means considering and meeting the needs of learners with disabilities. A Guide for Creating and Buying Accessible Online Training within Your Organization’s Training Program.

The Training Manager’s Guide to Accessible Elearning

The Learning Dispatch

For those who create training or administer training programs, that means considering and meeting the needs of learners with disabilities. A Guide for Creating and Buying Accessible Online Training within Your Organization’s Training Program.

Mapping Out the Bias

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Current events and important upcoming dates being what they are — *points to pivotal Tuesday only weeks away* — I find it especially apropos to drop a cognitive bias PSA inspired by an article Slack’s Buster Benson wrote on the topic last month. Benson then lists the related cognitive biases.

Benefits Of Microlearning Videos To Drive Employee Engagement


So, organizations need not worry about the cost of instructor, space, and other resources to convey training. Microlearning Videos Reduce Cognitive Overload And Help To Boost Learners’ Retention Ability.

What is VR's impact on education? - Technology meets Education

Virtual Reality was firstly created for entertainment purposes and was then implemented by the US Airforce as part of their flight training program. Maximum Safety / low cost.

CPTM Lesson 8 ? Develop & Deliver Solutions

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Once you’ve recognized the need for training in your organization, the thought of creating a comprehensive training program that meets all of your business goals can seem overwhelming. We learned so much that has made our job – delivering high-quality, customized learning programs to our clients – not only smoother but easier, faster and more tailored to your needs. Cognitive/Constructivist Approach.

Why experiential learning is so important in the workplace


The theory of experiential learning provides a holistic model of the learning process, based not only on the cognitive and behavioral side, but also includes the subjective perception one experiences while learning. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience.

5 Reasons Why Online Learning is Valuable


Here are a few reasons why: It increases information retention – Companies spend billions of dollars each year on learning and development programs. After all, eLearning can increase information retention rates by up to 60% in adult learners by reducing cognitive overload.

Why every enterprise needs VR-based learning


When used effectively, Virtual Reality can be invaluable as a learning tool due to a concept cognitive researchers refer to as “presence.” In short, we learn by doing, and VR gives people the opportunity to repeat a practice as many times as necessary at practically no cost.

EasySIM™ – Simulated Learning and Performance Cloud (SLPC)

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Learning program need to be a mix of informative and immersive activities to drive cognitive engagement on the learner’s part. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clear that employers no longer see satisfactory ROI from costly training programs that do not yield any significant improvement in job performance. Aggregate of surveys reveal that employers as well as employees want training programs that are-. Immersive experience- ensures Cognitive Engagement.

Is eLearning Dead? Is Instructional Design Dying with It?

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The large size of these players will also put downward pressure on both development costs and on the retail price of the off-the-shelf, self-paced eLearning courses. Death of Self-Pace eLearning.

How to Personalize Learning with Artificial Intelligence


Neuroscience/cognitive science. When we start to consider the impact of data backed training programs on admins, we can often forget that the volume of data and analysis required to make sense of everything manually would be insurmountable.

Future Scope Of E-Learning To Train Workforce In The Aviation Industry


E-Learning has been widely adopted throughout the industry to control the training costs and accessibility. Implementation of advanced technology to deliver training and development programs will stay for long. The world today, is more revolutionized than ever before.

The Polymath Proposition

Clark Quinn

This requires designing experiments that fit within pragmatic constraints of cost and safety, and will answer the question. This ends up meaning I have to understand things like cognition and learning (my Ph.D. is in cognitive psychology), computers (I’ve programmed and designed architectures at many levels), design (I’ve looked at usability, software engineering, industrial design, architectural design, and more), and organizational issues (social, innovation…).

Positive work environment and how it influences your work results

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Wellness programs to encourage healthy lifestyles and productivity. It can jeopardize your health and lead to many unfortunate illnesses, while it also stops you from focusing and ruins your cognitive performance.

9 Budget-Friendly Ways to Revamp Outdated Online Training Content

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Relevancy is key to unlocking the potential of your online training program. Here are 9 cost-effective ways to revamp outdated online training content as quickly as possible. De-cluttering your eLearning course design can give it a cost-effective makeover.

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When and How To Move Leadership Training Online


Still, many online and virtual alternatives lack the quality and rigor of successful face-to-face training programs. For higher-level cognitive skills, the optimal environment may be a hybrid of self-paced online courses, webinars, and a face-to-face component.

Mac memories

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As context, I was programming for the educational computer game company, DesignWare. in what ended up being, effectively, applied cognitive science. When the Macintosh first came out, however, I couldn’t justify the cost. This year is the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, and my newspaper asked for memories. I’ll point them to this post ;).

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