Semantic technologies and learning

Learning with e's

The January special issue of Interactive Learning Environments is out right now. Besides being able to author, publish, discover, and use high-quality learning objects, it is equally important to use multimedia-rich learning objects. This inevitably sets new requirements in multimedia-enhanced learning environments for the advanced representation and creation of learning metadata. Semantic-enhanced learning designs in multimedia-enhanced learning.

Learning pathways

Learning with 'e's

How many times have we invested in technology, environments and curricula that is simply a waste of time and resources? The institutional learning platform - the VLE - is a classic case of decisions made about learning without consulting the learner. How can we reach a place in education where students find their own level and make their own pathways through learning? Students can, and do, create their own personalised learning pathways.

VLE 58

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EDEN saw play.

Learning with e's

I met some old friends and forged closer collaborations, and also met some new and interesting colleagues, whom I will be working with in the future - this a real strength of EDEN - bringing together e-Learning professionals and enabling them to network. Tom Wambeke's (KATHO, Belgium) session entitled 'Educational Blogging: in search of a general taxonomy', concluded that folksonomies were less hierarchical and more appropriate measures of blogs.

kowabunga dude!

The Learning Circuits

the collaborative learning environments sourcebook was one of the first resources i use when i began learning about communities of practice. but what struck me as worth blogging about was that i rediscovered this resource through practicing one of the first forms of informal learning that the internet spawned - web surfing. just to explore and learn. i just had the experience that i'm sure happens to many of us.

December's BIG QUESTION!!! Part I

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I have several events to be remembered but most importantly 2006 will be remembered as the year of The Learning Triad: blogs, wikis, and RSS. Since starting the Corporate eLearning Development blog in August '05 ( post #1 ), I've discovered so many of fabulous, passionate, Learning Professionals from across the globe. 06 was also the year of Games, Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs), and the metaverse. What a GREAT virtual environment. learning consultant Brent T.