10 Collaborative Learning Solutions

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One of the best ways to make learning memorable is to embed it into a collaborative activity. Collaborative activities engage trainees with their peers either directly or, as is more often the case these days, remotely through online tools. Why Use Collaborative Learning?

12 Questions to Promote Collaborative Learning


eLearning course collaboration is one of the hardest things to achieve. Without course collaboration, learning is incomplete, as eLearning is an inherently social process. With each batch of learners being more unique, challenging and intellectually advanced than the previous one, trainers and online facilitators soon run out of strategies to engage and collaborate with learners. What areas of this content encourage collaborative learning?


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Learning Experience, Collaborative Learning… The Learning Technologies Ecosystem explained

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There are around 700 hundred Learning Management Systems (LMS’s) on the market. And yet, innovative learning solutions keep coming up. You’ve probably heard or even invested in new systems such as Learning Experience Platforms, Microlearning platforms, Collaborative Learning tools and Gamification tools …. Companies are increasingly recognizing that the LMS is not enough to meet today’s learning challenges. What is a Learning Technology Ecosystem?

Learning Lessons from Black Ops 2

Integrated Learnings

It is something to prepare for and something to learn from. “to boost my performance and become more valuable to my team” Recently while playing one of these multiplayer video games it occurred to me that I learn the game for the same reasons I learn at work--to boost my performance and become more valuable to my team. I started to think about how I learn in the game. You do this by gaining points every time you defeat an enemy player.

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Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

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Social learning. It is essential for any association learning management system (LMS). Yet no one can define “social learning” in a nutshell, because there is no universally accepted meaning. As LMS consultants , we’ve helped many different types of associations define their learning technology requirements. This means many associations are wrestling with fundamental questions at the intersection of social and learning: One social system or two?

Learning Your Way Out

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Leadership in the current knowledge era can no longer rely on a single source of expertise; rather, it needs to be a collaborative practice distributed across a range of individuals. At the same time, let’s consider how we might bring this focus on collaboration to a practice-based method of learning. ” The critical change facilitators would make is to introduce novel forms of conversation that can bring out the skills of collaborative learning and dialogue.

E-Learning News and Notes

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I love Questionmark, its a wonderful product and it can use a “connector” to integrate into your learning platform or system. Greater increase in the number of learning management systems offering quiz/assessment tools. Considering the growth of authoring tools, learning platforms, even mobile platforms jumping into the assessment tool space with equal performance, it just seems to be moving down the opposite side of the bell curve. Collaborative Learning Systems.

Product Review: Knoodle

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Is it a blu-ray player? Collaborate – add users who can collaborate on this presentation. Collaboration notes – Post a comment for other collaborators to read. I couldn’t see how they could call themselves a social learning platform, because it seemed more to be an online authoring system or if you want to stretch it, a hybrid next gen lite LMS. E-Learning 24/7. Everyone loves to receive gifts.

Utilizing Gaming Elements: 5 Popular Ways Of Delivering Successful Game-Based Learning


Digital games have the potential to create active and engaging environments for learning, supporting problem-solving and learning through practice. Most technology-aided learning enthusiasts are eager to dive into game design so they can create learning games to be used in corporate settings. Creating effective learning games requires learning how to design good mechanics or rules and incorporating meaningful game elements. e-Learning

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eLearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

Tesseract Learning

We will look at some key trends that will reshape the learning landscape in the coming year and beyond. In the digital learning space, Artificial Intelligence has a big role to play in 2021 and beyond. Learning Analytics. Personalized Learning. Adaptive Learning.

Virtual Reality Learning: Ready for Prime Time?


And virtual reality learning has been on my radar for quite a while. In this post, I provide an overview of building a virtual reality learning experience with LearnBrite, and share some thoughts on the process from a traditional e-learning perspective. Virtual Reality Learning and LearnBrite. LearnBrite has developed several virtual reality tools specifically for the e-learning industry. Creating My Virtual Reality Learning Experience.

Everyone Is Talking Mobile Learning. Brilliant!

Upside Learning

Last week we were at Learning Technologies 2012 in London braving the winter chill here in London. I would say, undoubtedly, it was mobile learning. If you were there I’m sure you sensed mobile learning was in the air. All the major players in the UK-EU market showcased their mobile learning solutions and a number of free sessions focused on mobile learning. And if you wish to explore further here’s a complete list of all our articles on mobile learning.

Decided to get Mooc'ed

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The theme was connecting online for collaborative learning and teaching through Second Life. The live presentations included speakers reflective process on teaching and learning in fully online and blended learning formats. As part of our completion task we were asked to produce a learning resource that would be made available in-world on the subject of connectivism. This guide covers: Why use game-based learning? Having read about them.

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Blended Learning: What It Is, Why It Matters & How to Apply


Blended learning is an educational approach that combines both traditional ways of teaching (e.g., If you are an educator interested in getting to know more about blended learning, you have come to the right place. What is Blended Learning in the Classroom?

What all do you endure when planning effective employee onboarding


I’m sure you’ll agree with me that peer collaboration has a positive effect on the productivity level of employees in an organization. So, focusing your employee onboarding on a collaborative process will go a long way in helping you achieve success.

What's the opposite of evolution? An interesting question about SCORM

Mark Oehlert

So my friend Mark Friedman, down at JKDDC , posed the following question to his LinkedIn network: "What do you think the SCORM E-Learning Reference Model will evolve into during the next 10 years? "Where I see the technology going is being adopted by a major player in non-traditional learning for grade and high school students.


eLearning Startups - New Wave Coming

Tony Karrer

Traditionally, we've seen start-ups that focus on authoring tools, virtual classroom, learning management, content, services. But a lot of what you see today is consolidation among players in these areas. approaches that leverage distributed content creation, social aspects as part of learning, collaborative learning and editing. The larger players become focused on bigger and bigger opportunities.

Free L&D webinars for January 2021

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We learned how to work differently, and in many cases better. We look forward to new connections, new projects and new learning. PT: Articulate Storyline: Creating, Saving, and Sharing Custom Players There are many variations in customizing the Player in Articulate Storyline.

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CD2 Learning

Over the past 20 years, innovation in the e-learning industry has been staggering. Rapidly innovating technology has eliminated the majority of frustrations associated with legacy learning management systems (LMSs) by focusing on the evolving needs of the consumer.

The Journey of Digital Executive Education

Intrepid by VitalSource

Many schools are moving full steam ahead by incorporating some form of digital learning into their educational portfolios. Impact on organizations, on the field of learning, on leaders? Data and learning about learning? Erin Maher and Jason Pileggi.

It's a Great Time to Work in e-Learning

CD2 Learning

Over the past 20 years, innovation in the e-learning industry has been staggering. Rapidly innovating technology has eliminated the majority of frustrations associated with legacy learning management systems (LMSs) by focusing on the evolving needs of the consumer.

Executive Education Transitions into the Modern Online Marketplace

Intrepid by VitalSource

The demands of the digital era are requiring Executive Education Programs to have both a coherent strategy and identity for modern online learning. The Executive Education online market has evolved for better or worse to resemble the "Netflix of Learning".

9 Cutting Edge Training Trends to Watch Out For


Of course, the art of engaging and fast-paced learning isn’t static. Learning is a technology, and like all technology, it is constantly evolving. If your organization has eLearning, it’s time to upgrade again as the possibilities for corporate learning continue to improve.

5 of the Best Softwares for Online and Mobile Learning in 2020


The way we approach learning, and what we consider to be viable learning solutions, has undergone a seismic shift. Technology has enabled companies to scale their learning and development programmes by digitising them. The learning delivered is often microlearning.



Come to think of it, this sounds a lot like the online learning community. Let’s take the case of video learning. What is video learning anyway? Jadin, Gruber and Batinic say that “Video-based e-lectures offer interactive learning and more vivid and personalized forms of self-regulated learning.” Learning with E-lectures: The Meaning of Learning Strategies. link] By Michel Horn Summer 2013 Are others using video learning successfully?

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How screencasting has helped one student feel more prepared for college

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Mathtrain.tv , a website that encourages kids to learn through teaching, was my calf. As I began creating interesting visuals and collaborating with friends, math was a subject I began to look forward to. Inadvertently, I had become a key player in a movement that was sharing math concepts with students around the world in a creative and informative way. At Intel’s IdeaJam , I took the stage with a peer to convey the importance of kids being active in their own learning.

Modern LMS – Imparting Knowledge, not passing information


When we talk about technology-aided learning, most of us speak of e-Learning and LMS in the same breath. LMSs have, undoubtedly, provided the much needed structure to the concept and flow of e-learning, but there is still a lot of debate on the usefulness of such a confined structure and pre-designed flow. The eye of the debate is how this structure might even hinder the effectiveness of learning, instead of aiding it. e-Learning LMS Research Tools & Technologies

Upside2Go – Now On BlackBerry!

Upside Learning

And we changed the game ; changed the way people looked at mobile learning and the way they experienced learning on the go. Our revolutionary platform for mobile learning – Upside2Go – is now available on BlackBerry. The mobile learning market has undergone a complete facelift in the past couple of months, with new players and new products entering at a fast pace. We launched Upside2Go (for the iPhone) back in February this year.

XBlocks in Open edX: An Introduction


You can combine various XBlocks such as text, video or even collaborative learning environments to make your courses stand out. The flexibility of XBlocks makes Open edX such a powerful tool for those in the online learning space. Video – A video player that works with multiple video hosting sites. Have any questions or want to learn more about Open edX?

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Social Learning Theory: Principles and Applications

Roundtable Learning

In this blog, we explore how understanding and applying the Social Learning Theory can boost Learning & Development and training courses. We learn and develop from the people we surround ourselves with. It is difficult to learn if you are not focused on the task at hand.

18 Key Trends to Realign Remote Workforce Training Strategy in the Post Pandemic World

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Also, a long-term plan to engage remote learners – with multi-pronged approaches to connect, reinforce, challenge, and nudge toward continuous learning must be drawn up. I have grouped them as: Trends that are in the spotlight (“must have”) trends to offer remote learning. Introduction.

eLearning Trends in 2020

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Assess how they align to what we see as the workplace learning in the future. I believe all of these will be an integral part of workplace learning for the near future. Mobile Learning. Mobile Apps for Learning. Personalized Learning. Informal Learning.

Is MOODLE Compatible with Section 508?

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So why not learning and training? Several other countries and companies are also making their online learning content accessible to everybody, to promote inclusivity. Want to know why you should care about accessibility in your e-learning ? How can you make your e-learning courses compliant with Section 508? Well, by making your Learning Management System (LMS) accessible to learners with disabilities. Enables Accessible Collaborative Learning.

It’s a Great Time to Work in E-Learning

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Over the past 20 years, innovation in the e-learning industry has been staggering. Rapidly innovating technology has eliminated the majority of frustrations associated with legacy learning management systems (LMSs) by focusing on the evolving needs of the consumer. Hats off to those early adopters of e-learning. The word spread, and e-learning was no longer the solution “de jour.” Most importantly, personalization and personalized learning are now possible.

4 Types of Communication Challenges in Multicultural Organizations

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They may become less engaged and motivated as a team player, and become an impediment to the collaborative learning process as a whole. This mutual understanding among managers and employees encourages new ideas, different perspectives and collaboration, making all the difference within an organization. As noted in my previous blog, employees with diverse backgrounds have different interpretations of languages, signs and other forms of communication.

How Do Serious Games Boost Learning

Designing Digitally

Serious games are being deemed by analysts as the next big wave of technology meditated learning. The innovative concept of game based learning is built around the ideas of game mechanics; taking the principles that make playing games so enticing, and incorporating them in a learning context to allow better practice of skills and practical applications, as well as enhance retention and recollection of knowledge.

Coronavirus Lockdowns? Go Home, Go Online, Keep Learning


Collateral L&D damage has also come in the form of cancelled conferences, where attendees go to market products and services but also to learn. So, what’s the best way to make the conversion from in-person training to online learning quickly, efficiently and effectively?