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Are We Approaching Collaborative eLearning Wrong? - The Individual is the New Group

Tony Karrer

I ran across a recent article by Stowe Boyd - Matthew Glotzbach on Consumer Collaboration that is an interesting look at how the workforce is changing and it has some implications for learning professionals. But, he also linked to a great post: The Individual is the New Group - where he points out that the classic notion of groupware has been falling out of favor and instead the concept of soloware with extension for collaboration (think blog vs. discussion group) is gaining adoption.

Moving from One to Many - LMS Products are Two Generations Behind

Tony Karrer

We need to build the collaborative aspect of learning back into these experiences if we're going to achieve the collective outcomes we want. Collaborative learning environments and strategies such as virtual classrooms, discussion forums, mentoring and coaching need to be enabled and mandated as part of the learning experience. Further, the fact that he's suggesting that they need to get on-board with collaboration suggests that LMS products are two cycles behind.