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How to Replace Top-Down Training with Collaborative Learning (3)

Jay Cross

Technological infrastructure for social learning. Work and learning are converging, and as this change happens, the infrastructure of the old corporate learning must go – things like traditional one-size-fit-all in-person training seminars. In its place enters social and informal learning hubs like on-demand content, live online discussions, wikis and forums, and searchable content archives. Forbes named the world’s most innovative company.

Staying Ahead of Critical Corporate Training Initiatives During a Pandemic


The business world has been particularly hard hit as organizations large and small go on travel hiatus and companies shelve non-essential travel and meetings. The New Normal — Working Remotely. The most impactful prescription from health experts is to observe social distancing — reducing our contact with other people — and for many organizations that means recommending or requiring remote work. It’s a place of corporate learning, sharing and community.