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Is Multiple Activity Streams the Way Forward for Enterprise Platforms?

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I am sure those days are not too far away and social business platformslike Jive and SocialText are improving by leaps and bounds. With content being created, shared andcommented upon every second of every day even in the enterprise, it isessential that users be able to effectively filter and curate for themselves inan intuitive manner. As an enterprise community manager, I am often faced withvaried user questions and needs.


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Tools I Use

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In addition to Twitter, I also use Socialtext Signals , Socialcast , and Yammer with different organizations I work with. I maintain boards on subjects ranging from professional topics like Social Media How Tos and Collaborative Work to more personal collections on amazing Lego creations and Ingenious Designs. Instagram – A media sharing social network, used primarily on smart phones, provides special effects you can apply to photos to make them look terrific.

What Universities Must Learn About Social Networks

Jay Cross

Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company say collaboration and collective intelligence are the engines of innovation. Collaboration is the key to success in both working and learning; they usually take place simultaneously. The social business bandwagon has arrived and companies are installing Chatter, Jive, Connections, Socialcast, Yammer, Socialtext, Sharepoint, HootSuite, and more to replace outmoded intranets and improve the way they transact business.

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Jay Cross

Feature | Block cynan_sez #learntrends 48% of surveyed uk orgs provide no collaborative support to learning ( @lauraoverton ) -10:17 AM Nov 18th, 2009. Feature | Block ranig2u RT @Scobleizer – @Salesforce just made life tougher for @yammer and @socialtext with its introduction of Chatter. Because you can improve your PROCESSES and work more effectively RT @Quinnovator #learntrends -9:26 AM Nov 18th, 2009.